Top 10 Best Immigration Consultants in Dubai

Are you thinking of immigrating to top countries like Canada, Australia, the UK, and the USA? That’s where the best immigration consultants in Dubai come in. Immigrating to a foreign country is an exciting, as well as an overwhelming process, as it comes with a lot of paperwork and approvals. That’s where you need guidance from registered immigration consultants. So, what exactly will an immigration expert in Dubai do? How do they assist you in your immigration process? Let us explain:

The best Immigration consultants in Dubai will assist you in migrating to a foreign country. With hands-on experience and expertise in immigration and visa services, the professional immigration consultant will guide you in preparing the documentation and support you throughout the immigration process. Hiring an expert immigration and visa consultant in Dubai can provide several benefits, including: –

  • Saves your time by taking care of all the documentation works.
  • Makes the visa process easier for you
  • You don’t have to stress yourself by understanding the immigration terms

So, have you decided to hire the services of immigration consultants to make your immigration journey smooth? You may come across a lot of options online in your search. But how will you choose the right one?

To guide you in a proper way, we have put down the best immigration consultants in Dubai. Read on to find the trusted immigration consultant who follows a straightforward process and provides a cost-effective migration solution that will save you time and money.

Top & Best Immigration Consultants in Dubai (Updated List – 2023)

1 – DM Immigration Consultant

Services: The most trusted immigration consultants in Dubai works with a team of ICCRC and MARA-certified Immigration Agency who provide immigration services to the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and other major countries worldwide. DM Immigration Consultant is among the top immigration consultants in UAE, irrespective of the country you want to migrate to.

Accreditations: ICCRC Approved Immigration Consultants & MARA Certified Australian Immigration Consultants.

2 – Premiers Consultant

Services: Assist migrants who want to migrate to a foreign country to study, live, or work in Australia, the USA, the UK, Canada, or New Zealand.

Accreditations: Off-shore agent with ICCRC Certification

3 – Migration Consultants

Services: The reliable immigration consultancy offers immigration and visa services to the UK, the USA, South Africa, Germany, Denmark, Australia, and Canada

Accreditations: MARA Certified Australian Consultants

4 – Vazir Group

Services: The leading immigration consultancy specialized in providing immigration services for Europe, Canada, the USA, the UK, and to rest of the world.

Accreditations: CICC Certified Agents

5 – Global Migration Services

Services: Provides immigration services for individuals and businesses to migrate to popular destinations such as – the USA, the UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, and New Zealand.

Accreditations: Off-Shore Agent with CRIC and ASCB Certifications

6 – Pelican Migration

Services: Provide quality immigration services to clients interested in migrating – Canada, Australia, the USA, the UK, Portugal, and New Zealand.

Accreditations: CICC Certified Consultants

7 – A2W Consultants

Services: Provides immigration and visa consultancy services to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and the USA.

Accreditations: ICCRC Certified and MARA Certified

8 – Fly High Abroad

Services: Provides personalized immigration and visa assistance for Canada, Australia, Portugal, and Europe.

Accreditations: CRIC Certifications

9 – Cosmos Immigration Services

Services: Provides end-to-end immigration solutions for Canada, New Zealand, USA, & Portugal without any hassles & delays.

Accreditations: ICCRC and MARA Certifications

10 – Right Step Migration

Immigration advisors in Dubai understand your migration needs and provide various immigration programs for the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, & Europe.

Accreditations: ICCRC & OISC

How Do I Find the Best Immigration Consultant in Dubai?

With so many organisations, making an informed decision on choosing the right immigration consultant in Dubai can be challenging. If you’re on the road to choosing the right consultant to care for your immigration needs, Below are a few things you need to consider before selecting the one.

Check their online reviews

Start researching a registered immigration agency by checking online customer reviews. It will provide objective feedback about the particular consultancy, and you can decide based on that.

Check their social media profiles

Check the exposure and services offered at the immigration company’s social media profiles such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram. If the profile is inactive or has any negative or spammy reviews, it’s advised not to work with them.

Check their success track record

Make sure to do a proper background check to know their track record and see how successfully they have served the immigration needs of previous clients. Also, remember to check the history of the CEO or Owner of the company.

Check their mode of communication

Contact the immigration company to know their preferred mode of communication. It should be easily reachable to serve customers to help if something goes wrong.

Check for their confidentiality

Last but not least, you need to check their confidentiality. As the most trusted immigration consultant in Dubai, DM Immigration Consultant follows strict safety rules to provide the best immigration service in Dubai.

If the company passes all these checks, it’s a signal that you can choose the one from the list of the best immigration consultants in Dubai.

How to Check if my Immigration Consultant is Reliable and Trustworthy?

