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Located in Central Europe, housing the beautiful city of Prague, the Czech Republic is a popular destination for immigrants to live and work. If you want to join thousands of annual applicants in Czechia, you will need a work permit and visa to work and enter the country. DM Consultants is the best work visa consultancy in the UAE and can professionally guide you in securing a Czech Republic work permit.

The landlocked Schengen country with a robust economy offers ample opportunities for foreigners to work, thereby getting better salaries and a definitive work and life balance. It is a safe and secure country with higher standards of living studded by advanced healthcare and quality education at competitive prices. It also exposes individuals to the European culture and grants accessible travel opportunities with a chance to advance careers.

Key Features of the Czech Republic Work Permit

The Czech Republic government issues permit to skilled foreign workers recruited by a registered employer. The company recruiting an overseas professional has to persuade the Ministry of Labour that only skilled foreign workers are specialised in doing the particular task. The employer receives the Labour Market Assessment (LMA) document for that specific occupation to progress with the new employee’s application for a Czech Republic work permit.

After successful approval, the applicant can come to the Czech on a legal work visa and begin their new job at the company in the Czech Republic.

To begin your application for a Czech Republic work visa from Sharjah, a candidate requires an authentic employment offer from a registered Czech company and a permit to work. As the leading work visa agency in the UAE, DM Consultants Sharjah can guide you in acquiring a Czech Republic employment visa to live and work in Czechia. Get in touch with our expert visa consultants today for further information about the work visa application process.

Choose Work Permit Type in the Czech Republic

Individuals other than European Union, the European Economic Area and Switzerland citizens need a valid visa and permission to work in the Czech Republic. This rule is applicable even if you work in Czechia for less than three months. There are various types of Czechia work permit.

Employee Card

An Employee Card is for a foreigner who gets an offer for a particular occupation in the Czech from a specific employer. This residence permit is typically valid for two years and can be extended further. Through this card, you, an individual, can work and live in the Czech Republic.

Blue Card

It permits longer stay for employment in the Czech Republic under particular circumstances. It is for non-EU nationals with higher educational or professional degrees and a valid job offer. The Blue Card is usually valid for two years in Czechia and is renewable if you change the job under specified conditions.

Intra-Company Transferee Card

It is also a long-term residence card that allows foreigners to transfer their work in the country to higher positions as a manager or specialist for 3 years and an employed intern for one year.

To know which work permit suits you the best, contact DM Consultants Sharjah. It requires knowledge and awareness from expert consultants to choose the right type and make the application process for a work visa simpler for you.

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Eligibility Criteria for Czech Republic Visa

The beautiful country of the Czech Republic welcomes foreigners to work and live to address labour shortages. It issues a work permit to authorise a candidate to work in the Czech Republic with specific conditions. You require a visa to enter the country and a resident visa to work for longer. Below given are the essential requirements for a Czech Republic Visa application:

  • Copy of passport and photographs
  • Filled application form
  • Job offer details
  • Employer provides LMA document
  • Educational qualification credentials and work experience proof
  • Sufficient funds in the bank for sustenance
  • Comprehensive coverage of health insurance
  • Details of staying inside the country
  • Evidence of intention to exit the country immediately after the expiry of the visa

Mandatory Documents for Czechia Work Visa

The essential documents for a Czechia work visa are as follows:

  • Filled application form
  • Passport copy with relevant details
  • Genuine employment offer
  • Travel itinerary details
  • Police clearance certificate
  • Favourable medical report
  • A financial statement proving the required funds
  • Payment receipt of visa fees
  • Required photos
  • Intention to leave the country after visa expiry (return ticket)

The Czech work visa application process needs expert guidance. Arranging all the required documents and liaising with the concerned authorities are essential for a flawless process. Therefore, getting help from qualified Work Visa agents is an intelligent decision. DM is the best Czech Republic and Schengen visa agency in the UAE.

How to Apply for a Czech Republic Work Permit Visa from Sharjah?

The employer and employee are involved in the process of the work permit visa for the Czech Republic. The following documents are essential for candidates to acquire work permits:

  • Identity proof
  • Details of Accommodation
  • Deed of the company or trade license
  • Business performance of the company
  • LMA document
  • Employment offer documents with required details
  • Approved professional and academic
  • Fee receipt for administration charges and visa process

After landing in the country, you must report to Czechia’s Foreign Police Department and give biometrics to the Asylum Department within three days. You must also register at the Czech Republic Interior Ministry within one month.

Why Opt for DM Czech Republic Work Visa Services in Sharjah?

The application process for the Czech Republic work visa begins by filling out an online application form. Gather all the required documents and get the necessary authorisation as ECA done. The process can be complex and involves a lot of legal approvals. DM works with licensed Czech Republic or Schengen visa consultants in Sharjah to make your journey to Europe more accessible. We have an excellent track record for handling applications for Czech Republic work visas. We offer the following services:

  • Arrangement of documentation and getting the necessary authorisation
  • Assistance in completing the online visa form
  • Make you understand the entire process through a free counselling session
  • Improve language proficiency and prepare you for visa interviews
  • Complementary services post landing, like help in search of accommodation search, bank account opening etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Czech Republic Work Permit

The processing begins after an applicant completes a visa application and submits all the required documents to the nearby Czech embassy or consulate. It usually takes one to two months to process a Czech Republic work visa. Please submit your application at least 45 days before your travelling date. The Czech Republic visit visa status can be changed to a work permit after getting a genuine job offer from a designated employer. To begin with, the application process for a Czech Republic work permit, contact the DM Immigration Consultants in Sharjah.
A Blue Card is typically granted for jobs that require a high level of academic or professional education where the studies took a minimum of three years. The employment contract must be at least for one year for a specific job, and salary and other agreements must be as per Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs requirements. When a new blue card is granted, the previous one expires, even if another EU Member State has published it.
The work permit only authorises a candidate to work in the Czech Republic rather than live in a central European country. A valid residence permit is required to stay in the Czech Republic. On the other hand, a Blue Card acts as both a work permit and a residence permit in the Czech Republic. The issuing procedure is more straightforward and speedy. Unlike a work permit, the blue card can only be granted for occupations requiring a high qualification.
Employee Cards are for overseas workers in the Czech Republic for the above three months. It is in the form of a long-term residence permit and for a specific job. Blue Card is meant for specialist occupations requiring a university degree. The advantage of the Blue Card is that you can switch jobs without approval from the Department of the Interior. There are different wage and working hours requirements for both these Czechia work permits.
The Czech Republic invites foreigners to work to fill in labour gaps. The Czech Republic Work Permit is classified into two categories. Employee Card work permit allows foreigners to work for a specific employer. EU Blue Card work permit is issued for positions needing higher qualifications. There can be another option, an Intra-Company Transferee Card. Contact our experienced visa agents for assistance in acquiring a Czech Republic work permit from Sharjah.

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