Beginners Guide to Visit Visa USA

Are you planning a visit to the USA? Take a deep breath and look at this go-to guide for beginners. This guide simplifies and sums up all the essentials that you need. Although the USA has strict visit visa policies, if you follow the steps carefully, avoid bluffing and provide genuine information, the chances of getting a visa are higher.

Basic Requirements for USA Tourist Visa

Let’s start digging into USA tourist visa information without any further delay.

Choosing the Type of Visa

Visitor Visa USA is a tourist visa called a B2 visa. This visa is for people who wish to visit the USA for leisure activities, site seeing, medical treatment or pleasure. This is a non-immigrant visa despite a long list of non-immigrant visas in the USA. The B1 and B2 or Business Tourist Visa are the most common types.

The condition of obtaining a USA tourist visa is that the applicant must not get involved in studies, work, or business during his/her stay in the USA. Also, note that the duration of the visa subjects to the grant at the US port of entry at the time of entrance.

However, you can extend this visa for up to 6 months. In such a case, you must submit an extension form to US Citizenship and Immigration Services. There will be additional costs for visa extensions.

Documents Required for USA Visitor Visa

The documents required for a USA tourist visa are simpler than in many other countries. You will need a valid passport, travel itinerary and details of your earlier international visits. However, make sure the passport has a minimum of6 month’s validity. Also, ensure the passport is in good condition and not tattered or worn out.

Visa Application Form

The most important step of the process is to fill out the Visit Visa US Application form. This is also called DS- 160 form. You can read more about this form by clicking here.

This DS 160 Form is an important document, so make sure you fill it up with complete accuracy. Also, ensure you fill up all the spaces and provide valid and recent information, including contact details, residence information, or educational information.

This form will also include details of your plan and the whereabouts of the places you plan to visit in the USA. It is better to fill out the form in one sitting. However, if you cannot do that for any reason, the details should be saved for at least 30 days.

Once you start filling out the form, you will get an Application ID. Keep that in your record, as you will need this for future referrals. After the successful completion of the information, you will receive a ten-digit barcode. You will need this 10-digit code at later stages of your application and during the interview process.

A Recent Photograph

As everything is online now, you will need a recent digital photograph. You will need to provide copies of this photograph at different stages of your visa process.

The picture should be square with minimum dimensions of 600×600 and a maximum of 1200×1200 pixels. The picture size must be less than or equal to 240 kilobytes. If the embassy is not taking digital photographs, they will click one at OFC (Offsite Facilitation Center) or ASC (Application Service Center). They will also take your fingerprints for authentication.

Paying the Fees

The next important thing is to pay the US Visit Visa feeds. This fee is mandatory for all applicants. This fee is non-refundable. You can either pay this fee electronically or in cash.

Electronically you will need to make a bank transfer through designated branches in your city. It is better to create a profile on US Visa Service Website and select the Schedule Appointment option to make a payment directly to the embassy orderly.  Upon confirming the payment options, you will find several options to initiate the payment.

Scheduling Interview Appointment

After payment, you will see the option to schedule 2 appointments. These appointments will be a part of your visa-issuing process. Book the date, day and time as per your convenience. There are a lot of visit visa applications, so there will be a two-stage interview selection process. The interview will be divided into two stages.

  • It will be with one OFC to gather your biometric fingerprints, photographs, etc.
  • It will be at the US Consulate or Embassy. It will be a face-to-face meeting with the officials who will cross-question you about the visa application.


This appointment is scheduled just after the interview meeting with the officials at the Consulate or Embassy. Under the new rules, the applicant should give the biometrics information at the VAC (Visa Application Center).

Applying for Visa Interview at the Consulate

You should reach the Consulate 15 minutes before the interview time. You must take all the original copies of essential documents, including all the copies of passports, bar codes, photographs, fee receipt of visa application, visa appointment letter and any other document listed during the application process.

Prepare yourself to answer a series of questions as you meet the interviewers at the consulate. Most of these questions will be related to the information you have provided in your application form. Try to stick to the point and do not share irrelevant information. They might dig more into it, creating a problem for you.

After the interview, the office will take notes, and you will get approval or rejection based on the interview.

Comparatively, Visit Visa for the US is nothing out of the ordinary. The requirements are simply following a few steps until you get the visa. Still, if you find it difficult to deal with the interview matters or the application process, you can consult the Visa Experts like DM Consultants. The experts there will take care of everything; you just need to pay the fee, provide documents and wait for the visa.

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