Apply for Czech Republic Work Permit from Abu Dhabi

How to apply for Czech Republic Work Permit from Abu Dhabi

Live while you do job in the heart of Europe? Czech Republic is a favourite choice for many working professionals. The country offers higher salaries, a better work environment, and a safe living place. But to work in this central European country, it is essential to acquire Czech Republic work permit from Abu Dhabi.

To start with Czech Republic work permit application, an aspirant needs an offer from a registered Czech employer. Through an offer in hand, an actual process for the Czech Republic work permit from Abu Dhabi shall be initiated. It needs professional assistance from expert consultants to make the journey easy for you.

DM Consultant Abu Dhabi is the best immigration consultants in Abu Dhabi. Our professional staff helps in the entire process of moving to the offshore country. You can get in touch with DM consultants today, and our team will share more details.

Requirements to obtain Czech Work Permit

The Czech Republic authorities grant visas to aspirants who get work with the registered Czech employer.
The employer recruiting a professional from outside the country and member EU states needs to demonstrate to the Labour Ministry that the particular work can be accomplished just by a overseas skilled professional.
The employer has to provide Labour Market Assessment (LMA) document and move ahead with the Czech work permit application.
After all the formalities are done and work permit is granted, the aspirants can enter Czech Republic legally to begin their work with new employer. They can work below the two types of employment visas called Employee card and Blue Card. The Czech Republic work permit visas are valid from one to three years and can be prolonged in certain cases.

Which Czech Republic work permit to choose

Employee Card

This type of work visa permits foreigners to perform job and live inside the country. Employee Card in Czech Republic is always related to the particular profile and company for which it was issued.

Blue Card

A Blue Card can be only distributed for jobs that require top level educational qualification. The applicants usually apply for higher posts and chose this option for longer stay in the Czech Republic.

Eligibility Requirements to Apply for Czech Work visa

Czech Republic offers excellent career opportunities. It has higher employment rate and is regarded as one of the safest country in the world. The country offers higher salaries and better job satisfication, health benefits and comfort of living. Citizens from EU countries and selected non-EU countries that are on an intra-company transfer or are in ownership of a  longer residence visa don’t require a work permit. For citizens of non-European countries work permit is a requirement in Czech Republic.

Below are some of the requirements for Czech Republic work permit visa

  • Employment offer with all the details
  • Labour Market Assessment from employer
  • Qualification proof (if applicable)
  • Valid passport
  • Relevant experience to do the job
  • Health insurance coverage (if applicable)

Proof of intention to exit the country after the visa expires, including a retrun ticket

Mandatory documents for Work Permit Application in Czech Republic

The list of documents mandatory for Czech Republic work permit depends on the kind of work visa. However, the general documents required are

  • Filled application form
  • Passport with relevant travel details
  • Job offer from registered employer
  • Police clearance certificate
  • Comprehensive health report
  • Bank statement
  • Proof of fees visa fees payment
  • Passport size photos

Post accumulating the required papers, it is time to begin Czech Republic work permit visa process by filling online form. Scan the documents and upload them and send the form after signing it.

The procedure may look simple to naked eye, but the whole process needs expertise. Documentation and prior approvals are essential for smooth sailing. Therefore, it is a wise decision to get assistance from DM Immigration Consultant, an expert Czech Republic Work Visa agent, or Schengen visa consultants in Abu Dubai.

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The process ofr Czech Republic work permit application may become boring and consume your precious time in bid to complete necessary documentation. DM Immigration Consultant Abu Dhabi possesses the expertise to complete the application for you without much hassles. We have huge reputation of handling applications for Czech work visa with success. We offer:

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Key Points to Consider After Receiving Work Visa

Now that work visa is done and you already landed in Czech Republic the work isn’t finished yet, The new entrant needs to register with the Foreign Police Department and provide the necessary biometric data to the Department of Asylum within three days. Registering at the Ministry of Interior is also mandatory within 30 days of entry.


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Frequently Asked Questions on Czech Republic Work Permit

Situated at the centre of Europe, Czech Republic is a decent place to work due to its deep culture, professionalism and handsome salary packages. The country has robust economy, good climate, healthcare facilities and infrastructure for amazing living.
Czech Republic welcomes skillful foreign workers with a valid work visa. Please get in touch with our expert visa consultants in Abu Dhabi to avail assistance in securing Czech work permit from Abu Dhabi.
Some important requirements are:
  • Employment offer from registered Czech company
  • LMA document from employer
  • Valid passport with travel details
  • Police clearance certificate
  • Comprehensive health report
  • Bank statement proving enough funds to sustain for a while
  • Proof of fees visa fees payment
For further details get in touch with our qualified consultants in Abu Dhabi
Validity of Czech Republic work permit is usually from one to three years. For a temporary contract from the employer the duration time is specific. To stay longer in the country, an extension in work permit or residential visa is required.
Employee Card work visa allows outsiders to work for a specific employer. A Blue Card work visa can be only distributed for jobs that require top level educational qualification.Intra-Company Trandferee Card is also an option.
Schengen visa is for entry to listed European countries including Czech Republic. You are not however permitted to work on Schengen visit visa.
Visa status can be changed from visit to work permit after you have a valid job offer in hand. To begin the Czech Republic work permit application process contact DM Immigration Consultant in Abu Dhabi.
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