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Overview of Ontario Provincial Nominee Program

Do you want to migrate to Ontario, Canada? You have made a good decision, as Ontario is a known province in Canada that offers many job opportunities, good salaries, and a better lifestyle. If you are a skilled worker, you can apply for Ontario Provincial Nominee Program (OPNP) to migrate to Canada. The OPNP has a two-stage process. You can first apply to the provincial government, which will assess your profile, and then sends an application to IRCC for Canada Permanent Residence. DM Consultant Abu Dhabi can assist you in migrating to Canada through the OPNP. We are the trusted Canadian immigration consultant in Abu Dhabi. Contact us now to fix a FREE consultation with our consultants and learn more about the application process.

Essential Features of Ontario PNP

Ontario is considered the most popular destination for immigrants. It is located in Central Canada and is the most populous province, housing nearly 40% of the Canadian population. Ontario also is a province with two important cities in Canada, with Ottawa as the national capital and the economic hub as Toronto.

The province welcomes one-third of overseas people yearly as the region offers a safe and inclusive environment. Many overseas aspirants prefer it due to job opportunities, high income, and a diverse population. The provincial nominee program in Ontario is known as the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP).

Through this program, prospective immigrants with the skills and experience targeted by the province may receive a provincial nomination from Ontario, after which they can apply for Canadian permanent residence with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). The program will bring skilled professionals with the skills and qualifications to contribute the best to the economy’s growth. Contact our ICCRC-registered immigration consultants in Abu Dhabi to discuss more on immigration to Canada from Abu Dhabi.

Pick your Ontario PNP Immigration scheme

You can choose among the three categories to apply for Canada PR through Ontario Provincial Nominee Program.

Human Capital

This program is for skillful professionals with valuable work experience and a profile in IRCC's Express Entry system. It has subcategories like Human Capital Priorities – Express Entry, French-Speaking Skilled Worker – Express Entry, Skilled Trades – Express Entry, Masters Graduate, and Ph.D. Graduate.

Employer Job Offer

It provides immigration options for applicants with a valid job offer from a registered employer in Ontario. The candidate must meet the requirements depending on the Foreign Worker, International Student with a job offer, and In-Demand Skills streams.


This program provides permanent residence to qualified entrepreneurs and investors who get nominations from Ontario province. Successful Entrepreneurs can launch new business projects in Ontario courtesy of this program.

Eligibility Criteria to Apply for an Ontario PNP

The eligibility requirements may vary depending on the PNP stream you apply for:

Human Capital Priorities Stream

  • Successful profile in the Canada Express Entry pool
  • Minimum work experience of one year
  • Post Graduate or Graduate
  • IELTS test score should be seven or higher (English or French)

Employer Job Offer Stream

  • The candidate should have work experience in any skilled occupations in Ontario that are in demand.
  • Guarantee a solid intention to live in Ontario
  • IELTS test score should be a minimum of four
  • Employers must meet the prescribed business, turnover, and other requirements.

Business Stream

  • Experience in running a successful business for at least two years
  • Must have a financial asset of $800,000
  • Should have a personal investment of $600,000
  • Proof of a minimum of one-third of the business ownership
  • An active participant in managing the business

Get in touch with our Canada consultancy in Abu Dhabi to know which stream suits you the best.

Who can Apply for Ontario PNP Programs?

Candidates who satisfy the below credentials can apply for Ontario Provincial Nominee Program. 

  • Post Graduate or Graduate
  • Proficiency in English or French
  • Scored a minimum of 400 in the CRS tool
  • Enough work experience in related fields
  • Financial stability proof
  • Clearance certificate from the Police
  • Wellness certificate
  • Investment proofs

How to Apply for Ontario PNP Programs?

  • First, check the requirements to apply for Canada PR through an Ontario PNP program. Send an Expression of Interest to the Ontario Province if you satisfy eligibility norms.
  • The province will assess your profile, and you will receive an Invitation to Apply through email if it meets all the requirements.
  • You have to submit the online nomination application within 90 days of receiving the ITA. Sign the performance agreement in a personal interview. After that, the province will give you a Letter of Confirmation.
  • Send this letter to IRCC for a temporary work permit and apply for OPNP.
  • Once the province nominates you, apply for a Canada PR within six months.

How can DM Consultant help you with Ontario PNP?

DM Consultant, the top immigration consultants in Abu Dhabi, gives the best immigration and visa consultation services to realise the dreams of aspirants who wish to migrate to Ontario, Canada, from Abu Dhabi. We have a team of ICCRC-registered consultants in Abu Dhabi to offer help in applying for Canada Express Entry, Skilled Immigration, Economic Immigration, and Canada PNP Programs. We assist our clients globally by providing the following:

  • Guidance in making a profile for Express Entry
  • Support in accumulating all the necessary documentation
  • Guidance in completing the application and submission
  • Free counseling and advice on immigration procedures
  • Free IELTS training to enhance proficiency in English or French

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Ontario Provincial Nominee Programs

The candidate must score 67 out of 100 federal points to apply to Ontario PNP. The basis of the points system is the applicant's age, qualifications, work experience, communication skills, arranged employment, and adaptability. Please select your work experience. Please choose your score in the four areas. Book a free assessment with DM Immigration consultants Abu Dhabi to calculate your score and check your eligibility to apply to Ontario programs.
A job offer is not necessary to apply for Ontario Provincial Nominee Program. You can apply for Ontario programs through one of the below-mentioned streams:
  • Human Capital
  • Employer Job Offer
  • Business
Schedule a Free Consultation with us for more details on the Canada PNP program application procedure.
The processing time of the application varies depending on the PNP stream you choose. For Human Capital Category, it takes 30-60 days for processing, and the Employer Job Offer Category takes 60-90 days, except for the International Student stream, which takes 90-120 days. It will consume 30 days to process the Expression of Interest for the Business Category, and the complete duration of the process will be from four to six months.
A successful profile n Express Entry can get additional points 600 to their CRS Score, guaranteeing them an invitation to the next federal draw to invite immigrants by the IRCC. Contact our professional Canada immigration consultant in Abu Dhabi to clarify all your queries.
International students who have completed their education in Canada and have a valid employment letter from an Ontario employer can enroll in Ontario Provincial Nominee Programs.
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