Business Immigration

UK Investor

The Tier 1 Investor category is designed to allow high net worth individuals to make a substantial financial investment in the United Kingdom. Unlike the work permit scheme, you do not need a job offer to apply under the investor category.

UK Innovator Visa

Innovator Visa is aimed at experienced business people who are ready to set up an innovative business in the UK. The minimum required investment is £ 50,000 and you need to be endorsed by an endorsing body.

UK Sole Representative Visa

Sole Representative is a UK visa category whose primary purpose is to allow a senior employee (individual) of an overseas business to enter the UK and establish, and run, a registered UK branch or a wholly-owned subsidiary of the business in the UK.

US EB5 and E 2

The EB-5 Visa program has now become very popular among many people in Dubai and throughout the UAE. The number of people applying for the EB-5 Program is expected to more than double this year from Dubai and the United Arab Emirates.

Business Innovation 188

These visas are suited to investors and business owners who wish to invest or establish business operations in Australia. These visas are 4 year temporary visas, however, once received, visa holders can apply for a Subclass 888 Permanent Residence Visa.

Start Up Visa

Do you have an idea for a business (preferably within the new information economy)?


NSNP is a citizenship and immigration program designed to attract experienced business owners, senior business managers, and long-time entrepreneurs.


The Republic of Vanuatu is a Pacific island country located in the South Pacific Ocean. Vanuatu’s islands are the perfect place to discover a world of sunshine and wild adventures. Deserted beaches, ancient cultures, remote and rugged islands and world-class diving are just a small part of the magnetism of this scattered 80-plus island archipelago.

St. Kitts and Nevis

St Kitts & Nevis – formally known as Saint Christopher and Nevis – is a two-island state in the Eastern Caribbean. This island state was home to the first British and French colonies in the Caribbean, and thus has been titled “The Mother Colony of the West Indies.”


Nestled in the southeastern corner of the Caribbean Sea is the Paradise Island of Grenada. Often referred to as the “Isle of Spice” due to its production of a wide range of spices, Grenada is one of the most magnificent islands in the West Indies. It is draped in unspoiled, raw beauty.

Antigua & Barbuda

Antigua & Barbuda are twin islands that form their own country in the Caribbean Sea. In 1784, the British Royal Army claimed Antigua as a Navy base. The unbroken coral reef offered a protective barrier, while the warm winds and winding coastline offered comfort and safety.


The Malta Citizenship Program has been initiated by the Government of Malta to attract foreign investors to make an investment in the country in exchange for a host of benefits.