Plan Your Immigration To Canada From Abu Dhabi For An Advanced Lifestyle

With the world’s 10th highest nominal per capital income and the 9th highest Human Development Index, Canada is one of the most popular countries for people seeking to migrate and start a new life in highly developed countries.

Canada has one of the highest per capita immigration rates around the world, ranging from over 270,000 to 320,000 new permanent residents annually. The country is also known for its high scores in terms of quality of life, civil liberties, economic freedom, education and government transparency.

The Canadian government permits immigration to Canada to fill in vacancies in job sectors where Canadian citizens are unable or unwilling to meet the demand. If you are looking to migrate to Canada, DM-Consultants can help you through our comprehensive, seamless and cost-effective process for immigration to Canada from Abu Dhabi.

A Canada Agency In Abu Dhabi You Can Trust

We provide specialised services geared towards helping our clients secure a Canada visa through the Canadian consulate, which will allow them to get jobs, study or become an investor and permanent resident of Canada.

Our immigration consultants will guide you through each step in the process, make sure you are fully briefed on all the requirements, answer your queries with detailed information, and constantly keep you updated on the progress of your application. Using our experience and field expertise, we’ll help you guarantee that you meet all requirements and criteria for Canadian immigration.

With a focused and hands-on approach, our consultants are able to expertly assist clients and put them closer to realising their goals of migrating to Canada via a quick, organised and hassle-free process.

For People Who Wish To Know Their Options For Canadian Immigration From Abu Dhabi, You May Secure Your Canada Visa Through The Following Options:

– Skilled Immigration – Launched in 2015 under the Economic Class, Canada’s Express Entry Immigration scheme permits Federal Skill Workers who meet certain requirements in education, working experience, age and language proficiency to apply for permanent residency in Canada. Candidates are screened and selected through the ETA system and must meet certain conditions.

– Student Visa – Foreign nationals must obtain a study permit to study at any of the approved Canadian educational institutions throughout the duration of their specified course or programme. Applicants can be exempted from getting a study permit in cases where:- Their chosen course or programme will be completed in less than 6 months;

– They are a family or staff member of a foreign representative to CanadaFor students who are citizens of countries that are required to obtain Temporary Resident Visas, they need to secure a Temporary Resident Visa to gain entry to Canada. On the other hand, students are exempted from this if they are residents of countries that do not require Temporary Resident Visas.

– Business Immigration – Canada has an Immigrant Investor Program (IIP) in place to encourage business people to live in Canada and aid the country’s local economic growth and long-term sustainability. Investors should meet the following criteria:

– Have the ability to demonstrate their business experience

– A net worth of at least C$ 1,600,000 gained through legal means

– Ability to make an investment of C$800,000
Canada Skilled Visa – A Canada Skilled visa allows you to enter the country for purposes of travel, business, and amily and friends. Foreign nationals exempted from getting a Canadian visa would still need to obtain an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) to transit through Canadian soil. Exceptions to this rule include U.S. citizens and travellers who already have a valid Canadian visa.

For more detailed information on Canada’s immigration and visa requirements, click here.


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