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Malta Citizenship by Investment – foreign investors in Dubai can obtain a Malta passport with a minimum investment of €250,000 in real estate properties. Find below, a piece of detailed information about the MIIP program, Malta Visa requirements and its benefits to investors and their families.

Malta Citizenship by Investment Program in Europe

The Malta citizenship by investment program was established in August 2015 due to the amendment of the existing immigration Act, Cap 218 of the Maltese laws. The changes were enacted solely to develop the wealth and economy of the country by establishing programs that will attract foreign investors with exemplary moral and character to obtain Malta passport. It requires such investor to make a one-time contribution of €30,000 to the government and an investment of €250,000 either in real estate or through the Maltese government bonds. Participating in this program will make applicants legal residents of Malta via the Malta residency by investment.  Moreover, the residency status covers the investor’s family members, which grants them the opportunity to live, work and visit other EU Schengen states without a visa.

Investors who get their resident permit are on track to obtaining their Maltese passport. Malta is a part of the EU countries (joined in 2004), and also a part of the Schengen zone (joined in 2007). The country exhibits a quality blend of European and Mediterranean lifestyle with several serene and breath-taking landscapes on the Island.

However, the application for the Malta Citizenship by Investment has to be through a certified Malta immigration agent/Lawyer  who will submit and represent the application to the relevant bodies on behalf of the intending investor.

Malta Visa requirements for the Residency and Citizenship by investment program

The requirements to qualify for this program are listed below;

  • Applicants must provide documents to prove that they earn at least €100,000 each year or have a capital deposit of €500,000 by cash or assets.
  • Police clearance certificate
  • The applicant and her dependents should have a European health insurance policy
  • The principal applicant will make a nonrefundable contribution of €30,000 to the government. Although, €5,000 is the initial payment while filing the process; the remaining fund is paid upon the issuance of the Malta golden visa. Also, for each dependent parent added to the application, it will require a fee of €5,000.
  • The Intending investor must purchase or lease a property in Malta following the Maltese citizenship by investment visa regulations. Such property is not movable and should have a minimum worth of €320,000 within Malta or €270,000 at the Gozo/South Malta region. An alternative is to rent a property at a value of €12,000 monthly.
  • Applicants for the Malta citizenship by investment must make a minimum investment of €250,000 in line with the legal provisions and requirements set out by Identity Malta. Such investment should span a minimum of five years.

Benefits of the Malta Citizenship by Investment program

  • Investors can freely reside permanently in Malta
  • The resident permit makes investors eligible to visit any of the Schengen countries and stay up to 3 months out of six months in a year
  • Investors who are willing to do business in other European countries can take advantage of the Maltese passport to work and travel to other European countries without restrictions
  • Malta is a safe Mediterranean country on the islands with a blend of European and Mediterranean lifestyles
  • The program covers investors inclusive of their family members, or members related by blood

Malta Passport: How to apply for the Malta citizenship by Investment in 2019 

The Malta citizenship by investment application is channeled to the Malta Individual Investor Program  through a licensed Malta Immigration Lawyers. The fee is €5,000 excluding lawyer fees on applying, in addition to the €30,000 government contribution payable upon the approval of the Malta Golden visa.

DM-Consultants  have an extensive network of Immigration agents and partner lawyers who have proficiently handled several Europe Golden visa applications for investors in Dubai. The advantage of filing your case with DMC-lawyers is that they operate law firms which have a narrowed immigration practices together with tax advice for various European countries to ensure that applicants enjoy the benefits of tax practices in Malta without an adverse effect on their application.

Our agents also represent cases such as the Malta residency by investment, Golden visa Cyprus, Portugal golden visa, Greece golden visa, and the Canadian Express Entry  application. Our first step towards your Malta citizenship process is to establish a thorough counselling session with our representatives, together with a background check to ensure that prospective applicants comply with all the requirements of the program.

Maltese Passport: A ticket to explore the Schengen Region

The Schengen region comprises of about 26 European countries under the agreement to allow visa-free entry to residents or citizens of member countries. The region consists of an area of 4,312,099 square kilometres in land mass, with a human population of over 400 million.

Therefore, Malta passport holders are eligible to live, work, and reside in any of these countries without a visa. However, applicants must obtain the residency permit through the residency by investment program  in Malta before they can apply to become a Maltese citizen.

Member countries where Malta Golden visa holders have the freedom to visit include: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany, Finland, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Lichtenstein, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland.

Who are eligible to apply for the Malta Golden Visa?

The following category of individuals can apply for the MIIP program

  • Foreign investors who are non-EU/EEA nationals
  • The applicant must be within or above 18 years of age

For the applicant’s family:

  • Legally recognized spouse of the principal applicant
  • The children or adopted children of the principal applicant or spouse who are below the age of 18
  • Children and unmarried children of the applicant or spouse who are dependent for economic survival
  • Same with the grandparents of the applicants/spouse who are also dependents

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