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Overview of Australia Partner Visa (Temporary - 820) under Skilled Immigration Program

Are you studying or working in Australia and plan to bring your spouse, children, parents, or other relatives? You can do that by applying for Partner Visa Australia (Temporary) subclass 820. It is also known as a Spouse visa or Dependent visa.

Australia offers an excellent work environment and a diverse range of study options. This developed country, Down Under, provides a high-quality living style, health, and economic freedom.

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Main Features of Subclass 820 Australia Visa for Spouse and Family

Subclass 820 is a temporary Australia partner visa that authorises the spouse or partner of an Australian citizen, Permanent Resident holder, or eligible New Zealand citizen to live and work in the country. The Subclass 820 visa is a permanent Partner visa’s first phase (Subclass 801). You apply for both visas simultaneously and pay only one application charge, and applications are processed in two steps, about two years apart.

Australia skilled immigration from Abu Dhabi

DM immigration consultants Abu Dhabi has MARA-Certified immigration consultants in Abu Dhabi who can provide the assistance you need to obtain the 820 Australia Dependent Visa. By having a spouse visa Australia subclass 820, you can do the following things in Australia:

  • Travel freely in and out of Australia until your visa is valid
  • You can stay, work and study in Australia, but you’re not entitled to receive any financial support from the Australian Government.
  • Access to Australia’s public healthcare scheme
  • Attend free English language classes if eligible

Australia Partner Visa types

There are mainly two types of Partner visas in Australia:

Subclass 820 Temporary Partner Visa

This type of visa allows the partner, dependents, or spouse of an Australian Citizen, Permanent Residence holder, or an eligible New Zealand Citizen to live in Australia for a short time. 820 visa is the first step towards receiving a Permanent Partner Visa.

Subclass 801 Permanent Partner Visa

This visa type permits the spouse or de facto partner of an Australian citizen, Permanent Residence holder, or New Zealand Citizen to live permanently in Australia. The individual holding a subclass 820 visa can apply for this permanent partner visa subclass 801.

Requirements to Apply for Subclass 820 Australia Partner Visa

To apply for an Australia Spouse Visa, you need to fulfill the following criteria:

  • Valid visa and has no application refused
  • Should not hold certain regional visas
  • The applicant must be present in Australia
  • Must have a sponsor
  • Meet the age criteria
  • Produce documents as per relationship requirements
  • Meet Australian health requirement
  • Meet the country’s character requirement
  • Debt-free to the Australian Government
  • Holds best interests of the child

Documents Required to Apply for Australia Spouse/Dependent Visa

For Subclass 820 temporary spouse or dependent visa application, you must submit the following documents:

  • Valid passport copy
  • Visa application form of subclass 820
  • Proof of financial stability
  • Medical certificate
  • Marriage certificate or any solid evidence proving your genuine relationship
  • Zero criminal record
  • History of relationship
  • Passport-sized photographs of the sponsor and dependents
  • Note: All non-English documents need English translation

How to Apply for Dependent Visa Australia from Abu Dhabi?

Make sure to prepare all the documents for an 820 partner visa without typos, as it enhances the visa process. Make sure to provide accurate information in the application form.

After you submit the visa application, the Department of Home Affairs in Australia will look into your request. It can take several months to approve your visa application.

There is a visa interview in between, and the dependent need to attend and get it cleared. After getting approval from the DHA, you will receive your visa with all the information, including:

  • Visa grant number
  • Start date of visa
  • Mentioning terms and conditions

The visa process for 820 Australia partner visa is not as simple as it seems. It requires guidance from certified and expert visa consultants, as any unclear information by the applicant can result in the rejection of partner visa subclass 820.

Get in touch with our Australian migration agents in Abu Dhabi today! We will provide a detailed blueprint for starting your partner/spouse’s Australia visa application.

Get help from the best immigration consultants in Abu Dhabi to arrange the documents required to apply for an 820 partner visa.

How can DM Immigration Consultants Abu Dhabi Help you with your Australia Partner Visa Application?

DM Consultant is a team of experienced, certified visa agents in Abu Dhabi. We work closely with the applicants to make sure every minute detail is covered. Our services include:

  • Assistance in the arrangement of the essential documents
  • Free counseling from our MARA-registered agents to make you understand the process completely
  • Language proficiency is taken care of by FREE IELTS training
  • Total support from our experienced visa agents
  • Help in interview preparations to ensure visa is successfully approved

Begin your Australia Spouse/Dependent Visa Subclass 820 application by registering with us today!

We at DM Consultant have an expert team of Australian immigration consultants in Abu Dhabi working with our Australian-based lawyers. These experts are certified by Australia’s Migration Agents Registration Authority.

We provide top-quality services to make the process of your immigration to Australia from Abu Dhabi as easy as possible. We have the best immigration consultants in Abu Dhabi. Our team will guide you through every step of the application process to ensure you fulfill all the requirements and avoid errors that can cause significant delays and further costs. Please click here to learn more and the conditions or for assistance with Australian immigration in Abu Dhabi.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Australia Partner visa (Temporary)

Students are allowed to bring their immediate family members to Australia. Immediate family members are dependents and may include your spouse (or de facto partner) and children under 18.
Australia Spouse Visa 820 subclass permits the de facto partner or spouse of an Australian Citizenship holder, Permanent Residence holder, or an eligible Citizen of New Zealand to live in Australia. It is the first step of getting a Permanent Partner Visa (Subclass 801).
This visa allows 820 Partner visa holders to live and work in Australia for five years.
It will take you two years to get eligible for an 801 visa. To become eligible for faster visa processing, you and your partner must be together for at least two years and have a kid. To check your eligibility to apply for permanent residence through this visa, schedule a free consultation now with us!
The processing time for a spouse/partner visa may take around 15 to 18 months. The visa applicant should be an Australian Citizen, Permanent Resident Holder, or a New Zealand Citizen. Schedule a Free Consultation to learn the alternate options available for obtaining Australia PR.
The Skill Migration program for 2022-2023 in Australian provinces is open. Candidates can finish their skill assessment and score the language proficiency as per the requirement for the sponsorship. Schedule a free consultation with our Australian migration agents in Abu Dhabi to know more details. Contact DM Consultant to carry out a skills assessment. You can also check your eligibility with us for professional programs in Australia.
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