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Apply for citizenship in a G20 country, with twice the GDP of Portugal and Greece combined. Turkish CIP has the fastest application processing time and the highest approval rate.
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    Turkish Citizenship by Investment

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    Invest $250,000 in real estate and get your Turkish Passport in less than 2 months. We are one of the oldest, most established companies, processing residency applications for more than 20 years.

    • Real estate investments with 8% rental guarantee
    • Re-sell property after 3 years
    • Offices across 80 countries to assist you
    • Complex VAT exemptions taken care of by our lawyers


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    With over 12 office locations in over 6 countries, we provide local knowledge with global experience.

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    Program Benefits

    Apply for citizenship in a G20 country, with twice the GDP of Portugal and Greece combined. Turkish CIP has the fastest application processing time and the highest approval rate.

    Visa-free travel to 115 countries:
    Privileged access to Schengen zone, US, UK, Canada, Australia, Japan & South Korea.

    Relocation to the US:
    Treaty agreement country for USA E-1 and E-2 Investor Visa.

    Relocation to the UK:
    Turkish company owners have the option of a special business visa for the UK.

    Fast citizenship application processing:
    Less than 2 months from application until approval.

    Dual citizenship:
    Dual citizenship is permitted in Turkey

    Family dependents also qualify:
    Spouses, children under 18 years old, and parents if they are dependent.

    Residency not required:
    You are not required to reside in Turkey for any period of time.

    Language not required:
    There is no requirement to learn the Turkish language.

    Property investment with no donation:
    Invest in land or property with a minimum total value of $250,000 which could comprise of one or multiple properties.

    Return of investment:
    After receiving your Turkish citizenship, you must hold the property for at least 3 years, after which you can resell the property or hold for 5 years to avoid capital gains tax.

    Rental returns:
    Rent your property while you hold it, and benefit from annual yields of up to 8%.


    Visa-free travel to 115 countries worldwide

    A Turkish passport gives a wide range of advantages that most people are totally unaware of. If the far east is your target, then you can enjoy visa-free, or visa on arrival access to most of the financial powerhouses in the region, including Japan, Singapore, South Korea, and Thailand.

    If it is the USA, then Turkey is a treaty country for both the E-1 and E2 visa programs, as well as enjoying visa-free access to 95% of south and central American countries.

    For the UK, Turkey and the EU signed the 1963 ‘Ankara Agreement’ treaty, allowing Turkish nationals along with their families to live in the UK, by either establishing a business or taking up employment in a UK based company.

    For entry into the EU, Turkish nationals enjoy a privileged status, making it very easy for them to obtain Schengen visas. In addition, there is an agreement with Greece that allows Turkish citizens to visit for short holidays, without being required to obtain a Schengen visa.


    Investment Options

    By far the most popular investment model for the Turkish program is to purchase property with a minimum value of $250,000. In 2019 more than six thousand main applicants from nearly 100 countries chose to take this option, attracted by the very reasonable prices and good rental yields.

    Property: Buy real estate or land with a minimum value of $250,000.

    Bank Deposit: $500,000 deposit in a Turkish bank for a minimum of 3 years.

    Real Estate Trusts: Invest $500,000 in a Turkish REIT, or a venture capital fund.


    Four easy steps to acquiring Turkish citizenship

    At CIP Turkey, we take great pride in assisting clients from around the world in obtaining Turkish citizenship, via the multiple investment options at their disposal. We, along with our legal partners, with affiliate offices across several continents, are at hand to assist you at every step of the way, ensuring a streamlined service with precision and care, from application until approval.

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