Once you have finalised the immigration consultant in Dubai to work on, it’s time for you to check their reliability and trustworthiness. Here are the simple 3 tricks which you can follow to determine whether you have chosen the right immigration consultant or not.

Registered Immigration Consultant in Dubai

The immigration consultant should be trained and certified by the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) to provide the best Canadian Immigration Services. So, before choosing the consultant, check their ICCRC certification. To check that, visit the ICCRC main website, and search for your consultant by inputting their first name, last name, location, or identification number. If the consultant is listed in the portal, you know they are reliable and certified. Similarly, other countries have regulatory authorities like MARA in Australia that provide licenses to legal experts and consultants.

Long Years of Experience and Good Track Record

The more years in the industry, the more knowledge it should have. So, look for a company with a strong industry footprint. On the other hand, choose the one that always stays updated with the latest immigration rules and has a proven track record of providing excellent immigration and visa services to its clients with a high success ratio.

Positive Online Reviews

Analyze the industry reputation of the company by doing a thorough background check. To check the company’s online credibility – look into Google reviews and testimonials on its page. You can also ask the company to provide some of their past clients’ references whom you can contact to get to know more about the way they work for their clients. If the company is happy to provide past clients’ references, it’s also a good sign that it is reliable.

Questions to Ask an Immigration Consultant in Dubai

After doing all the above-said research, you may have finalised the best immigration consultants in Dubai. Before submitting the documents for the immigration process, it will be better to schedule a consultation in-person or online, where you can get more information about the consultant by asking questions. During the initial consultation, ask the following questions to immigration agents in Dubai to know how they are the right fit for you.

Are they registered with IRCC and MARA? If so, what is the license number?

You may get duped if you’re dealing with non-registered or non-licensed agents. So, always look for registered and legally approved companies to proceed with the immigration process. Ask your consultant to provide the agent’s license number and verify the information via the online portal, or you can also get help from the local embassy.

How long have you been in the industry?

An experienced & top immigration consultant in Dubai can navigate you through the step-by-step process of immigration and ensure a higher chance of getting success the first time. So, look for a company that claims to be in the industry for a decade & you can verify this by asking them to provide a copy of company registration.

What are the chances of getting the Canada PR approved?

No reputable immigration agency can provide 100% guaranteed success before processing the application. However, after analyzing the eligibility criteria, the consultant can give an idea of the success ratio. So, don’t forget to ask your immigration consultant to determine your application score before signing the contract.

What if my application is denied?

If you ask this question, many agents will reply, “we will refund your money,” but it’s not genuine. The best immigration consultant in Dubai can provide an alternate solution and have the knowledge and skill to submit your file for review. If you hire an unlicensed agent, they will leave on the first stage of rejection as they need access to contact the case officers. Hiring certified and ICCRC-registered immigration consultants in Dubai is a must.

How will I get an update on my file status?

Discuss with your immigration consultant to know their preferred mode of communication and ask them how often they will contact you to update your file status. Make sure that the immigration agency in Dubai that you choose should answer your calls promptly and respond to your email on time. To be short – they should always be available to assist you.

If the immigration agent in Dubai answers all your questions perfectly, then no need to look further. You can trust them with all your immigration needs without any worries.

Backed by a team of experienced consultants for immigration and certified visa agents in Dubai, DM Immigration Consultant, the best immigration consultants in UAE, offers top immigration and visa consultancy services that match the clients’ choices for immigration and requirements.

Whether you’re looking for a student visa, tourist visa, business immigration, or skilled immigration to Canada, Australia, USA, UK or any other European Country, you can always count on DM Consultants Dubai.

How does DM Consultants Dubai Stand Out from Other Agents?

DM Consultants Dubai has a decade of experience providing immigration services to the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, with a legal immigration success rate of 98%. We are also the top Canadian immigration consultants in the Middle East and help simplify complex immigration rules and guide the smooth process of immigration applications. We are a licensed immigration firm and will help you reach your destination country while following immigration regulations. Our immigration assistance involves immigration business visas, immigration by investment programs, and help for Economic immigrants. We do your immigration representation at the migration department of the concerned country and fulfill all the immigration requirements.

Regarding accreditation and certification, we are certified by Canadian Immigration Council ICCRC and Australian immigration MARA. You can check the ICCRC & MARA certification of DM Consultants Dubai with the number – RCIC # R415351 & MARA #1386990. We are the most trusted ICCRC registered & MARA certified Immigration Consultant in Dubai.

Seek our immigration solutions to countries and migration advisory for business migration or choose a country for vacations. Whether you are a student, skilled worker or

business people, we help all, and our citizenship by investment consultancy benefits business persons.

We hope the information we shared here will be helpful for you in choosing the best immigration consultants in Dubai. Contact our professionals today for a Free Consultation to check your eligibility to proceed with the immigration process.

We are always available to work for you!

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