What are Canada’s Immigration Requirements?

Many applicants keep asking questions about the exact requirements needed for immigration to Canada. In this article, I will show you the documents needed to travel to Canada successfully.

Canada’s immigration applicants will require documents such as a job offer, NOC-listed occupation, admission letter, education degree, English/French test certificates, and proof of funds. However, these requirements vary from one program to another.

There are two main ways to live in Canada as an immigrant. One is to have a permanent resident visa; the other is a temporary visa/work permit. To find out more about the requirements for each of them, read on!

What are the requirements to apply for a Canada PR visa from UAE ?

The main programs that offer permanent resident visa (pr visa) in Canada are the Federal Express Entry, Provincial Nominee Program, AIPP, family sponsorship, and Quebec Skilled Worker.
Each has its requirements, which is mostly determined by the Federal or Provincial government.
Here are the requirements to apply for a pr visa to Canada under the Federal skilled worker program:

  • A minimum of one year working experience in the last 10 working years in occupation under the NOC listed categories. Or
  • Have been a Canadian temporary resident or international student for at least one year. Or
  • Have a full-time employment offer from a Canadian based employer
  • Depending on the category you fall under, you may require to fulfill other pr eligibility factors such as your age, education, proof of finance, English tests, direct relative in Canada, among others.

What are the requirements for Canada Work Permit or Work Visa?

The requirements to apply for a work permit/work visa in Canada include:

  • Application Fee
  • Educational Credentials
  • Valid passport
  • Curriculum vitae showing your work experience
  • Bank statement to show your financial capacity to live in Canada
  • Medical report from a designated hospital
  • You should have no past criminal record.
  • Should not work in restricted industries such as striptease, erotic massage centers, and escort.
  • Be willing to stick to your work-permit type.

Most importantly, your ability to convince the visa officer of your intention to leave Canada once your permit expires.
Another temporary visa in Canada is the student visa. You can also read about the Canadian study visa requirements.

What Next ?

Understanding these requirements is very necessary before you proceed with any Canada immigration program in UAE. Ensure you assess your documents against the criteria of your choice program carefully.
Remember to fill every form appropriately, and good luck as you begin your journey towards Canada!

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