Canada Express Entry Program

This program, which began in 2014, allows skilled foreign employees in Sharjah to gain Express Entry into this dream country. Employers and the government welcome overseas workers. An applicant must be eligible and apply for a PR permit under this program in order to work in this western country. Certain criteria are given for such career-oriented persons and are required to earn a PR. A job offer from a reputable Canadian employer or self-employment are examples. The program's purpose is to bring skilled professionals with in-demand credentials and expertise into the country and offer them the option to stay permanently. As a registered immigration adviser with the ICCRC, we can assist you. We offer you our assistance in attaining Canadian residency from Sharjah through a transparent and hassle-free process.
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    Entry Options

    Program for Skilled Workers

    This Skilled Worker Program for Canadian Residency functions on a point-based system that determines an aspirant’s PR eligibility on the basis of age, professional experience, educational background, language abilities, and other specified factors.

    Aspirants are assessed for specific qualities or qualifications, and points are awarded based on their qualifications.

    An applicant for this program must achieve a certain grade, some of which are based on age and work experience.

    A score of 0 to 1155 points is necessary, with a minimum of 500 points required to qualify.

    A Skilled Trades Program – FSTP

    This was designed to give qualified freshers the opportunity to find apt job openings in their respective fields. Here, an aspirant must have completed a minimum of 2 years in a professed profession as experience to be accepted as a Permanent Resident into the country.

    Experience-based program

    International immigrants have the opportunity to apply for this program. An applicant should have worked full-time in any professed occupation for at least 12 months in the past three years to be entitled to the Canadian Experience Class. This program allows you to apply for permanent residency.


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    Canada’s goal through these programs is to reduce commercial inefficiencies in their enterprises. This helps maintain the legitimacy of the immigration system. A well-qualified immigrant can now seamlessly apply for migration. In the past decade, the seeker must have a minimum one year of competent employment experience, of which at least one year of work experience has been after the individual turned 18 years old.

    The aspirant must have a valid Canadian job offer or have worked in the country at least once. Aspirants must be able to demonstrate fiscal evidence that they will be able to support themselves and their families during their first few months in Canada. There must be no criminal records for the applicant.

    Documents Required

    Every procedure relies heavily on documentation. Professionals should seek competent advice when applying for a visa or enrolling in an institute for further education. This program is designed specifically for Sharjah residents who have well-established careers. You must submit the following documents to apply for the Express Entry Program:

    • A genuine job offer by a Canadian company
    • A provincial or territorial nomination
    • Evidence of personal financial holdings
    • Full-time work in one out of the ten approved occupations is needed.

    With our support, you can now explore a whole new world of possibilities and horizons.

    Obtaining a Canadian Express Entry from Abu Dhabi will be a simple with our help. We will assist you throughout the process of obtaining the appropriate work visa in Canada so that you can thrive in your chosen career path.

    The majority of people will take advantage of this chance to advance their careers. The opportunity to have a skilled workforce driving growth is why the Canadian Government supports immigrants with a seamless process. If you’re a career-inclined individual living in Abu Dhabi and want to migrate to Canada for better opportunities, then reach out to DM Immigration Advisers for expert advice on migration programs.

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