Oman Witness the Grand Launch of DM Consultant

Immigration and Resettlement: Oman Witness the Grand Launch of the Best Immigration Consulting Company – DM-Consultants

Sequence to the growing demand for skilled immigrants in Canada, Australia, US, UK, and other countries in within Europe and America, DM-Consultants has launched the grand opening of its branch which is projected to become the best immigration consultancy in Oman.

The inception of DM-Consultant’s Oman branch is coming at a time when immigrants are beginning to lose faith in some of the immigration companies that have been operating earlier in the country. The Oman immigration office  aims to redefine the meaning of immigration consultancy by providing reliable, trusted, and proficient services to individuals who are looking forward to migration and resettlement.

DM-Consultant –  a company with over seven branches globally, and is rated the best immigration consultants in Dubai, has decided to pitch the tent of quality and aggrandize the environment of application success in Oman.

In an interview with the CEO of DM-Consultants, Chetan Khumbar, he said that the ideology behind the establishment of Oman’s branch is not geared towards creating any harmful competition in the market; instead, provide efficient consulting services that will acquaint the residents on the immigration policies, requirements, and procedures.

”I am not making this statement to rule out the presence of other immigration companies in Oman. No! It is a fair environment, and we at DM-Consultant have a keen enthusiasm towards helping various immigrants around the world to achieve their dreams of immigration and permanent residency in either Canada or Australia.” Said Chetan Khumbar, CEO and founding Manager at DM-Consultant. “Over the years, DMC has maintained a high standard, our ethics of operation is second to none, we have a team of consultants and immigration lawyers who are devout and highly adept with the immigration policies and procedures. Hence, the reason why we have an unbeatable record of success and are the leading immigration consulting agency in the UAE.”

DM-Consultant is no doubt achieving great strides in the area of immigration and resettlement, they offer services such as:

  • – Permanent residency in Australia and Canada;
  • – Student visas to various countries;
  • – Visit Visas;
  • – Investor visas for business immigrants;
  • – Golden visa to Europe.

They have been able to achieve this by consistently committing to the three pillars of the company, which are Transparency, One-point-contact, and proficiency.

“The essence of immigration is not to focus on profit, but rather, deliver outstanding consultancy services, case processing, consistent updates, client follow-ups, and overall, put smiles on the faces of everyone that comes in contact with your company,” Said Harish Chand, Regional Manager, Sales & Marketing.

Therefore, as the company looks forward to establishing its standards and high record of success here in Oman, skilled immigrants, students, and business investors who want to migrant to Canada or Australia from Oman and other countries around the globe can utilize this opportunity to work with one of the most trusted and reliable immigration company in the world.

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