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Do you plan to work in Europe, Canada, or other developed foreign countries? You will require a job offer, work permit, and visa to realise your plans. The work visa application process can be complex. Some countries have easy procedures for granting work permits, while others have stringent guidelines.
DM is the best work visa consultant in the UAE and can help you acquire a work permit visa for your chosen destination. Our expert visa consultants have a good track record in providing affordable and impactful services to our clients to secure Work Visa from Sharjah.

We have over a decade of professional experience in offering work permit visas and immigration services for European and North American countries from the Middle East and India. Our knowledgeable consultants provide firm support and professional guidance for skilled applicants to work abroad, get a better salary, and boost their profile. We work with authorised consultants who remain updated with the frequent changes in immigration and visa rules. We help clients in Sharjah to get work permits for Poland, the Czech Republic, and Canada. Contact us for a FREE consultation. We will resolve your queries and give details about the visa application process.

Choose your Destination to Work

You must choose a country to work in for career enhancement and progress. We offer quick work visa services in the following countries:

Once you reveal your country of choice, we will guide you further in getting a work permit to your dream destination. A work permit visa allows people to work and live abroad.

Benefits of working abroad in Canada and Europe

Working in a European country or Canada offers career enhancement, work-life balance, a cordial environment, and a better lifestyle. Working outside your home country can be a practical way to learn about new cultures and develop a unique perspective. A good salary and superior currency will add to your bank balance. It also brings out the best in you after you leave the home comforts. Listed below are a few more perks associated with working abroad:

  • Job opportunities
  • Higher salary and exposure to a new culture
  • Quality lifestyle and access to advanced healthcare facilities
  • Eligibility for permanent residency
  • Chance to avail of a second passport and dual citizenship
  • Add knowledge of more languages to your portfolio
  • Exposes children to quality lifestyle and education

To know more about the benefits of a work visa and eligibility criteria for different countries, get in touch with DM Consultants Sharjah! We can help you avail visas for Poland, the Czech Republic, and Canada.

How can DM Consultants Sharjah Help you in Availing Work Permit?

DM Consultants Sharjah has experience in getting successful visa approvals. We can assist you through the application process and support you through legal experts. Start your work visa application process by signing up with us. We can ease your journey of work permit authorisation in the right direction. We provide the following services:

  • Organise a FREE consultation session to know your requirements and provide clarity about the application process, cost, and timeframe.
  • Arrangement of documents and due diligence check
  • Application submission and legal representation at authorised agencies if needed.
  • Our registered consultants/lawyers liaise with concerned authorities to give you regular updates.
  • Our immigration agency is registered and trustworthy. We have a solid presence on three continents, and our esteemed clients recommend our professional visa consultancy services globally.
  • We have an expert staff to solve all your visa and immigration-related queries.

Schedule a FREE Consultation session with our consultants today to know how we will simplify your visa application process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Work Permit Visa

A work permit allows individuals to work in a foreign country, while a visa is a travel document that authorises legal entry into that country. The age criteria for work permit visa application vary according to country. You can know the application process and check eligibility with our work visa consultants in Sharjah.
The following occupations are generally in-demand in Europe and Canada
  • Information Technology
  • and Advanced Technology oriented jobs
  • Contracting and Civil Engineering
  • Medical Practitioners
  • F&B and Hospitability
  • Educational sector
  • Tourism and culture
DM work permit visa consultants in Sharjah can help you with visa applications for developed countries like the Czech Republic, Poland, and Canada.
Working abroad in significant countries with stable currency offers higher salaries, quality lifestyle, access to advanced healthcare facilities, and cons-effective and hi-tech education for children. If you plan to work in Europe or Canada, seek guidance from our certified counselors. We are the leading work visa and immigration agents in Sharjah.
Poland is a Schengen country, and you can avail of the work visa by following the below steps:
  • A Polish employer must apply for an employee's work permit at the local Voivodeship office (Governor's Office in Poland).
  • You can later apply for a work visa at the Polish embassy.
  • Enter Poland and start working.
The Poland work permit authorises them to work and stay in Europe. The work permit is mainly valid for three years.
The duration of the Czechia work visa is between one to three years. The term can be for a limited (three months) or temporary job contract. If you then want to stay for a longer time in the Czech Republic, you must apply for a residence or a work permit extension. You must do the extension for a work visa within three months before the expiring date. If you want to extend your time working in the Czech Republic, you must continue working with the same employer in the same work position you have been working. If you want to change your employer, you must apply for a new work permit.
You need a work permit from a specific country to work in Poland and the Czech Republic. You can travel across 27 mainly borderless area countries on a valid visa.
Canada frequently comes up with job vacancies for skilled professionals due to the labour shortage. However, the designated employer in Canada has to prove that the hired foreigner can perform better in that particular job than any Canadian permanent resident or citizen. As part of our post-landing services, which are complimentary, we can help in job search via our sister concern in Canada. Contact our registered Canada work visa agents in Sharjah to get further information.
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