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    Why Canada Migration?

    Canada Immigration Agency in Dubai,
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    Are you currently residing in the United Arab Emirates and interested in obtaining Canadian permanent residency? Several options are available to you, including economic and family class programs and work and study pathways. With over 100 economic-class programs, including the Canada Express Entry managed programs and Provincial Nominee Programs, there are plenty of opportunities to explore. Canada Skilled immigration is an excellent option if you have the necessary academic qualifications, skills, and work experience. Our immigration consultants deliver the best immigration services.

    However, visa application process from Dubai can be complicated and time-consuming. That’s where DM Immigration Consultants in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Sharjah come in handy. We are the top-rated Canada Immigration Agency in Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi. Our team of ICCRC-certified immigration agents makes your journey smoother. Our experienced group of qualified consultants provides transparent, efficient, and result-oriented services to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

    Our Canada Immigration Consultants in Dubai specialise in various Canadian migration programs and offer dedicated guidance to our clients. Contact us to register for a FREE consultation and learn more about our services.

    Choose Your Program For Skilled Migration
    to Canada

    Canada welcomes deserving candidates of foreign origin by offering various Migration programs through the Federal Skilled Worker Program managed by Express Entry System. Canada immigration consultants in UAE are aware of such programs and provide immigration solutions.

    Express Entry System

    This process speeds up the application for permanent residency. It’s designed for skilled workers with foreign or Canadian work experience and meets the IRCC criteria. To apply, follow the guidelines and create a profile in the express entry pool. It ranks individuals based on a point-based system called Comprehensive Ranking Points (CRS), and higher-ranked profiles get ITA.

    Economic Immigration Programs

    You can avail of PR in Canada as an economic immigrant. The regional immigration authorities with federal government offer economic immigration programs like, RNIP, MCDII, and AIP. Applicants with Canadian work experience and graduates from Canadian institutes may get preference. Atlantic Immigration is the most accessible program, with the Atlantic High-Skilled Program as one of the popular streams.

    Provincial Nominee Programs

    Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) allow specific Canadian provinces or territories to nominate highly skilled foreign workers and international graduates based on their unique criteria. Eight provinces operate PNP programs to meet their economic and demographic needs. Enhanced programs are aligned with Express Entry, while provincial governments run base PNP programs.

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    Contact us today to know more details about our Canada immigration process

    Overview of Skilled Canada Immigration from Dubai

    Canada has reopened its borders to foreigners after pandemic restrictions and prioritizes Permanent Resident (PR) applications to address shortages in the Canadian labour market. Best Canada immigration consultants in UAE authorised by Canada Regulatory Council provide immigration assistance to make Canada dream a reality. Canada Immigration from Dubai presents a golden opportunity to work, study, and settle in Canada. The country’s 10 provinces and 3 territories offer countless options to skilled professionals who wish to migrate to Canada. The Canadian and provincial governments welcome foreigners who can boost the country’s economy, possess higher qualifications and relevant skills, are proficient in English or French, can adapt quickly to Canadian culture, and share Canadian social values.

    Best consultancy for Canada immigration in Dubai will help you to enroll in Express Entry directly or through your profile and submit an Expression of Interest to a specific province. Applicants will be nominated based on their Comprehensive Ranking System score. To qualify for a Canada immigration visa, an applicant must score 67 points, at least out of a total of 100 points. CRS points are awarded based on age, qualifications, work experience, and language proficiency.

    Key Features of Canada Immigration

    Canada is thе most accеssiblе country for immigration, according to thе World Population Rеviеw rankings for 2023. Skillеd workеrs and studеnts from thе UAE oftеn apply for Canada PR. Thе bеautiful country known as thе “Grеat Whitе North” has breathtaking natural landscapеs and friеndly pеoplе, making it onе of thе world’s safеst, happiеst, and most pеacеful countriеs. Canada wеlcomеs immigrants and provides an idеal Quality of Lifе, attracting thousands annually through thе Canada Skillеd Workеr Program. It consistently ranks in thе top thrее countriеs for Quality of Life by US Nеws.

