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    Top 10 Best Immigration Consultants in Dubai, UAE

    Are you considering immigrating to Canada permanently for a better life? Canada is a robust economy offering permanent residence, quality of life, career development and work life balance for you and family members. Immigrating to a foreign country is an exciting prospect, but an overwhelming process, as it comes with a lot of paperwork and approvals. That’s where you need guidance from registered immigration consultants to simply and fast-track the process.

    With hands-on experience in immigration visa services, professional immigration consultants like DM Immigration Consultants will guide you in preparing the documentation and support you throughout the immigration and visa application process.

    How Can Best Immigration Consultants in Dubai help in Immigration Process?

    So, what exactly will an immigration expert in Dubai do? How do they assist you in your immigration process? Let us explain. The Best Immigration Consultants in Dubai will professionally assist you in migrating to a foreign country.

    Hiring an expert immigration and visa consultant in Dubai can provide several benefits, including: –

    • Saves your time by taking care of all the documentation
    • It makes the permanent residency visa process easier for you<
    • You don’t have to stress yourself by understanding the immigration terms

    So, have you decided to hire the services of immigration consultants to make your immigration journey smooth? You may come across a lot of options online in your search. But how will you choose the right immigration consultant?

    To guide you appropriately, we have put down the top 10 best immigration consultants in Dubai. Read on to find the trusted immigration consultant who follows a straightforward process and provides a cost-effective migration solution that will save you time and money.

    Top Immigration Consultants in Dubai – UAE (Updated List – 2023)

    DM Immigration Consultant

    • Services: If you’re looking for reliable and result oriented immigration consultants in Dubai, you can trust the team at DM Immigration Consultants. They work with registered consultants in Dubai to provide skilled immigration services to major countries like Canada, and Australia. They also offer B2B immigration, work permit and visit visa services to the USA, the UK, Schengen and Caribbean countries. Regardless of where you want to migrate, DM Immigration Consultant is the top choice among the best immigration consultants in UAE.
    • Accreditations: ICCRC Approved Immigration Consultants in Dubai & MARA Registered Australian Immigration Consultants.
    • Offices: Dubai | Abu Dhabi | Sharjah | Canada | Poland | India | Saudi Arabia | Kuwait | Qatar | Oman | New Zealand

    Premiers Consultant

    • Services: Assist migrants who want to migrate to a foreign country to study, live, or work in Australia, the USA, the UK, Canada, or New Zealand.
    • Accreditations: Off-shore agent with ICCRC Certification
    • Offices: Dubai | Bangkok | London

    Migration Consultants

    • Services: This trustworthy immigration consultancy provides immigration and resident visa services for various countries, including the USA, the UK, Germany, Denmark, South Africa, Australia, and Canada.
    • Accreditations: MARA Certified Australian Visa Consultants
    • Offices: Dubai, UAE<

    Vazir Group

    • Services: The leading immigration consultancy specialized in providing immigration services for Europe, Canada, the USA, the UK, and to rest of the world.
    • Accreditations: CICC Certified Agents
    • Offices: Canada | Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    Global Migration Services

    • Services: Provides immigration services for individuals and businesses to migrate to popular destinations such as – the USA, the UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, and New Zealand.
    • Accreditations: Off-Shore Agent with CRIC and ASCB Certifications
    • Offices: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    Pelican Migration

    • Services: Provide quality immigration services to clients interested in migrating – Canada, Australia, the USA, the UK, Portugal, and New Zealand.
    • Accreditations: CICC Certified Consultants
    • Offices: Dubai, UAE

    A2W Consultants

    • Services: It offers immigration and visa consultancy services to  Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the USA, and the UK.
    • Accreditations: ICCRC Certified and MARA Certified
    • Offices: Dubai | Abu Dhabi | Qatar | Ajman

    Fly High Abroad

    • Services: It provides personalized immigration and visa assistance for Canada, Australia, Portugal, and Europe.
    • Accreditations: CRIC Certifications
    • Offices: Dubai | Abu Dhabi

    Cosmos Immigration Services

    • Services: Provides end-to-end immigration solutions for Canada, New Zealand, USA, & Portugal without any hassles & delays.
    • Accreditations: ICCRC and MARA Certifications
    • Offices: Dubai | Abu Dhabi

    Right Step Migration

    • Services: In Dubai, immigration advisors comprehend your migration requirements and offer diverse immigration programs for countries such as the UK, Canada, the USA, Australia, and Europe.
    • Accreditations: ICCRC & OISC
    • Offices: Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

    Immigration services Top 10 immigration consultants offer

    Immigration Consultants are aware of the visa programs and immigration policies and accordingly advice the clients. The immigration services that top 10 immigration consultants offer include:

    Eligibility Check: They select the suitable visa program on the basis of client’s profile and give advice to satisfy eligibility criteria

    Application Assistance: Top consultants help in filing accurate application according to the required norms

    Documentation Arrangement: Professional consultants help in improving language proficiency, verifying educational credentials and getting required work experience to arrange required documentation.

    Smooth Communication: Their legal experts and experienced consultants remain in touch with immigration authorities for application status and update you accordingly.

    Interview Preparations: They conduct mock interviews to improve your confidence for attending visa interviews.

    Post-Approval Assistance: After successful visa approval they help you settle down in the foreign country of your choice.

    How Do I Find the Top immigration Consultants in Dubai for Canada?

