POLAND TRP (Temporary Residence Permit) – Business

Poland Business Visa (TRP) is one of the major choices for the people who look forward to starting their business in the Eastern Europe. The business visa to Poland gives access to travelling, setting up business and being in Poland and the Schengen zone countries without or with minimum restrictions.

For the business immigrants, Poland would always be fruitful because of its location which is in the very heart of the Europe which borders both the EU member states and the Eastern European countries. The proximity of both EU and Eastern European selling markets promotes exports of goods. Numerous airports and seaports allow the transport of goods all over the world. Poland’s major imports are capital goods needed for industrial retooling and for manufacturing inputs. The country’s exports also include machinery, but are highly diversified. The most successful exports are furniture, foods, motor boats, light planes, hardwood products, casual clothing, shoes and cosmetics.

Registering a company in Poland would help in easy trade with EU countries. Apart from that, there would be no customs duties, other payments and the VAT will be refunded automatically. Over and above, it increases the possibility of obtaining a European Residence Card and the Dual Citizenship.

About Poland
Poland is an eastern European country on the Baltic Sea known for its medieval architecture and Jewish heritage. Poland is the sixth biggest economy in Europe and Warsaw is the capital city. Poland is an extremely developed country both socially and economically. Poland is full of opportunities for young people willing to get quality education, enhancing their knowledge, improving skills and boosting international experience. Every year almost half a million students from the world comes to Poland for their education. Poland experiences a temperate climate with relatively cold winters and warm summers.

Pre-Requisites of the Program

• Minimum 21 years’ old
• Minimum High School Diploma
• Minimum 1 year of business experience
• Minimum funds between 500,000 to 1 Million Polish Zloty
• No Language Requirements


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