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Canada Work Permit process

There is always a shortage of skilled workers in Canada, which offers enormous career opportunities for overseas workers. The North American country is always on the hunt for foreigners. Thousands of foreigners apply for Canadian work permits yearly due to massive demand in the Canadian labour market. However, obtaining Canada work permit from UAE can be tedious due to the North American country’s strict rules and regulations.
To simplify the process of obtaining Canada Work Permit from Abu Dhabi, DM Immigration Consultant, the best visa consultants in Abu Dhabi, assists in applying. We provide professional ICCRC-registered Canada work visa consultants. We also have an office in Dubai.
You can schedule a free consultation with our immigration & visa consultants in Abu Dhabi for a seamless application process. Please send us an inquiry on our website, give us a call me back request, or visit our Abu Dhabi Immigration Consultancy office directly. Our team is always available to help you in a better way.

Why work in Canada?

Canada is a booming economy and offers well-paid job opportunities in different industrial sectors. Canada is known for its welcoming nature towards foreign nationals. It sees thousands of applications for Canadian work permit visas annually, and there is also demand for Canada Work Permit from Abu Dhabi. It has straightforward and favourable policies for immigrants. Working in Canada is also an excellent first step for aspirants seeking to immigrate to Canada permanently.

Canada also has special residential programs like Express Entry, Provincial nominees, and Atlantic Immigration Program, leading eventually to permanent citizenship to offer peace of mind to workers. Canada is a beautiful country to live in, with an abundance of natural resources and landscapes. The opportunity to work in Canada can be a rewarding experience.

Furthermore, Canada offers a high standard of living and low taxes thanks to its strong economy. It also provides dual citizenship. The country also boasts low healthcare costs, good quality education, subsidised housing, and a diverse cultural profile, accepting different nationalities and ethnicities. Due to low population density and comprehensive geographical coverage, the country’s demand for labour is always high. It allows immigrants to find jobs that meet their skills and qualifications quickly.

Benefits of working in Canada

  • Earn a better salary
  • Earn a better salary
  • Access to better healthcare systems
  • High-standard of living
  • Better education and lifestyle for your children
  • Work-life balance environment
  • Dual citizenship

DM Immigration Consultant has a team of ICCRC-registered Canada visa consultants to guide you through the immigration process and enable you to start working in Canada.

Work Permit Types in Canada

A work permit is a permission from legal authorities to take a job in a foreign country for a particular time. If you are seeking to enter labour market, you require a Canadian work permit from UAE.

Provide particulars if you have an authentic job offer from a registered company in Canada in employee-specific visa type. The employer must sponsor your visa in this case. Another option is the Open type, where you are authorised to work in Canada for a particular time, and there is no need to reveal your employer. For instance, you can work in Canada as a student while your permit gets processed.

Does it seem complex, don’t worry; we are here to simplify it for you. So contact us today, submit the required documentation and focus on building your new life in Canada.

Guidelines for Work Permit Application in Canada from Abu Dhabi

The recruiter has to provide Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) document before taking a foreigner on board. The employer needs to prove that the hired candidate is professionally skilled enough to do the specific job that a Canadian citizen or PR holder cannot perform.

Following the Canada work permit application process from Abu Dhabi without professional assistance can be tedious. So, to make the Canada Work Permit application process easier, you can contact DM Immigration Consultant in Abu Dhabi. We have registered IRCC representatives and the expertise to handle your visa application.

Canada Work Permit from Abu Dhabi requirements

Canada is a go-to place for overseas job aspirants due to its complete inclusiveness policy and substantial career opportunities. So what you are waiting for, start the application process with us and get ready to settle in your dream country. We at DM Immigration Consultant Abu Dhabi require the following essential documents for processing a Canadian work permit.

  • Minimum age of 18 years
  • A valid passport and other documents
  • A permissible level of fluency in either French or English
  • Bank statement to prove that you have enough funds to sustain yourself for a while without depending on welfare.
  • Proof that you will leave the country as soon as your work visa expires.
  • Should not have any severe health issues
  • Should have good character

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Why choose DM Immigration Consultant in Abu Dhabi

The thrill of migrating to Canada can become despair as the application for Canada Work Permit from Abu Dhabi may become cumbersome. Professional support is necessary to turn a complex situation into a simpler one. So, if you plan to work in Canada, we are here to help you. Book now a free consultation with the DM Immigration Consultant in Abu Dhabi.

Our qualified team is an expert in giving point-to-point solutions. DM Consultancy will lend you a helping hand in the entire process of your immigration application. Our staff has the expertise; that’s why we are the top consultancy in the UAE. Our enormous knowledge in handling the application process can help you to create a seamless profile in sink with the latest requirements and laws of Canada immigration that will help you avoid any likely glitches later on.

Our consultancy has an overwhelming presence on three continents, thanks to our happy clients who guarantee our services across the globe. We have a staff of specialists with tremendous experience to answer any questions you might have.

  • Assisting in availing LMIA report from your employers
  • Guidance in preparing paperwork
  • Guaranteed visa approval without rejection
  • Counseling sessions to make you mentally prepared to explore the new country
  • Free evaluation & eligibility check.

Schedule a Free Consultation with us to know our simple process in proceeding with your Canada Work Permit from Abu Dhabi.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Canada Work Permit

A work permit or work visa is the legal permission to take a job within a foreign country for a stipulated amount of time.
If you are seeking to enter labour market, you require a Canadian work permit from UAE. Employee-specific visa type: Provide particulars if you have an authentic job offer in hand from a registered company in Canada. Open type: You are authorised to work in Canada for a particular time and there is no need to reveal your employer.
First secure an employment offer from a registered company and start the application process. The recruiter will provide Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) document so that you apply for a work permit in Canada from Abu Dhabi. Check the eligibility requirements by contacting ICCRC-registered immigration consultants.
Various necessities to work on the application include:
  • Passport with required validity.
  • An authentic employment offer that LMIA approves
  • French or English speaking ability
  • Proof of minimum requirement of funds.
  • Guarantee that you will leave the country as soon as your work visa expires.
  • Positive health report
  • Character certificate cleared by police.
Please check your Canada work permit visa eligibility by contacting our Abu Dhabi consultants.
The standard period usually required to complete an application for a work permit in Canada is estimated at 9-12 months. To know the complete process of a Canada Work Permit, contact us now!
  • Businessman or investor
  • Sports achiever
  • Investigator
  • Extremely skilled worker
  • Researcher in Academics
  • Media professional
  • Student who works
  • Advertisement specialists
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Public speaker
  • To know more jobs that don’t require Canada work permit, contact our work permit visa agents in Abu Dhabi.
After the documentation is complete, final hurdle remains to clear two screening interviews after landing in Canada. Don't worry and prepare to get settled in your new destitation. DM Immigration Consultant, the leading Canada work permit consultants in Abu Dhabi, will provide you with proper training to crack the visa interview.
To know the price of Canada Work Permit Visa, please connect with DM Immigration Consultant in Abu Dhabi and get a free quote.
After entering in the Canadian territory with a work visa, you can register for nine-digit Social Insurance Number at a adjacent service center, to seek government assistances and agendas. In case you face any problems after arriving in Canada, you can get assistance from us, as we provide the best post-landing services for our esteemed clients. Get in touch with us for your pre & post-immigration services.
An applicant submits a prior written guarantee to make an exit immediately after visa expires. To reside permanently, you can apply for a Permanent Residency through Express Entry System, Provincial Nominee Program, and Economic Immigration Program etc. To apply for a Canada PR from Abu Dhabi, contact our ICCRC registered Canada immigration consultants from DM.
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