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Do you want to work in Europe? Poland can be the best place to enter Europe. You will require a work permit to work in Poland and a visa to enter the Schengen zone country. All you need is a valid offer letter from a designated Polish employer. A Poland work permit  can also be mandatory if your country’s company assigns on-site work in Poland.

DM Consultants is Sharjah’s leading work visa services provider and is committed to helping job aspirants get Poland visas. Contact our expert and registered consultants to check your Poland work visa application eligibility.

The employers in Poland have to establish to concerned authorities why an outside skilled professional is better than a native for a particular position and receive Labour Market Assessment (LMA) document. The employer will apply work permit for you. You will require a work visa to enter the country. European Union member states don’t necessarily need a visa to enter the country and can work without a work permit.

Why is Poland the ideal Destination in Europe for Foreign Workers?

Poland is regarded as the most affordable option in Europe for foreigners. The country offers a quality lifestyle, safety, and security, besides higher salaries and better career progression.

This Schengen country has lower unemployment rates, so the labour market is always competitive. Some of the main benefits of working and living in Poland are listed below

  • Robust economy
  • Diversity in Culture
  • Chance to work and live in Europe
  • A higher living standard at a reasonable cost
  • Lower rate of unemployment
  • Advanced healthcare facilities
  • Quality education
  • Higher salaries
  • Tax benefits
  • A safe and secure atmosphere for work

Due to the labour shortage, many demanding occupations require foreign workers in Poland. The country issued 504.2 thousand work permits for foreigners in 2021. However, non-member European Union nationals need a Poland work visa, as per the immigration laws of the country. As the best work visa consultancy in Sharjah, DM will help you in the application process.

Select Suitable Poland Work Permit Category

According to the employment contract, a Polish work permit is generally valid for a specific job, ranging from 2 to 3 years. If you change your job, your new employer must apply for your fresh work permit. Poland offers five categories of work permits:

Type A

This work permit is granted to foreigners with a valid employment offer from a registered Polish employer.

Type B

This work permit is for foreigners who are part of the company's management team and will perform work in the country for a period exceeding 6 months in consecutive 12 months.

Type C

Type C permit is granted to foreigners who work for an outside company but are posted in Poland for 30 days or more in a calendar year.

Type D

This work permit type is granted to a worker for a foreign employer to provide a temporary and occasional service like an export service.

Type E

This Polish work permit is issued to an employee of a foreign company posted in Poland for more than 30 days within consecutive 6 months for a purpose not categorised under A, B, C, and D work permits.

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Eligibility Criteria for Poland Work Permit Visa

The eligibility criteria for a Poland work permit visa vary according to your nationality and occupation. The following are the general requirements to secure a Poland work permit:

  • Minimum age of 21
  • Passport with required validity
  • Required language skills
  • Valid job offer from an employer in Poland
  • Availability of documents according to the type of job.
  • Healthy medical report
  • No criminal record
  • Proof of needed funds for survival
  • Educational credentials
  • Should not be blacklisted by the government in Poland.

Required Documents for Poland Work Permit from Sharjah

To register for a Poland Work Visa from Sharjah, the candidate requires to arrange the following documents:

  • Copy of passport and relevant travel information
  • Completed application form and fees payment receipt
  • Valid job offer from a Polish company
  • Required documents on the company’s legality and performance
  • Minimum age of 21
  • Relevant work experience.
  • Comprehensive Health insurance

DM Consultants Sharjah will assist in the Poland work visa application process. Our trained consultants will carefully listen to your requirements and guide you accordingly in application submission.

Poland Work Visa Application Process from Sharjah

A Poland Work Visa starts with your employer, who has to get an LMA document from the concerned authorities. The document establishes that a foreigner will only perform this particular role, and a Polish national or another individual from a European Union member state cannot complete it.

The employer will need to produce the below documents for the employee’s work permit application:

  • Follow Labour Code provisions and government guidelines
  • Provide remuneration as per government standards
  • Deed of Company arrangement or trade license
  • The report on the company’s business activity
  • Employment contract
  • LMA document

The applicant must give the employer all the mandatory documents, especially a passport copy.

After the application is approved, a work permit will be issued through email. You can apply for a visa to enter the country. Seek guidance from DM to know further detailsRegister for a FREE consultation.


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Frequently Asked Questions on Poland Work Permit

Check your eligibility for work permit requirements in Poland. Secure a job offer from a designated employer in Poland if you want to work permanently in Poland. Your employer gets an LMA document and applies for a work permit on your behalf according to the suitable permit type. The work permit for a specific occupation depends on the employment contract. Apply for a visa in the Polish embassy or consulate. DM Consultants Sharjah has the expertise to help you choose a suitable visa type, arrange documents and help in the visa application process.
The time required to process a Poland work permit and its cost depends on the work visa category – Type A, B, C, D, and E. The normal processing time is two months, but the advanced application is always recommended. The polish employer has to persuade government authorities that the hired foreigner is exceptional and that no candidate in Poland and other EU countries can perform that specific role. After getting a job offer and LMA document, DM Consultants Sharjah can help you in the smooth process of a Poland work permit.
No, knowledge of English should be enough to get a job offer if you have the relevant expertise and qualifications. English is commonly used in Poland, and employers primarily seek English-speaking foreigners. However, learning the Polish language will be handy in mixing quickly with the local culture. DM offers training sessions in different languages, including Polish, to make your journey to Europe smooth.
It depends on your residency status. If your residency permit is temporary, your new employer must apply for a new work permit at the Voivodeship Office after a job change. If your Poland residency permit is permanent, you don't need a new job permit for a job change.
Your family can apply for a Polish family reunification visa if you hold a work permit of at least two years. After successful approval, your family members can live with you in Poland for the duration of your work permit.
After approval of the Polish work visa application, you can get the following benefits:
  • Live and work in Poland
  • Balanced work-life balance with fewer working hours and paid
  • holidays
  • Social security benefits
  • Its central location enables you easy travel across Europe
Secure Work Permit in Poland takes about two months. You can work for a specific employer in Poland as the work permit is granted in Poland. They are not transferable visas to other Schengen countries.

We make the visa process faster, Our primary goal has been to provide immigration in all over country and universities.

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