Canada Extends the Validity of the Super Visa for Parents and Grandparents

Canada is appealing due to its multicultural offerings and improved quality of life. Since Canada’s economy is booming, there are more job prospects, which is one of the reasons Canadians eagerly anticipate permit renewals and other benefits. Fortunately, Canada has now announced an extension on the super visa for parents and senior citizens, allowing them to enjoy time with their families while in the country. We’ve discussed the details of the access and some strategies for making the most of it here.

A brief

Unleashed early in July, it is a provisional visa for permanent residents of Canada that qualifies their family to visit and stay in the country for a lengthier duration. Nevertheless, it is a tourist visa valid for up to 10 years. People with access to a super visa can even unfold their stay for more than five years. On the other hand, a visitor visa can extend to more than two years.

The distinction

Unlike visitor visas, the distinction lies in the term. A visitor visa allows you to stay for about 26 weeks and a super visa flares for 2 years. Thus, you must reapply with a visitor visa if you wish to wait more than the specified period.

Application process

Since super visa applications are submitted online, they are simple to complete. You only need to upload your application, answer a few fields, and verify the identity of your grandparents and parents. The application must also provide a note of invitation confirming that your parents or grandparents would be looked after by the individual residing in Canada. Along with fulfilling the procedure, other information such as evidence of health insurance, monthly income, and residence are required.

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For other visitors

Some nations’ residents can enter Canada without a citizenship visa, allowing them to remain for longer than six months. Additionally, these citizens can only bring their parents and other guests to Canada after being there for at least two years. These people are classified as visa-exempt nationals and must follow the same application procedures as everyone else. To complete the process, they must still complete a different form called an ETA. The BSO also issues the letter to authenticate their right to remain in the nation.

Status on extension

If you have been a nation resident for more than two years and submit the required application and documentation, you are eligible to apply for the visa. The documentation must be submitted within a month, following which the visa department will begin the procedure. It is usually good to get advice regarding the application process from a seasoned immigration specialist who is accessible daily to offer assistance and local expertise backed by a broad range of experience.

Thus, if you’re interested in such programs, now is the time to apply for a super visa to relish a leisurely time with your family.

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