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Intending to study in the US either for a short-term period or a longer duration, then, you will need to apply for the US student Visa here in Abu Dhabi. The quality educational facilities and the advanced system of learning for students in the US along with the different student Visa interview questions cannot be exaggerated, and all the necessary US student visa requirements must be fulfilled by international students who have plans to travel to study various programs in any of the approved US institutions.

US Student Visa application process in Abu Dhabi

The student Visa processing time with the type of application for your US student Visa is specific depending on the category of student Visa that you need. The throes of US student Visa will be discussed below, but our duty at Dm-consultants is to ensure that all US student Visa application is processed with a high level of precision and proficiency to ensure a successful Visa application for our clients. Our Immigration consultants and lawyers are conversant with the US Immigration policies and processing, and we provide a transparent US student Visa application for our clients in Abu Dhabi.

Types of US Student Visa

The US Visa types are basically into two categories and each student visa type cannot be processed simultaneously with the other. i.e., once an application process has begun for a particular type of student Visa, you cannot apply for the other student Visa at the same time. Therefore, you need to check your options well and understand the type of US Visa that suits your study.

US student F-Visa class

You will need to apply for the US student F-Visa if your purpose of study in the US is either of the following:

University, High school, Seminary school Private elementary school, Conservatories, or Language training course

US M-visa class

The US M-visa is necessary if your purpose of study in the US is to attend a vocational program or any program that is not academically oriented.

However, the US Immigration laws do not permit you to study in the US if you are with a Visitor Visa or on a Visa waiver program.

Us student Visa application requirements

International students who want to apply for the US student visa need to oblige strictly to its application requirements to avoid issues with any of the relevant bodies. It is crucial for you to get an acceptance letter from your institution registered with the SEVP. You will get a form (I-20) from your school, and the I-20 form will be used to apply with SEVIS before further Visa application processing can take place with the embassy.

The following are the general requirements for the US student visa application:

  • A genuine international passport
  • Your institution’s acceptance letter
  • Academic transcripts and relevant certificates
  • Visa application fee
  • Photo ID
  • A bank statement that shows your ability to foot your study and living expenses
  • DS-160 confirmation form for nonimmigrant application

An interview session with a consular officer for applicants between the ages of 14-79. Check out the list of interview questions for the US Student Visa here in DM-Consultants.


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