Live a better life – Three reason why you should migrate to Australia

Today lots of immigrants are in search of western countries which can offer them a better life in terms of opportunities, security, and resettlement. Australia, which is one of the G20 countries, has over the years, been the choice for most immigrants.

Here are three reasons why you should also consider Australia immigration from Dubai.

1: Top-Class Education

There is a diverse range of options to study in Australia as an international student. The country has over 1,200 institutions with about 22,000 available courses. The educational level in Australia includes the primary, secondary, vocational education and training centers, universities, and colleges.

Why do you have to study in Australia?

Aside from the US and UK, Australian institutions are the next in terms of higher applications from international students. The country maintains excellent quality of education with more emphasis on science, innovation, and technology. These standards are not compromised in any case as there are authorities that regulate the operation of schools and colleges in the country. The Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) Act 2000, the 2007 National code of practice is the core agencies that oversees the operation and registration of educational providers in the country.

Moreover, international students who intend to study in Australia has to ensure that their course of study is approved under the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Course for Overseas Students (CRICOS). It is straightforward to search for this accreditation on the school’s website.

There are several opportunities for you as a student in Australia during and after your study. During your program, you are permitted to work up to 20 hours in a week, so that you can cater for some of your basic expenses. More so, there are lots of scholarships opportunities available to students. Therefore, irrespective of the course of study or its duration, it is quite safe to say that your interest as a student will always be a priority, and you have made the best choice.

2: Robust Economy and Employment Opportunities

Australia has a robust economy with a GDP per capita that is greater than that of the UK, Canada, and Germany. The principal source of income to the economy is mining. However, there has been a drop in the mining sector lately. The country has a low inflation rate (3%), and rich in Natural resources. A major exporter of agricultural products, mineral resources, coal, and natural gas. Its main export partners are the US, Japan, South Korea, and China.

As of April 2019, the unemployment rate in Australia is 5.2%, a figure released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Also, there was an increase in labor force participation, which is now at 65.8%. Moreover, Roy Morgan Research figures show that the unemployment rate in Australia as of April 2019 is 8.9%. This has led to a contradiction in the reports of these two agencies as each agency has claimed to use different terms in their module of research.

However, Australia is a fertile destination for skilled workers. Although there are still figures of underemployment in the country, it provides the best work opportunity for professionals and fresh graduates. In May 2019, the Health care and social assistance industry ranks with the highest number of employees (13% of the Australia workforce), while the retail trade, Construction, Professional/Scientific/Technical services Leads as the second (10.1%), third (9.1), and fourth (8.9%) respectively.

There are different states in Australia, and each has a different unemployment rate. If your aim of traveling to Australia is to get a job, then it would be great if you consider the unemployment rates of the different states. The Australian Capital Territory has the lowest unemployment rate at 3.9%, while the Northern Territory, New South Wales, Victoria are at 4.5%, 4.6%, and 5.7% respectively. These days are volatile as they can change depending on the season of the year. Therefore, if you intend to migrate to Australia either as a skilled worker or as a Tradesman Be rest assured that the country has an economy that worked to provide an increase in employment opportunities.

3: Friendly Immigration System

Australia is the second western country that has a lot of immigrants in its population. As of 2011, immigrants made-up about 62% of the country’s total population.  Immigration in Australia can be dated back to 1945, after the world war when it lifted the initial ban that was placed on individuals who are not European citizens.

Today, Australia has a lot of immigration programs which has become highly competitive among foreign immigrants all over the world. The skilled occupation visa, student visa, family visa, investor visa, together with refugee and asylum program for individuals in the country. Each of these categories of visa has various subclass. Another advantage of the immigration system is that some visa categories offer skilled foreign immigrants the opportunity to become permanent residents of the country.

Therefore, those who plan to migrate to Australia must check with reputable Australia immigration consultants in Dubai  for the specific visa class that suits their request.

The government has provided quality healthcare services for its citizens and residents as well. These advanced medical services are borne out of intellectual, scientific research, and technological development the country has witnessed lately. According to the data made available to OECD, the country has a life expectancy of about 83 years.

Therefore, Australia, in terms of its quality of life, education, economy, healthcare, and immigration program, has a significant influence on most immigrants over their choice of destination and resettlement.

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