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Are you setting your eyes on Canada as part of your career goals? Canada offers ample opportunities to work. You will require a work permit to get work authorisation in a North American country. You can move to the country after successful approval with a work permit visa application. As a leading work visa consultant in the UAE, we at DM seek to help candidates to obtain Canada Work Permit from Sharjah. For more details about the process, contact our visa consultants! Canada is the place for career-oriented, skilled professionals. It scores high in political stability, robust economy, diversity in culture, civil liberties, gender equality, quality education, better healthcare facilities, public safety, and environmental sustainability.

The Canadian immigration authorities processed around 756,000 work permits in the calendar year of 2022, a rapid growth compared to approximately 215,000 permits in 2021.

Why is Canada a popular Destination to Work?

Canada is the perfect country for skilled workers who want to advance their career graph. The country offers an ideal work-life balance and higher living standards. The country has become a dream destination for skilled immigrants worldwide owing to increased demand for foreign labour due to low population density and substantial geographical area. Rapid migration adds to its robust economy and prosperous society.

To enhance your career in Canada, you need a Canada Work Visa, which gives the following benefits to overseas workers:

  • Mixed Economy
  • Varied Culture
  • Quality Lifestyle
  • Minimal crime rate
  • An abundance of natural resources
  • The unemployment rate is low
  • Advanced Healthcare and Educational System
  • Higher salaries

So, still trying to understand how to get Canada work permit from Sharjah? Don’t worry; we will simplify the application process for you. Our expert team of ICCRC-registered consultants in Sharjah will help you with Canada’s work visa application.


Choose the Suitable Type of Canada Work Permit

A Canada work permit  allows an applicant to work for a Canadian company for a specific time. Job aspirants in Canada need a job offer if opting for an Employer-specific work permit. Employers need to provide LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) to file for employees’ work permits. A job offer is not required if the candidate applies for an open work permit.

Employer-Specific Work Permit

This work permit allows foreigners to work in Canada for a particular employer. The employer applies the foreign employees' work permit to the government in Canada. The overseas professional is authorised to work in Canada with this Employer-Specific Work Permit for 3 years.

Open Work Permit

The job seeker doesn't need a job offer for Open Work Permit and can work for the employer of choice. The government of Canada grants this permit after evaluating the candidate's skills, occupation, qualifications, language proficiency, and other relevant factors.

Contact our experienced Canada work permit consultants in Sharjah to learn to choose a Canada work permit type that will be more suitable for you to work in Canada.

Canada Work Permit Requirements

Canada has a history of welcoming outside workers. The North American government lists occupations that need a work permit. The eligibility criteria vary according to field and time. To apply for a Canada work permit, you must:

  • Twenty-one age or above.
  • Have an employment offer from an in-demand occupation.
  • Sufficient proof of funds for sustenance.
  • Required proficiency in the English language.
  • Declare intent to leave the country after the expiry of the work permit.
  • Character Certificate from Police
  • Not emerge a threat to Canadian security
  • Health report.

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Documents Required for Canadian Work Permit

A candidate requires a work permit to work legally in Canada and a valid visa for entry. The essential documents necessary for a Canada work permit visa are as follows:

  • At least 18 years of age
  • Copy of passport and eligible photographs
  • Work experience documents
  • Educational Degree with ECA
  • English or French language skills
  • A valid Job offer is mandatory for Employer-Specific Work Permit
  • Sufficient funds to survive on own
  • Healthy medical report
  • Police clearance from crime
  • Details of family members

For smooth application and arrangement of documents, contact our authorised experts in Sharjah. We at DM have licensed agents to guide you through the application process for a Canada work permit.

How to get Canada work permit from Sharjah?

To get Canada Work Permit from Sharjah, an aspirant needs to follow the application process:

  • The candidate needs a job offer from a designated employer in Canada with LMIA approval.
  • Employers must convince the LMIA that a foreign worker needs to bridge the labour shortage.
  • Employers must prove that the foreign candidate is skilled enough to do a particular duty that a Canadian Permanent Resident or citizen can’t do.
  • The employer will hand over the LMIA document after approval and a job offer to the applicant.
  • The candidate can now apply for a Canada work permit visa from Sharjah via the IRCC website.

Why Select DM Consultants Sharjah for Canada Work Visa Process?

Processing work permit applications for Canada without experts can be time-consuming and error-prone. DM Consultants Sharjah will assist you in securing the Canada work visa by arranging documentation and providing solutions. The following reasons set us apart from the rest:

  • We have years of expertise to make your Canadian immigration journey smooth and straightforward.
  • Documentation arrangement to ensure you don’t miss out on Canadian work permit requirements.
  • We have a good track record in handling thousands of visa and immigration applications across three continents to make your task easier.
  • Provide regular updates about the application status and do modifications in case of changes in rules and regulations.
  • Our valued clients rate us highly for granting flawless immigration and visa services globally.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Canada Work Permit Visa

Skilled workers from foreign countries, including the UAE, need a legal work permit to work in Canada. The work permits in Canada are usually of two types: Employer-Specific Work Permit: You need a genuine job offer from a registered employer in Canada to qualify for an Employer-Specific work permit. Open Work Permit: The candidate can work on this permit for a particular time in Canada without revealing an employer. It doesn't require a job offer. Some specific job occupations don't need a work visa. Contact us to know whether you can work in Canada without a work permit.
A candidate will need a job offer and LMIA-approved documents from the employer for the Work Permit application. You have to search for yourself if you still need an offer. However, Canada has made different resources available to find a relevant employer for skilled overseas workers. We at DM Consultants also offer complimentary service of job assistance post landing through our Canadian sister concern.
There are generally two types of job offers that a Canadian employer can make: The registered Canadian employer can make a temporary job offer for a specific period – six months, one year, etc. In most cases, individuals can only begin working after receiving a Temporary Work Permit. A permanent job offer is made for an indeterminate period. Individuals can start working after receiving a Canada Immigration Visa.
Yes. You can apply for a Temporary Work Permit separately or with Canada Immigration Visa application. IRCC recognises the dual intention of the candidate, where the aim is to work in Canada temporarily and then translate it to a permanent feature of working and living in Canada.
The work permits in Canada are usually valid for 1-2 years, barring a few exceptions. The duration of your work permit can also depend on your passport validity and LMIA document. Contact us to solve your queries with our licensed legal experts for further details.

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