US Citizenship

Ways to become a US citizen

Many people are always in doubt on how to become a U.S citizen, but the good news is that the United States believes everyone deserves equal rights to obtain US citizenship as long as they work towards the development of the United States. In this blog, I will be giving cogent information regarding the US citizenship process, so pay attention to each piece of information.

Individuals can apply or attain the citizenship status either within the United States or outside. For example, an investor applying for U.S citizenship from Dubai. However, you need to note that there are two primary processes towards attaining the citizenship status

It can either be by birth or by naturalization.

US citizenship by birth:

To attain US citizenship by birth, you have to be born in the US by US citizens who are bounded by the laws that govern it. Or if you were born outside the US by active citizens of the United States, then you’re qualified to be called a citizen by birth. Also, if one of your parents is a US citizen, then you are also eligible to obtain citizenship by birth.

US citizenship by Naturalization:

Applicable majorly to foreigners or non-citizens who have a valid permanent residency and has fulfilled specific guidelines in the Immigration and Nationality Act. Also, individuals with a U.S investment can obtain US citizenship by investment having retained a US investor visa for some years. The first step, however, is to check if you’re eligible before you proceed to fill the application form (form N-400). Also, you will be required to pass the naturalization test.

To be eligible for citizenship through naturalization, you either have to

  • Have been residing in the U.S for five years and above
  • Have a recognized and active investment in the United States
  • Have attained a permanent residency status for three years and above if you’re applying as a spouse of a citizen
  • Active service in the U.S armed forces
  • Be a child that is born by U.S parents but is either living outside the states or was born outside its territory.

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