    With so many consultancies emerging in the market, making an informed decision on choosing the top immigration consultants in Dubai can be difficult. If you’re on the road to choosing the right consultant to care for your immigration needs, Below are a few things you need to consider before selecting the one.

    To assist you and alleviate any confusion, we’ve compiled some tips for selecting the top immigration consultants who work with agents registered with regulatory bodies in the countries they offer immigration services. Consider these recommendations before making your hiring decision.

    Registration with Regulatory Body

    You may get duped if you’re dealing with non-registered or non-licensed agents. It is crucial to ensure that you work with registered and legally approved companies when pursuing the immigration process. Ask your consultant to provide the agent’s license number and verify the information via the online portal, or you can also get help from the local embassy.

    Online reviews

    Start researching a registered immigration agency by checking online customer reviews. It will provide objective feedback about the particular consultancy, and you can decide based on that.

    Social media activity

    Check the exposure and services offered at the immigration company’s social media profiles such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram. It’s recommended to avoid working with profiles that are inactive or have negative or spammy reviews.

    Track record in approvals

    Make sure to do a proper background check to know their track record and see how successfully they have served the immigration needs of previous clients. Also, remember to check the company’s CEO or Owner’s history.

    Mode of communication

    Contact the immigration company to know their preferred mode of communication. It should be easily reachable to serve customers to help if something goes wrong.


    Last but not least, you need to check their confidentiality. As the most trusted immigration consultant in Dubai, DM Immigration Consultant follows strict safety rules to provide the best immigration service in Dubai.

    If the company passes all these checks, it’s a signal that you can choose the one from the list of the top 10 immigration consultants.

    Questions to Ask an Immigration Consultant in Dubai

    After finishing all the above-said research, you may have finalised the best immigration consultants in Dubai. Prior to submitting the documents for a permanent residence visa, it will be better to schedule a consultation in-person or online. During the initial consultation, ask the following questions to immigration agents in Dubai to know how they are the right fit for you.

    Are they registered at the Regulatory Council?

    To avoid being scammed, it’s essential to work with registered and licensed immigration agents with Canada regulatory council and MARA. Ask your chosen consultant for their agent’s license number and verify it through the online portal or local embassy. Refrain from working with unregistered or non-licensed agents.

    How long have you been in the industry?

    If you’re looking to immigrate, it’s wise to seek the guidance of an experienced consultant who can help navigate the process and increase your chances of success. Look for a company in the industry for at least ten years, and ask for a copy of their company registration to verify their credentials.

    What are the chances of getting Visa approved?

    No reputable immigration agency can guarantee 100% visa approval. However, after analyzing the eligibility criteria, the consultant can give an idea of the success ratio. So, don’t forget to ask your immigration consultant to determine your application score before signing the contract. Also, ask for the approximate visa processing times.

    What if my application is denied?

    If you ask this question, many agents will reply, “We will refund your money,” but it’s not genuine. As DM, we pride ourselves as the best immigration consultant in Dubai who can provide an alternate solution and have the knowledge and skill to submit your file for review. After all, even the most minor mistake could lead to a visa application being rejected

    How will I get an update on my file status?

    Discuss with your immigration consultant to know their preferred mode of communication and ask them how often they will contact you to update your file status. Make sure that the immigration agency in Dubai that you choose should answer your calls promptly and respond to your email on time. To be short – they should always be available to assist you.

    How does DM Consultants Dubai Stand Out?

    DM Consultants Dubai has a decade of experience providing immigration services to the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, with a legal immigration success rate of 98%. We are also the top Canada Immigration Consultants in Dubai and help simplify complex immigration rules and guide the smooth process of immigration cases for foreign nationals. Our Australia Immigration Consultants in Dubai provide assistance to help you reach your destination country while following immigration regulations. We do your immigration representation with relevant authorities of the concerned country and fulfill all the immigration requirements. We have offices across UAE, including Sharjah, Dubai, & Abu Dhabi.

    Are you looking for immigration assistance? Look no further than DM Consultants will help you acquire relevant visas, such as a Canada immigration visa, Canada Visit Visa, and a Business and Investment visa for Canada. We also specialise in granting skilled immigration visas to Australia, New Zealand, and Poland.

    Backed by a team of experienced consultants for immigration and certified visa agents in Dubai, DM Immigration Consultants, is a reliable immigration and visa consultancy services that match the clients’ choices for immigration and requirements. We are an ICCRC certified consultancy firm (CCIC licensed agency) and work with MARA certified immigration consultants. To confirm our certificate, you may verify DM Consultants Dubai’s ICCRC certification with RCIC # R415351 and MARA certification with # 1386990.

    Whether you need student visas, skilled migration visas, visit visas, golden visas contact our visa permit consultant. Our consultants remain abreast with the latest immigration news and immigration system of countries for a smooth process. Seek our migration solutions for hassle free immigration process to countries and migration advisory for business immigration or choose a country for vacations. We provide consultancy services for visitor visas to Schengen countries, other European countries, and other major countries, Know the visa procedure for citizenship Canada, Cyprus citizenship, European Union residency through investment options to become a global citizen

    We hope the information we shared here will be helpful for you in choosing the best immigration consultants in Dubai. Contact our professionals in Dubai today for a Free Consultation to check your eligibility to proceed with the immigration process. You can also reach us at +97143447757 or email at [email protected].