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Representative Visa

Sole Representative is a UK visa category whose primary purpose is to allow a senior employee (individual) of an overseas business to enter the UK and establish, and run, a registered UK branch or a wholly-owned subsidiary of the business in the UK.
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    You can apply as a representative of an overseas established business

    if you’re from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland and you are planning to set up a branch in the UK. You should apply a minimum before 3 months of your travel.

    However, normally it takes 3 weeks on a decision of your visa once the file is submitted to the Home Office. The initial visa is granted for a period of 3 years and extendable for another 2 years where after staying in the UK for 5 years you can apply for settlement.


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    To apply for Sole Representative visa you must:

    • Apply from outside of the UK
    • Have enough money to support yourself and your family
    • Meet the English requirements
    • Be recruited and employed outside the UK by a company whose headquarters and principal place of business are outside the UK
    • Have extensive related industry experience and knowledge
    • Hold a senior position within the company (but not a major shareholder) and have full authority to make decisions on its behalf
    • Genuinely intend to establish the company’s first commercial presence in the UK such as a branch or wholly-owned subsidiary.
    • You may also be eligible if the company has a legal entity in the UK that does not employ staff or transacts business.
    • If your company has been working to establish a UK branch or subsidiary, but it is not yet set up, you can replace a previous sole representative.
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