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A student visa in Canada is mostly referred to as a Canadian study permit, and it is a document that all international students in Abu Dhabi.
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    Canada student study permit – Apply for a Canada student Visa in Abu Dhabi

    A student visa in Canada is mostly referred to as a Canadian study permit, and it is a document that all international students in Abu Dhabi or other parts of UAE must have before they can study in Canada. To apply for Canada student Visa, you need to first go through the process of obtaining a student permit which will be issued by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada; if

    successful a temporary Visa or an electronic travel authorization will be attached to the Canadian study permit and this will serve as your student visa to study in Canada throughout the duration of your program. However, to scale through this Immigration process of Canada, you need to ensure you make the required documentation available to assure a successful Student Visa application.

    How to apply for a Canadian study permit or student Visa in Abu Dhabi

    The process of applying for a Canadian study permit can occur in three ways; it’s either you apply for the Student Visa within Canada, outside of Canada or at the Port of entry into Canada. So, for applicants in Abu Dhabi, it means that your study permit application is outside Canada; however, the IRCC will process the study Visa will but through an online request here in Abu Dhabi or wherever you are applying. Generally online applications have faster processing time compared to offline processing. Before the commencement of the process, you need to ensure that all the necessary documents are available together with access to a biometric machine that will capture your photo and fingerprint. The Canada Student Visa application fee is about 160 CAD excluding biometric charges. Upon successful completion of the application, an introduction letter will be sent to the applicant together with a temporary Visa or an ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) which of course will be valid throughout your study.


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    However, the Canadian immigration and citizenship take its Immigration process strictly, and you can be denied of the permit even after being offered admission in any of the Canadian designated learning centers. Therefore, you need to follow each process carefully and abide by the requirements. Our consultants and operations team at Dm-consultants have a proven record of Successful Canadian immigration programs, and we continuously ensure that all processes are carried out strictly following the immigration laws and policies of Canada.

    What are the eligibility requirements to apply for a Canada study permit?

    To be eligible to apply for a Canadian study permit here in Abu Dhabi, you need to meet the following requirements:

    1. Letter of acceptance from your designated institution
    2. Bank statement to support your financial ability to sponsor your study and living expenses throughout your study period
    3. A medical certificate and sometimes a police report from your country of residence
    4. Successfully Convince the immigration officer that you will return to your home country after your study
    5. Please note that some study permits can be used to partake in a part-time job in Canada during your education and there is some category of individuals that do not need a study permit. Such individuals include;
    6. Those applying for programs that are less than six months
    7. Those who have relationships with Canadian foreign representatives
    8. Refugees of children of refugees
    9. Those who have parents in Canada and want to study in a primary or secondary school.
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