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Skilled Immigration Programs – A Detailed Info

Migrating to a different country can be an exciting but challenging decision. It takes a lot of groundwork and a concrete plan before relocating to a new country. But what are the reasons one would like to move permanently to a foreign country? The reason can be – better job opportunities, high wages, the standard of living, access to quality education &, etc. So, have you decided to migrate to a foreign country – Canada or Australia? Skilled Immigration Programs welcomes you with open arms.

Developed countries like Australia and Canada are now facing shortages of skilled tradesmen in the job market. So, suppose you have the required skills, experience, and qualifications to perform the in-demand jobs. In that case, you can make your dream of working abroad by applying for Canada & Australia skilled immigration programs. But how will you get started with the application process? That’s why we are here for you! DM Immigration Consultants, the top immigration consultancy in Abu Dhabi, is here to guide your immigration process.

Select your Preferred Skilled Immigration Program

“Which country to migrate to?” is the most common question we often encounter from our clients. The answer is – Every country offers specific benefits for immigrants. So, it would help if you decide based on your skills, educational qualifications, available job opportunities, and living standard. Let us know your preferred country to migrate to; we will take care of the rest.

Migrate to Canada from Abu Dhabi

Canada is getting ready to welcome approx. 432,000 immigrants for the year 2022-2023 to support & contribute to the economic growth of the country. Many people wish to immigrate to Canada from Abu Dhabi due to the following reasons: 

  • Growing job opportunities
  • Access to quality education and medicare 
  • Affordable living options 
  • Become a Canadian citizen 

You can proceed with a Canada skilled immigration via the Express Entry Program, Provincial Nominee Program, and Economic Immigration Program. Schedule a Free Consultation with our ICCRC-Registered Canada Consultants in Abu Dhabi to start your Canada immigration process.

Migrate to Australia from Abu Dhabi:

Planning to migrate to Australia? Great decision! With a stable economy, high-living standards, and flourishing job opportunities, Australia is the most preferred choice for migrants who wish to migrate to Australia from Abu Dhabi. 

  • Work-life balance 
  • World-class education facilities for kids 
  • Growing economy 
  • Job opportunities from various sectors 

Various pathways are available to proceed with Australian immigration, including a temporary graduate visa, Global Talent Visa, spouse/partner visa, Skilled dependent, and nominated visa. You can discuss with our MARA-certified Agents to start your Australia visa application.

Let Us Handle Your Canada & Australia Skilled Immigration Process Speak with Us Now

How to Apply for a Visa to Migrate Abroad from Abu Dhabi?

  • Check your eligibility to apply for a skilled immigration program.
  • Select your preferred visa type and gather all required documents.
  • Submit the duly filled visa application form online.
  • Attend the scheduled visa and provide the biometric data if required.
  • Get the visa granted

How can DM Immigration Consultants in Abu Dhabi help you with Skilled Immigration?

DM Immigration Consultant is the leading immigration agency in Abu Dhabi who are happy to serve you with the best Canada and Australia immigration services. Our services are extended to: 

  • Free counseling sessions to choose the desired immigration program
  • Free IELTS preparation courses in our Abu Dhabi Branch
  • Professional guidance in preparing the visa application form
  • Free eligibility check & free evaluation form
  • Career counseling and job search assistance after landing in Canada

So, what are you waiting for? Contact DM Immigration Consultants in Abu Dhabi to find out how our immigration agents can help you guide your immigration journey. Schedule a Free Consultation with our agents now! 

Frequently Asked Questions on Skilled Immigration

Canada is ranked as the No.1 immigrant country, and they are gearing up to welcome 434,000 skilled immigrants for the year 2022-2023. To proceed with your Canada visa application, schedule a Free consultation with our immigration agents now.
The easiest way to immigrate to Canada from Abu Dhabi is to create a profile in Canada’s Express Entry stream. Applicants must score a minimum of 67 points to create a profile with IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Council).
Applicants skilled in performing the most demandable jobs in Australia can apply for a visa under Australia Skilled Immigration. To check your eligibility to proceed with Australia skilled immigration programs, schedule a Free Consultation with our MARA-Certified agents in Abu Dhabi.
Applicants skilled in any of the most in-demand jobs in Canada can apply for a Canada Skilled Immigration Program. The jobs in demand are:
  • Sales representatives
  • IT specialists & Software Engineer
  • Business Analyst
  • Construction Project Manager
  • Human Resource administrators
Discuss with our experienced Canada and Australia immigration agents in Abu Dhabi to check your eligibility to apply for a Canada PR.
With a strong and constantly growing economy, Australia is the preferred choice for skilled professionals to apply for PR. Please discuss with our experienced immigration agents to find the right programs to become an Australian resident.
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