Beginners Guide to Australian Tourist Visa

Australia is a top country that welcomes thousands of immigrants, students and visitors each year. The core reason is the amazing opportunities in different market sectors, diverse cultures and better prospects. However, many steps on the land to enjoy the rich natural suburbs and spend their vacations.

The Government of Australia offers Australia Tourist visas for all such temporary visitors. It is a type of non-immigrant visa with a shorter validity time. This visa allows foreign nationals to visit Australia for a short period.

Any immigrant who wishes to visit Australia for tourism or Other points to keep in mind are:
a short trip should apply for a visitor visa – Subclass 600. It will give you the legal right to stay in the country and perform certain activities without restrictions.

What You Can’t Do

According to Australian Embassy, an individual visiting the country on a tourist visa must avoid certain activities. Otherwise, they will face legal action against them. For instance, you cannot work for any business or sell any product or service in Australia. But if you plan to attend an informal course with a duration of fewer than three months, you can apply for a visitor visa. Also, if you are an Australian citizen or have permanent Residency in Australia, you can invite your parents on a visitor visa.

Eligibility Criteria for an Australia Visit Visa

There are several eligibility requirements when it comes to applying for Visitor Visa in Australia. First, you should have enough funds in your home country’s bank account. You must intend to return to your home country after the visit. Other requirements include:

  • Explain the purpose of the visit provide proof of good health
  • Character certificate showing that you are not involved in any legal activities and have no criminal records
  • You must not have any debts to the Australian Government
  • You can’t study, seek or accept any job offer.
  • Surety that you will abide by the laws of Australia

Other points to keep in mind are: 

  • If you are visiting a family member or a friend, you should have a letter of invitation.
  • If you travel in the country, you should show travel documents.
  • If you are visiting for medical reasons or a checkup, you should provide all the medical documents needed.

Who can apply for Subclass 600 – Australian Visitor Visa

The people applying for Australian visitor visas can be divided into several categories.

  • Tourist Stream 

    You can apply for this Visa from inside Australia. It is suitable for individuals who wish to go to Australia for exploration or to see family or friends. Under this category, the purpose cannot be medical or business treatment.

  • Tourist Stream – Outside Australia 

    This category is ideal for individuals who wish to visit Australia for tourism or to meet family but are living outside the country at the time of applying.

  • Sponsored Family Stream 

    This stream is suitable for individuals who wish to visit a family member in Australia. In this case, family members sponsor the entire trip.

  • Business Visitor Stream

    If you are planning to visit Australia for business purposes, this stream is an ideal option.

  • 5Approved Destination Status Stream

    Citizens from certain areas of China can apply for this category of Visa. This individual will travel with a tour organized and approved by a travel agent.

  • Frequent Traveler Stream 

    This Visa is for a citizen of China who wishes to travel for personal or business purposes.

Documents Required for Australian Tourist Visa

There is a long list of documents you will need to get Australian Tourist Visa. These include;

  • Valid passport and Old passports (if any)
  • Recent photographs (as per the requirements)
  • Completed visa application form (Form 1419)
  • Documents showing your purpose of visit
  • Proof of funds
  • Bank statements of a minimum of six months
  • Income tax returns of past three years
  • Fixed deposits (optional)
  • Medical test results and X-ray examinations
  • Personal cover letter
  • Valid Travel Insurance and Proofs of Accommodation

Supporting Documents for Sponsored Australia Tourist Visa

You will need certain supporting documents if any of your relatives in Australia is offer Sponsored Visitor Visa to you. These include

  • Sponsorship letter
  • The sponsor will need to submit
  • PAN card and passport
  • Residence permit

Supporting Documents If Student Applies for Tourist Visa

Following documents are important if you are a student and applying for Tourist Visa.

  • Identity card of the educational institution
  • Bonfide certificate

Supporting Documents If You are Employee

If you are a full time employee you will need to provide following supporting documents for you Australian Tourist Visa application.

  • Salary certificate (past 3 months)
  • Leave certificate with company signature and letterhead.

Application Process for Australian Tourist Visa

The Australian Visitor Visa Application is a step-by-step process. The steps are simple, but might demands a bit of attention to the documentation. It is important to provide authentic information at every step of the process. Here is what you need to do to get the visit.

  • Start by choosing a suitable subclass.
  • Find the list of necessary and supporting documents and arrange them first-hand
  • Fill out the visa application form.
  • Pay visa fees (you will find details about fees later in this article).
  • Submit the application form.
  • Wait for the tourist visa. If you are eligible, you will get the visa stamped on your passport, and then you can fly within the given timeline.

Costing of Australian Tourist Visa

The costs for Visit Visa Australia vary based on the subclass you are applying for. The list of basic classes for visa are as below:

  • Subclass 601 charges a visa fee of AUD20 (In Australian Dollars)
  • Subclass 651 charges NO visa fee
  • Subclass 600 charges visa fee varies on the basis of the stream
  • Subclass 417 charges a visa fee of  AUD485 (In Australian Dollar)
  • Subclass 462 charges a visa fee of AUD485 (In Australian Dollars)
  • Subclass 771 is free of cost

Visa Cost According to Stream

  • Tourist stream (apply in Australia) will cost you 365 AUD
  • Tourist stream (apply outside Australia) will cost you 145 AUD
  • Sponsored family stream will cost you 145 AUD
  • Business visitor stream will cost you 145 AUD
  • Approved Destination Status stream will cost you 145 AUD
  • Frequent Traveler Stream will cost you 1065 AUD

If you are not sure how to do the process or confusion about any stage of the process; you shall ask for professional assistance and seek help from professional Immigration Experts like DM Consultants. The professional here can help you with the assessment of visa requirements. They will also assist you with the documentation and offer end-to-end visa immigration services at affordable prices.

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