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Canada is the ideal location with mesmerizing scenic beauty, cosmopolitan cities, multicultural society, internationally acclaimed educational institutions, and high quality of life. However, the immigration process can be tiring and time-consuming. Most people believe that finding work in Canada is difficult, let alone obtaining permanent residency. What if we assured you that both are now possible seamlessly with DM Immigration Consultants? Work as a skilled professional in this country and gain a residence permit under Abu Dhabi residents' Canadian Express Entry Program. Initiated in 2014, this initiative is exclusively designed to help eligible skilled foreign employees in Abu Dhabi gain permanent residency permits in Canada. Foreign nationals searching for opportunities in this country can seamlessly enter the country through this program. All that's needed is proof that you're self-employed or have a job offer from any legitimate Canadian company. This scheme aims to assist Abu Dhabi’s residents and skilled officials in securing jobs and ultimately settling in this western country.
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    Entry Programs

    Federal Skilled Trades Program

    Here is a program ideal for fresh graduates with a desire to work in Canada. With the necessary skills and expertise in any industry, you should take advantage of this opportunity by applying for the Federal Skilled Trades Program. In this case, the person needs to have a minimum of two years of work experience.

    Federal Skilled Worker Program

    Individuals are evaluated based on their PR eligibility and the points that they accrue to enter this specific program. This evaluation is a straightforward method that determines points as per the applicant’s proficiency in the language, professional experience, age, and several other factors. Skilled professionals must also score 0 to 1155 points.

    Canadian Experience Class

    This program welcomes applications from international immigrants. If you worked full-time in any skilled occupation for at least 365 days in the previous three years, you are eligible for this scheme. As a result, you will be able to move forward with your PR application.


    The following is a list of requirements to process a PR visa via any of the programs in Canada.

    The Express Entry is a great way for highly qualified people to get into the western country. The goal is to reduce inefficiencies in Canadian companies while safeguarding the integrity of the overall immigration process.

    * The applicant is expected to possess at least a year of appropriate work experience in the previous decade, with a minimum of 365 days working experience occurring after the age of 18.

    * Applicants must hold a legitimate job offer from a Canadian organization or possess proof of working in Canada for one year. Applicants must have the ability to provide evidence of personal funds to sustain themselves and their families during their initial days of stay. An applicant with a criminal history will not be considered.


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    Essential Documents

    Paperworks are an essential component of every procedure. Professionals need competent counsel before applying for PR documentation or choosing to enroll in an educational program. This program is explicitly designed for Abu Dhabi citizens with well-established careers suitable for Canada. The below proofs are essential to process an Express Entry application:

    – Job offer letter from a genuine corporation in the country

    – A territorial or provincial nomination

    – Evidence of personal wealth or holdings

    – A full year of work in one out of the ten accepted occupations is a must.

    With our assistance, it’s time to step into a new world of possibilities and new beginnings.

    If you meet the conditions mentioned above, you will find it straightforward to obtain a Canadian Visa via the Express Entry program. Without many stumbling blocks or intermediaries, obtaining a work visa can be a simple and painless process. it can be the right avenue if you wish to enhance your career by joining any Canadian organization.

    Many people see this as an opportunity to advance their professions. Because of the relevance of this initiative, the Canadian government has supported immigration proposals. These plans from the state allow people to work in the country and thereby boost their economy. If you are a career-oriented individual currently located in Abu Dhabi and are considering a shift to Canada for better prospects, in that case, this is the golden opportunity that you wouldn’t want to miss. Get in touch with DM Immigration Consultants to avail expert advice on your programs.

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