    With carееr opportunitiеs, quality еducation, and advancеd hеalthcarе facilitiеs, Canada offеrs possibilitiеs for you and your family’s futurе. In 2022, thе Canadian govеrnmеnt succеssfully reached its targеt of wеlcoming 431,645 nеw rеsidеnts, procеssing approximately 5.2 million applications for pеrmanеnt and tеmporary rеsidеncy, as wеll as citizеnship. It is doublе thе numbеr of applications procеssеd in 2021. Canada aims to wеlcomе even more permanent residents, with a target of 465K in 2023, 485K 000 in 2024, and 500K in 2025, according to the 2023-2025 Immigration Lеvеls Plan. So, now is thе bеst timе to approach Canada visa consultants in Dubai for Canadian Immigration.

    Eligibility Criteria for Canada skilled worker program

    To get eligible for immigration to Canada under various immigration programs, a candidate must meet the specific criteria. These eligibility requirements vary depending on whether you are a business immigrant, worker, or applying to a particular program. However, the general criteria include the following:
    If you have a job offer, the Atlantic Immigration Program may be the easiest pathway to obtaining permanent residency in Canada. You can learn more about the eligibility requirements of Atlantic High-Skilled Program, Atlantic Intermediate-Skilled Program, and other streams by contacting DM, the best immigration consultants in Dubai for Canada.

    Documents Required for Canada Permanent Residence

    To apply for permanent residency, eligible candidates should submit certain documents online or at the UAE Canadian embassy. Different programs require different sets of documents. The following important documents are required for the application process of PR for Canada:

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    Immigration Application Process for Canada

    There are various programs to immigrate to Canada. After choosing the program and province or territory, they can follow the following general steps:


    Check your eligibility for Express Entry, Canada PNP, or Economic Immigrations programs.


    Submit IELTS test results and get Education Credential Assessment from an authorised body


    Arrange all the required documentation and translate it into the official language if required.


    Create an impressive profile and score 67 points at least out of 100 based on relevant work experience, language ability, educational credentials, age, adaptability, job offer, etc.


    Submit an Expression of Interest and ensure a higher rank to get an Invitation to Apply from one of the provinces.


    Pay the application processing fees, biometrics fees, medical examination fees, and other government payments.


    Submit a Visa Application through your CIC login within 2 months of receiving an ITA and wait for the IRCC decision. You can visit the nearby Canadian consulate in Dubai for more details.

    We, as the top best consultancy in Dubai for Canada, can apply on your behalf and take care of the entire process.

    How can DM help you to acquire a Skilled Visa in Canada?

    We are a regulated Canadian immigration consultant. Our team of ICCRC-registered immigration experts strives to make the process of obtaining PR, which can lead to citizenship. hassle-free for our clients. We also have MARA certified immigration consultants for Australia migration. Our immigration consultancy comprises of legal professionals who have extensive experience in immigration processes and our consultants are always up to date with the latest immigration news.

    As visa consultants, we support all Canadian visas, including permanent resident, temporary resident, visit visas, study visas and work permits. Our customized approach ensures you can comfortably migrate to Canada from the UAE. As the best immigration consultant in the Middle East we guide the complex immigration procedure and support you throughout the application process.

    If you are an eligible skilled foreign worker or an accomplished businessman running a successful business, we can help you in securing a Canada skilled visa. We offer end to end services for Canadian Experience Class, international students, semi skilled workers etc. Our key services have customized solutions. We also provide assistance to business people for second citizenship and visa applications from single applicant and joint applicants. We will offer you a free consultation, accurate details, documentation guidance, and additional services to ensure a successful immigration process.


    Canada Skilled Migration Roadmap

    We have over 20 offices across the Gulf, India, and Canada. As the most reliable Canda Immigration agency in Dubai, we aim to offer affordable and transparent services.

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