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The UK student Visa offers international students in Abu Dhabi and several countries around the world the access to live and study in the UK during a specified period.
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    UK Student Visa Application in Abu Dhabi – UK Study Visa Requirements

    The UK student Visa offers international students in Abu Dhabi and several countries around the world the access to live and study in the UK during a specified period. There is no way you can access any of the educational institutions in the United Kingdom without passing through the process of Visa application. The UK has one of the best educational institutions in the world today with a serene, technologically advanced infrastructures and study equipment. It is indeed the right choice if you plan to acquire a degree that is highly recognized around the globe.

    Our team of UK Student Immigration consultants in Abu Dhabi is continuously striving to ensure that we provide quality and up-to-date information about the UK student Visa processing and also regarding the dynamic requirements for admission into any of the institutions.

    UK Student Visa eligibility and requirements

    To be eligible to apply for the UK student visa, you need to fulfill the criteria for the respective Visa category successfully. Each class has its own set of requirements and can take up to 4 weeks for processing the Visa application. Please note that it is advisable to start this process once you have secured an admission to study in any of the UK institutions. To learn further about these requirements, below are the specific UK student visa category  and their respective eligibility criteria.


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    Short-term study visa

    For you to apply under the short-term visa category, it means that your prospective study duration in the UK is less than six months and that you are also not legible for British citizenship. The validity period for the short-term student visa is 6 – 11 months. The following are the requirements for the short-term Visa;

    1. An offer of admission from your institution of choice in the UK
    2. Proof of financial capacity to cater for education and living expenses without external aid
    3. Letter of intent from parents for those who are below 18
    4. Academic certificates and transcripts from previous studies
    5. English language test certificate
    6. Provide other relevant documents that support your stay and purpose of education.

    General Student study visa (Tier 4)

    International students who plan to study in the UK beyond eleven months will need to apply for a General student study visa (Tier 4), and the application should be processed three months before the commencement of study. The Tier 4 Visa can also permit you to get some jobs while your program is ongoing.

    Below are the requirements for the General Student Study Visa (Tier 4);

    1. Obtain a reference number (CAS) from your institution of choice
    2. Ensure that you register for a course that is listed in the General student Visa application portal
    3. Have a Tier 4 sponsor together with an admission letter from the institution
    4. Provide valid financial documents
    5. Other documents to be submitted include a medical report, English test score and for those who are below 18, a consent letter is required.

    Child Student Visa (Tier 4)

    Students who are below the age of eighteen can apply for the child student Visa only if their institution of choice in the UK is an independent one. However, such students will have to obtain a consent letter from their parents and also fulfill other requirements as stated in the previous categories. The difference here is that the institution of application is an independent one, i.e., (Private funded).

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