Immigration Stats during the Covid-19 Pandemic

The World War II was known to cause the highest number of deaths in America, up till the advent of the Covid-19 Pandemic- 2020. According to Wikipedia, more than 441,000 deaths have been reported since January 2020 to date. It is said to be the most number of deaths recorded in any country and the tenth-highest per capita. Nearly a quarter of the world’s Covid-19 cases and the fifth highest in deaths, the economy of the USA has succumbed badly and still fighting with the repercussions and ongoing setbacks of the disease since 2020.

Where the covid-19 crisis has damaged almost all the business industries, Immigration is one of the most important revenue generating sectors, which suffered an intense rebuff. The U.S is the most popular state to welcome immigrants from around the globe each year. According to stats since, 2016 to 2020 almost 40,000,000 non-immigrants were issued visas for purposes like visit, work, education and so on.

Classes of Non-immigrants Issued Visas (Fiscal Year 2016-2020)

1- Foreign Government Officials:

In 2016, there were 113,581 government officials who were given U.S visas which almost remained the same in 2017, 2018 and 2019, then drastically came down to  55,879 in 2020 due to the Pandemic.

2- Temporary Visits

Business or Pleasure visas were also reduced from 40,105 to 17,919 in 2016 and went down from 6,881,797 to 2,164021 in 2020 respectively. Other temporary visits also faced a major downfall.

3- Transit

Persons who are travelling to other places require transit visas if travelling from the U.S. This again suffered because of the overall reduced travelling and immigration globally.

4- Crew member

This sector did not see a major downfall, however the criteria got strict.

5- Investors

Most investors in 2020 didn’t take the risk of starting a new venture. Lessor treaty investors, lessened the number of investor visas issued.

6- Students

388,839 students immigrated to the U.S in 2019, but due to the Pandemic, this figure was also decreased to a mere 121,205.

7- Staff of International Organizations

International organizations also restrained from sending their representatives or staff members to other countries including the U.S.

 8- Temporary workers

The number of trainees and temporary workers were also lessened, though not a major decrease was observed.

 9- Representative of Foreign Information Media

This sector suffered a crucial downfall. While the numbers stood at 14,536 in 2016 and 11312 in 2019, it was only 4,888 in 2020.

 10- Exchange visitor

Cultural and educational exchange between individuals from other countries and citizens of the U.S. known as exchange Visitor Program also experienced a decline.

11- Fiancé of U.S citizen

From more or less than 40,000 visa applications received and accepted for this category since 2016 to 2019, there were only 19,315 visas issued in 2020.

 12- Intracompany Transferee

Companies sending employees to work in the U.S require a visa, which again suffered a setback in 2020. From 157, 708 visas issued in 2019, the numbers fell to a mere 71, 652 in 2020.

 13- Vocational students

The number of students coming to the U.S for the acquisition of skilled craft or trade education lessened from 10,694 to 4,047 due to the Pandemic.

 14- Special immigrants

NAFTA and NATO immigrations were also reduced because of the restricted travelling.

 15- Person with extraordinary ability

Science, arts, business, athletics and education sectors also invite immigrants to U.S., but the year 2020 lead to a major loss in just about all the sectors.

 16- Athlete, Artist or Entertainer

From 36,957 individuals in these fields to 16,311 in 2020, entertainment and arts visas were left scarce too.

 17- Cultural Programs Participants

Cultural programs that were planned internationally for 2020 were all postponed or cancelled. This area suffered a major decline too.

 18- Religious Occupation

Visas for individuals in a religious occupation were reduced from 6,424 to 2,399 during the 2020 Pandemic.

Informant Possessing Information on Criminal Activity or Terrorism, Victim of Severe form of Trafficking, and Victim of Criminal Activity

Restricted travelling made almost every area to suffer in 2020, even the criminal activities. The numbers fell from 1,639 in 2019 to 708 in 2020.

These immigration stats are clearly explaining how badly each sector is destructed and facing challenges to date. A gigantic economy like U.S. is all in all in shock and the recent new wave of the coronavirus disease is still not allowing it to become stable. The citizens are not only suffering in terms of finances, but a critical phase of the health industry has astounded everyone where people are not feeling secure, both physically and mentally.


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