5 reasons why you should migrate to Canada from UAE

5 reasons why you should migrate to Canada from Dubai

Located in the Northern part of the Americas, Canada is the second largest country in the world. However, the population remains low compared to the country size. Hundreds of thousands of persons across the globe make Canada their home, and the reason is not farfetched.

Canada is a great country, with so many affluent cities, cultural diversity, advanced standard of living, great economy (8th in the world), and adequate safety provided by the authorities.

There are so many reasons why you should consider migrating to the White North;

1: Security is at an optimum level

If there is one thing Canada is known for, it is for its low crime rate, and this has made it a point of envy from other countries in the south. The gun violence in Canada is about four times lower than that in the United States. Violence is rare in the country, and this has aided in the development of the country’s economy through foreign direct investment.

In 2014, Canada got the OECD award for safety and security, with a 9.7 point over 10. Also, in Canada, owning a gun is not prevalent, because many of the country’s citizens feel safe, and don’t see a need to carry a weapon. Moreover, the process of getting the license is long and arduous. If you are in doubt, a Canada visit visa from UAE  will definitely convince you.

2: Sound education

Canada as a country, places much value on education, and sound education is made available to all persons, irrespective of background. Of all countries in the world, Canada spends the most per capita on education.

With this huge investment, you can be sure of access to one of the world’s best educational system. Across the board, Canadian kids do well, and stay in the educational system, longer than other kids of the world. As a result of this, the environment in Canada breed sustenance for a career and values skilled individuals. Once you are an expert in a field, you can be sure of a comfortable lifestyle, as well as more significant opportunities in your career of choice.

3: Strengthened and stable economy

Everything you long to enjoy in a country you would be settling in, is more than the fancy and the aesthetics of the country. You are innately going to be interested in the financial state of the country.

To assure you this, Canada is a country that is set to offer you numerous economic benefits. This country has one of the most robust economies in the world. And to tap into this economy, there are various career options you can leverage on.

The strength of Canada’s economy lies in its banking system, and this banking system has been voted as being the most stable in the whole world. Canada is financially secure, and this has afforded them the ability to assure citizens a life of good quality.

Also, amongst the G20 nations, Canada has the second highest standard of living. Do you want to do business in a foreign country that offers economic stability? Choose Canada!

4: Robust Healthcare system

Healthcare in Canada is one that can be easily accessed. Most of the services being rendered by the system are free, and mostly funded by taxes from the government.

A healthcare budget is allocated to each province and subsequently passed down to residents in the form of health cards which allow them to get free medical services.

You can apply for this as soon as you arrive the country. There are various postlanding services in Canada that provides this service.

5: Aesthetics and tourism

All the above points are critical, but a country might fail to intrigue you if does not provide fun and relaxation to its visitors. Canada has so many beautiful sights that can keep you in the loop for years.

Canada, as a country, has about 10 million square kilometers of beautiful countryside. In the league of beautiful nations in the world, Canada ranks high. There is an abundance of Iceland, which is complemented by a vast span of woodland. Weekends are filled with various activities, ranging from; skiing, whale watching, etc.

Have you imagined swimming with a polar bear? Canada can make that dream come true.

Aside from these five that I stated above, there are other reasons to choose Canada. Ranging from its accommodating immigration system which offers immigrants the opportunity to become permanent resident through the skilled immigration program, to the several job opportunities that are available in Canada.

Recently, In May 2019, the unemployment rate dropped to 5.4% and this is the lowest statistics recorded since 1979.

The people of Canada are astoundingly friendly and accommodating; you would not have a problem fitting into our system. Indeed, it is a great choice for you to migrate to Canada from Dubai.

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