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Work Abroad Legally with Work Permit Visa

Are you looking for overseas employment offers to pursue your career with better wages? Great decision! Working overseas can transform your standard of living and help you access the best education system and healthcare. You can enter your preferred country via a visit visa, but it doesn’t mean you are also permitted to work in your profession. You must have a valid work permit visa to work legally inside the country. But how will you get a work permit visa? That’s why we are here for you! DM Immigration Consultant in Abu Dhabi is here to help aspirants who wish to work overseas by assisting them with the work permit visa application process. Schedule a FREE Consultation with our immigration & visa consultants in Abu Dhabi to learn how to start applying for a work permit visa. Send us an enquiry, give a back request, or visit our Abu Dhabi Immigration Consultancy directly. Our team will always be available to assist you in a better way.

Select Your Preferred Country to Work

Are you planning to work in Canada, Poland, or the Czech Republic? DM Immigration Consultants in Abu Dhabi is here to assist you with your work permit application. Let our work permit agents know your dream country to pursue your work, and we will do everything to get you settled in your new job. Schedule a Free Consultation with our visa agents to start processing your application for a work permit for Canada/Poland/Czech Republic from UAE.

Why do Aspirants Prefer to Work Overseas?

Working abroad will be the perfect choice for you if you’re willing to: 

  • Enjoy a high standard of living 
  • Work-life balance environment 
  • Better resettlement plans
  • Get easy access to better healthcare and educational system 
  • Dual citizenship 
  • Learn new skills to meet the demand of the global market 
  • Provide a better lifestyle for your family & children 
  • Explore diverse cultures, and get a chance to be social

Developed countries like Canada, Poland, and the Czech Republic are now paving the easy road for skilled professionals to find suitable jobs and let them live and settle in their dream country. Book a free consultation with our work visa agents in Abu Dhabi to apply for a work permit visa now.

Eligibility Criteria to Apply for a Work Permit Visa

  • Required skills in performing the job you employed for 
  • No record of any criminal offense 
  • Should not pose any threat or danger against the country you’re applying for the visa 
  • Must be ready to go for medical examination and character assessment 
  • Should have no intention to work for any employers whose business is listed as illegal 
  • Should provide a commitment letter to the authority proving that you will leave the country once the work permit expires 
  • Must be willing to provide all the supporting documents as requested by the case officers

Documents Required to Apply for a Work Permit

Generally speaking, the documents required to apply for a work permit may vary based on the country you intend to apply. However, the basic papers required are as follows: 

  • A copy of your passport with a validity of a minimum of 6 months 
  • Passport sized photographs 
  • Educational qualification certificates 
  • Documents stating your work experience, training you attended, and the skills you have
  • Latest bank statement to prove your financial stability 
  • Medical and character examination report 
  • IELTS test results 
  • Application & visa processing fee 

Do you require further assistance arranging all the essential documents per the checklist above? Contact DM Immigration Consultants in Abu Dhabi. With over a decade of experience, we have in-depth knowledge in performing documentation, increasing the chances of getting the visa approved in no time.

Canada/Poland/Czech Republic Work Permit Visa Application Process

  • Get a job offer from your employer.
  • Sometimes, your employer must apply for an LMIA. Once the LMIA is approved, your employer will share the report copy, and you can apply for a work permit. 
  • Submit the work permit visa application online by providing all the required documents. 
  • The authorities will process your application, and if it meets all the requirements, they will issue a work permit that lets you work legally inside the country. 
  • After entering the country with a valid visa, some formalities, such as medical screening, providing biometric data, etc., should be fulfilled depending on the country you have chosen. 

Applying for a work permit visa without professional guidance may result in denial or complex results. So, once you receive a valid job offer from your overseas employer, you can contact us to get Free counseling to start your work permit visa application process. We will guide you on the right path by providing all the required assistance. 

Why Choose DM Immigration Consultants, Work Visa Agents in Abu Dhabi?

Are you ready to start your career overseas? Contact us now! We have helped thousands of skilled professionals to turn their dream of working abroad into a reality. Our services include: – 

  • Assisting you in availing LMIA report from your employers 
  • Guidance in preparing paperwork 
  • Guaranteed visa approval without rejection
  • Counseling sessions to make you mentally prepared to explore the new country 
  • Free evaluation &  eligibility check

Schedule a FREE Consultation with our work permit visa agents in Abu Dhabi to begin your journey of working abroad! 

Frequently Asked Questions on Work Permit Visa

A work permit visa is a legal document allowing you to work inside the country for a specific period legally. To apply for a work permit, you must secure a valid job offer from an employer from that country, and also they need to sponsor your visa. An employer must also have a positive Labor Market Impact Assessment before you apply for a work visa in Canada from Abu Dhabi. Check the eligibility requirements to apply for a Work Visa from Abu Dhabi by contacting ICCRC-registered immigration consultants.
After landing in Canada, you must apply for a 9-digit Social Insurance Number(SIN) to access government benefits and programs. You can apply for SIN by visiting the nearby Service Center. If you find any difficulties managing things after landing in Canada, you can get help from us, as we offer the best post-landing services for our clients. Get in touch with us for your pre & post-immigration services.
The work permit will be issued with all the details, including – Employer's name, the job intended to perform, and the employee's name. So, if you’re planning to work in Canada, you must apply for your Canada work permit. To know the process to apply for a Canada Work Permit, contact our work visa agents in Abu Dhabi.
To be eligible to apply for a work permit visa, you must provide a written commitment letter stating that you will leave the country right after the expiry of your work visa. And to stay permanently in Canada, you can apply for a Canada PR via programs such as Express Entry System, Provincial Nominee Program, and Economic Immigration Program. To apply for a Canada PR from Abu Dhabi, contact our ICCRC-Registered Canada immigration consultants from DM.
Processing time takes around 10-12 weeks. Getting a Poland work permit is a bit challenging for foreign professionals, as the priority goes to polish citizens during the recruiting process. However, following the application process can make obtaining visas easier. Do a Free eligibility check to determine your success in getting the Poland work permit visa.
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