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    Canada Skilled Immigration – advantages and disadvantages

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Canada skilled Immigration?

    From its inception in 2015, the skilled Immigration program has attracted a lot of interest globally. Well, this can be linked to the enormous benefits that it offers to foreign Immigrants. Today, the program in Canada is becoming the most competitive Immigration in the world.

    As a result of multiple entries and application over the years, we have come to ask crucial questions as to why some individuals do not get selected at the end of the process. Why does some candidate stay in the pool for so long?  Why does the program favor a particular set of skilled individuals as compared to others? Do these applicants understand the requirements of the Canada Express Entry before applying?

    Using the best Canadian immigration consultants in Dubai can provide your application with a boost of experience; however, you need to understand the advantage and disadvantages of this program before you apply.


    From studies, feedbacks, and the composition of the program, below are the merits of the skilled Immigration program:

    • A definite route to citizenship and residency in Canada: Aside from other Canadian immigration programs, this is the only program that offers qualified applicants a permanent residency visa. This implies that the successful candidates will enjoy the benefit of migrating along with the members of their family to Canada. Besides, free medical care, free education, and other social amenities are available in Canada for permanent residents.
    • A faster route to citizenship in Canada: through the Express entry program, individuals who have resided in Canada for five years are eligible to apply for Citizenship. Aside from the Citizenship by investment program, this is another program that has a fast approach towards becoming a citizen of the country. Besides, once successful applicants get their invitation to apply, the processing for the visa takes a shorter time compared to other immigration programs.
    • There is no bias in the Immigration process: this is a unique aspect of the skilled program. The CIC has made the requirements public to every intending applicants. Asides, there is a CRS calculator that helps you to calculate your points and determine if you’re eligible for the program. Moreover, candidates can also check their occupation or skills to know if it is currently in demand. In any case, if the application is not successful, the appropriate body will give reasons for their decision.
    • The program helps applicants to understand what they need to succeed in Canada: through the provisions of the NOC, intending Immigrants can find out the specific skills that will help them to build a successful career in Canada. Perhaps, if you are seriously looking to migrate to Canada, you can focus on the required occupation, create some experience on it, and apply for the skilled Immigration. The Canada environment is a highly skilled environment, and to successfully adapt to it, you have to possess the right skills.

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    1. Despite the successes recorded in the program so far, it still has some setbacks and demerits to a certain extent. Aside from that, measures are not yet in place to link qualified applicants with potential Canadian employers that require their skills. Such an applicant has to go through the job banks, which requires a frequent update.
    2. It does not favor international students and fresh graduates: These categories of individuals are regarded as potential contributors to any nation’s economy and sustainability. However, as a result of the mandatory working experience required by the Canada immigration program, it has failed to take into consideration the interest of fresh graduates. Some of these graduates can do better and possess the necessary skills but will get a low rank in the CRS due to their weak working experience. Another painstaking demerit is the fact that international students find it difficult to get permanent residency via this means.
    3. Age and Marital Bias: candidates above the age of 35 has lesser chances of selection in the application (except in cases where they have a strong point from other factors). This is because the points reduce as the age exceeds 32. Moreover, there is also bias in marital status. Married applicants can get additional score from the qualifications of their spouse leaving unmarried applicants at a disadvantage.

    The Canadian immigration program for skilled individuals has proven to be a great initiative since its inception. However, we hope to see subsequent changes in the application regarding the bias in terms of age and experience. Either way, the program is one of the best and most competitive immigration programs for skilled immigrants.  You can either apply as a person or use the services of Immigration Consultants in Dubai to guarantee a successful application.