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Detailed info on Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Program

Are you a skilled professional looking to immigrate to Canada from Abu Dhabi? Great decision! Canada welcomes skilled professionals by providing a lot of skilled immigration programs. Among all the immigration programs, the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot program has been designed to bring new skilled immigrants to smaller communities to boost the province’s economic growth. Do you want to live, work, and settle in any community participating in the RNIP program? Start the application process now by contacting the ICCRC-registered consultants in Abu Dhabi. Our team will guide you in a better way to get a Canada PR in a short period. Contact us now!

Things you need to know about RNIP Program for Canada

The Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot program is the five-year Federal Immigration Pilot program designed to help smaller communities to grow and build a robust economy. To be included in this Rural Pilot Program, communities must: –

  • Have a population of 50,000 or less and must be located within a distance of 75km from the center of a metropolitan city. 
  • Must have a population of up to 200,000 people 

For immigrants, participating in the Rural and Northern Immigration programs helps them to: 

  • Creates an easy pathway to getting a Canada Permanent Residence for skilled workers who wish to live, work, and settle in any of the 11 communities participating in the RNIP Canada program. 
  • Allow employers to create full-time employment for skilled workers who can fill the labor shortages in the community 
  • Enjoy a high standard of living, access to quality healthcare and an education system 

Want to enjoy all the privileges of a Canada Permanent Residence Holder? Schedule a Free Consultation with our ICCRC-registered Canada consultants in Abu Dhabi to check your eligibility for applying for a Canada PR under the RNIP program. We are the leading Canadian consultancy in Abu Dhabi that provides the best immigration and visa services for global clients with 100% satisfaction.

5 Participating Provinces in RNIP Canada Program

Alberta RNIP Program

This program aims to bring skilled foreign professionals to meet Alberta's Rural and Northern Communities' labor shortages. Contact us to start the process if you wish to live, work, and settle in Alberta.

British Columbia RNIP Program

This program is for skilled workers, entrepreneurs, and self-employed workers ready to establish their presence in Rural British Columbia communities. Apply for Canada PR under this RNIP program to live, work, and settle the BC.

Manitoba RNIP Program

This program is designed to bring migrants to the province's rural and northern areas to work for the community's welfare. To qualify, applicants must require a job offer letter outlining their experience and qualifications.

Ontario RNIP Program

This opportunity is for skilled immigrants to move to the rural and remote communities in the Ontario region to receive job training, employment opportunities, and education assistance.

Saskatchewan RNIP Program

This program is designed to attract fresh graduates and newcomers to the province to help them find better employment. Unlike other programs, there is no requirement for a language score or strict criteria to apply for this program.

Who Qualifies to Apply for an RNIP Program? 

The eligibility criteria may vary depending upon the program you choose. However, the general requirements are as follows: 

  • Must have a continuous work experience of 1 year.
  • Should qualify for Masters or Bachelors.
  • Meet the English language requirements – CLB/NCLC 6 for jobs under NOC 0 and A and the scale of 5 for jobs NOC B and CLB for 4. 
  • Source of income or latest bank statement to prove the financial stability. 
  • Strong willingness to stay inside the community.
  • Should have a valid job offer from an employer in 11 participating communities.

Check your Eligibility to Choose the Right RNIP Program Free Evaluation Form

Documents Required to Apply for an RNIP Canada Program

Before getting started with the application process, keep all the documents handy. 

  • Educational certificates & skill set assessment report 
  • IELTS language proficiency test 
  • Proof of financial stability 
  • Commitment letter to show your willingness to stay inside the province after the issuance of a Canada PR visa 
  • Valid employment letter from a Canadian employer 
  • A copy of a valid passport with 2 recent photos 
  • Police clearance certificate with zero criminal records 

You can contact the best immigration consultancy in Abu Dhabi for assistance arranging the required paperwork.

Step-by-Step Process to Apply for an RNIP Program

  • Check your eligibility criteria to verify whether you comply with ICCRC and the community-specific requirements, 
  • Find an eligible job with an employer in one of the participating communities. 
  • Once you get a job offer, submit your application to the Provincial Government. 
  • The Provincial Government will analyze your application, and if you meet all their requirements, they will issue a Provincial Nomination Certificate. 
  • You must contact the IRCC to apply for a Canada PR with the nomination certificate. 

The Canada PR Visa application process may seem to be simple. But it’s not! Getting a nomination from a province requires a lot of paperwork and approvals. You should get help from the ICCRC-registered Canada consultants in Abu Dhabi for your Canada PR visa application process. 

How Can DM Immigration Help you in the RNIP Program?

Have you decided to proceed with the Canada PR through the RNIP program? Great decision! Compared to other provincial nominee programs, RNIP is fast and easy, as it doesn’t require a sponsorship letter to get nominated. DM Immigration Consultants, the best Canada Consultancy, assists skilled professionals in immigrating to Canada from Abu Dhabi by providing: 

  • Qualified support & professional assistance 
  • Dedicated support in filing the visa application 
  • Guaranteed visa approvals 
  • Free IELTS training & study materials 

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Frequently Asked Question on RNIP Program

North Bay, Sudbury, Timmis, Sault Ste. Marie, Thunder Bay, Brandon, Altona/Rhineland, Moose Jaw, Claresholm, Vernon, and West Kootenay. To check your eligibility to apply for an RNIP program, fill out the Free Evaluation Form or schedule a Free consultation with us.
No! Under the RNIP Program, you can’t be able to relocate. Your nomination will be accepted only if you firmly commit to settling within the designated community.
To qualify for the work permit, the candidate must:
  • Have a job offer from a Canadian employer
  • Have a recommendation or sponsorship from an RNIP community
  • Must receive an acknowledgment receipt from the IRCC
To check your eligibility to apply for a work permit, contact the leading Canada consultancy in Abu Dhabi.
11 communities from 5 provinces are taking part in the RNIP program. If you wish to live, work, and settle in participating provinces, contact our ICCRC-registered Canada consultants in Abu Dhabi.
To determine whether you are eligible to apply for the RNIP program, please speak to our experienced immigration consultants in Abu Dhabi. With years of experience and expertise in the field, we assure you that we can provide the best immigration & visa services to get your Canada PR from Abu Dhabi seamlessly.
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