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Cyprus Citizenship by investment: A route to getting Cyprus Visa from Dubai in 2019. Just with a minimum investment of €350,000 or €2,000,000, you can have access to reside permanently in Cyprus and Obtain a Cypriot passport through a secure, effective application process by DM-Consultant.

Cyprus citizenship by investment: Program overview

The government established the Cyprus citizenship by investment program to encourage investors who are non-EU citizens to invest and contribute to the development of the country. This category of Cyprus visa also known as the golden visa is of two main segments: Real estate investment; through which investors can become a permanent resident of Cyprus; and the Cyprus Citizenship by investment which bestows a Cypriot passport to high profile foreign investors.

The golden visa Cyprus got a recent update in 2019 as a result of complaints from the EU to enforce more stringent measures towards ensuring that only sincere foreign investors gets the Cyprus visa and passport. Hence, the government has provided additional requirements to the program and also increased the processing period from 3 to 6 months. More so, it remains the best Europe golden visa program for foreign investors from Dubai because of its efficiency, and no physical residency requirement during investment.

As a member of the EU, Cyprus visa holders will enjoy the benefits of visa-free travel to countries who are members of the European Union and Schengen region. Most investors prefer to choose Cyprus because of its favorable tax policies to investors along with several economic and fiscal decisions that make the country desirable for business and companies to flourish. English is the primary language in Cyprus, and the country boasts of improved academic and vocational institutions with several affiliations to UK colleges and universities. Cyprus also happens to be the fifth safest country to live according to the Global Peace Index.

Cyprus Visa requirements from Dubai (citizenship by investment in 2019)

The government has made available Cyprus citizenship by investment through its dedication towards selecting quality investors. It is an initiative under the golden visa program, and requires a minimum investment of €2,000,000 together with other provisions of the program. A great benefit of this Cyprus visa is that it makes investors eligible to live, work, or study in any of the Schengen or 26 EU countries.

Investors can choose to apply for Cyprus citizenship by investment personally or through a representing company where such investor is a principal shareholder. To successfully apply for the program from Dubai, applicants need to meet any of the Cyprus visa requirements below:

  1. Contribute EUR 75,000 towards research and innovation in Cyprus or to an innovative enterprise licensed in Cyprus. Also, donate a sum of €75,000 to land development corporation in Cyprus
  2. The applicant must make an investment of €2,000,000 in the purchase or building of a real estate
  3. Invest a minimum of EUR 2,000,000 in any business or company within Cyprus whereby such enterprise must be employers of labor.
  4. Invest by capital funds or assets in a Cypriot enterprise which is approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission. The amount required for this option is €2,000,000 in the form of bonds or debt securities
  5. Choose to combine either of the options above
  6. Option 1 is compulsory regardless of the type of investment; Besides, investors must also buy a permanent property or home in Cyprus. Such will be regarded as their place of residence, and the minimum amount required is €500,000, including tax. Applicants who choose to invest through option (2) can add-up this amount to meet the minimum €2Million. More information on the documents and requirements for application for Cyprus visa from Dubai is found here.

Cyprus citizenship by investment: Program Benefits in 2019

  • Successful applicants together with their friends will be free to travel or work in other Schengen or EU countries that have legal and economic ties with Cyprus
  • The family of the Cyprus golden visa holder will benefit from the program
  • Golden visa Cyprus has a short processing time
  • The Cypriot passport can be transferred to future children of the benefactors
  • Applicants will enjoy other cultural, political, and socioeconomic benefits accrued to a Cypriot citizen

How to get Cyprus visa from Dubai through the citizenship by investment program

Due to some recent changes in the program, there has been a slight adjustment on how to get Cyprus visa from Dubai due to recent legitimate call for adjustment in the program requirements by the EU. Therefore, applicants need to take note of the new processing time for the program which is between 6-8 months, and investors have to provide concrete proof of their source of wealth together with a compulsory donation to the development of research and innovation in Cyprus.

Moreover, the government has provided a simple and clear step towards the application for the Cyprus visa. We at DM-Consultants Dubai, will make adequate preparation and information towards each level of the application to ensure that our clients meet the requirements for the Cyprus citizenship by investment program.

At the first step of our consultancy with prospecting investors, we will consider the suitable investment choice for our clients, assess the options, and also analyze the exit route in case of unforeseen circumstances. Our team of Golden visa lawyers regularly engage with the Cypriot authorities while our clients’ application is in progress; this is to ensure proper representation, correspondence, and a positive outcome.

Similarly, the application processing time is up to 8 months, but the applicants become a legitimate citizen of Cyprus upon the successful completion of the application. This makes the program one of the fastest means to obtaining citizenship in Europe.

Simply contact us to get a free consultancy service with our lawyers and immigration counselors towards your Cyprus Visa application from Dubai and Canada immigration programs in 2019.

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