PNP LATEST DRAW: 150 Candidates Receives Invitation from Saskatchewan under Occupation-in-Demand Stream and Express Entry

Recently, the province of Saskatchewan conducted double draws which led to the invitation of about 150 applicants via Express Entry and Occupation-in-demand subcategories

Saskatchewan, under its provincial nomination program, SINP, utilizes a distinct EOI points to grade candidates in the provinces’ Express Entry and Occupation-in-demand PNP pool.

On the 15th of August, 45 candidates were invited via the Express Entry subcategory, while 105 got their invite through the occupation-in-demand stream.

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Unlike the CRS score which is used in the Federal Express Entry Program, Saskatchewan uses a peculiar EOI score. The least score for these two draws were 76.

100 is the total obtainable score in the provinces’ pool. Ranking factors include education, proficiency in either English or French, skilled work experience, and any relevant relative or prior knowledge within the territory. After considering the numerous applicants, those who meet the set-out criteria are then invited to apply for PR in the province.

Occupation In-Demand

In this subcategory, qualified candidates process their permanent residency without going through the province Express Entry System. Candidates can apply without a job offer; however, these candidates must ensure that their occupation is among the 19 highlighted  occupations-in-demand in Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan Immigration Nomination Program, has, so far, within this year, invited 1,789 candidates via this category, in contrast to 1,315 invitation recorded in its Express Entry subcategory.

There was a remarkable decline in this month’s invitations (150) as compared to the previous one in July (381).

Saskatchewan Express Entry (SEE)

SEE stream is the subcategory that is connected to the FEE system. So, in this category, the province assesses candidates who are already in the Federal Express Entry (FEE) pool and invites qualified applicants to apply for nomination within the region.

When these FEE candidates receive such nomination, then, there is an ultimate guarantee of being selected in the Federal draw. Why? Because the nominations give them an additional 600 CRS score over their counterpart in the Federal Express Entry pool.

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