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Apply for Alberta Provincial Nominee Program from Abu Dhabi

Do you plan to settle in Alberta? Apply through Canada’s Provincial Nominee Program which is the road to acquire Permanent Residence. Total eight provinces in Canada participate in nominee programs to attract more skilled workers as per the needs of the region. Alberta Provincial Nominee Program happens on regular basis.

If you have the desired skills, educational degree and required work experience to contribute to Canadian economy, you can apply for Alberta Provincial Nominee Program (APNP). You can also immigrate to set up business or other investment opportunities.

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Why chose Alberta?

Alberta is situated in Western Canada and contains two of the country’s prominent cities, Calgary and Edmonton. Alberta is part of three Prairie provinces which are recognised as the great wheat-producing provinces of Canada. They are also a major source of petroleum and natural gas. It is also most populous among the Prairie provinces which include Saskatchewan and Manitoba. The region is also regarded as the most beautiful parts of North America comprising of beautiful national parks.

Alberta and Canadian governments run the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program (AAIP) which is an economic immigration program to nominate people for permanent residence in Alberta. It was earlier known as Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program. Nominated candidates will receive a nomination certificate which helps them to get a Permanent Residence faster.

APNP is one of the pathways to seek permanent residence in the Western Canadian province. You can be nominated by Alberta if you have a profile in the Express Entry program and you can apply separately also under PNP.

Benefits of Alberta PNP Program

There are various reasons of choosing Canada PR application through Alberta PNP program. Some of them are listed below

  • Settle with your full family
  • Better salaries and perfect work-life balance environment
  • Quick and simple way to get a Permanent Residence Canada
  • No job offers or sponsorship may be required to be nominated by Alberta government

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Who is Eligible to Apply for APNP?

The provincial nominee program in Canada has separate eligibility criteria for every province. The aspirant needs to have complete knowledge of the process and documents needed before applying for Canada PNP Programs.To be nominated by the Alberta province, the applicant should possess the required work experience and skills that meet the labour demand of the province, as well as boost economic growth.

The basic eligibility criteria include:

  • Should have skills, training, and work experience in most-demand occupations
  • Strong proficiency in English or French
  • Commitment to stay in and contribute to Alberta economy
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Documents Required to apply for Alberta PNP Program

The following documents are essential to apply for Alberta PNP program:

  • Passport copy
  • Fully completed application form with signature
  • Verified Educational degree
  • Health examination & character examination report
  • No criminal records
  • Proof of the minimum balance required for immigration
  • Language proficiency required

How to Apply for Alberta Provincial Nominee Program?

Below steps need to be followed to ensure smooth process for Canada PR under APNP.

  • Get knowledge of the entire procedure and accumulate all the necessary documents
  • Begin the Canada PR application seeking the professional guidance of Canada immigration consultants in Abu Dhabi.
  • You can apply for a Canada PR online through Express Entry program and get it done quicker. Otherwise, you can submit your PR application to ICCRC through their official portal.
  • Alberta reviews the application, and if it is shortlisted, your profile will be nominated. The successful applicant will get a Nomination Certificate from Alberta government affirming that you are being nominated to IRCC for a Canada PR.
  • After your PR request is accepted, you will legaly become a Canada PR holder.

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  • Professional guidance and support
  • Assistance in filling application and documentation
  • Proper follow-up & discussion with authorities
  • Job search and accommodation assistance (post landing services)

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Frequently Asked Question on Provincial Nominee Program

Yes, it is relatively easier due to following reasons:
  • Low Comprehensive Ranking System score is acceptable
  • The province does not have a specific occupation list
  • The skillful workers can apply for various fields
It is not mandatory but your occupation needs to be demand in the province
Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) is to prove the applicant’s educational degree in on par with the Canadian academic standards. Our team helps in getting ECA for your highest educational qualification from authorised agencies. To discuss with our ICCRC-registered Canada immigration consultancy in Abu Dhabi.
Language proficiency is mandatory to get eligible for APNP program. If you’re looking to enhance your skills by getting IELTS training in Abu Dhabi, contact DM consultant now! The aspirant’s ability in reading, speaking, writing and listening English or French are enhanced by proper training.
Canada is now striving to enter the massive tech sector. So, they are in demand for IT professionals. Some of the PNP programs available for IT professionals include:
  • Alberta Tech Pathway
  • BC PNP Tech Program
  • Ontario Human Capital
For more info, consult our professional Canada Immigration Consultants in Abu Dhabi.
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