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    Do you want to work and live in Canada and enjoy a high standard of living? Consider the Canada Provincial Nominee Program. These programs attract overseas skilled workers, semi-skilled workers, business people, and international students who recently graduated from a particular province or territory to address its economic and labour market needs.

    If you’re a skilled professional who can contribute to Canada’s economic growth, apply for the PNP programs and obtain permanent residency from Dubai. To begin your application process, contact DM Immigration Consultant in Dubai. As an ICCRC-licensed Canada immigration consultant in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, we can provide all the immigration assistance you need to make your move to Canada stress-free. Schedule a Free Consultation with us today to learn more!


    Choose your preferred PNP Program
    in Canada

    Each Canadian province (excluding Quebec and Nunavut) has a variety of Canada PNP streams available. There are over 80 PNP programs to choose from. These programs are designed for students, entrepreneurs, and semi-skilled workers. If you’re looking for an easy pathway to Permanent Residency (PR) in Canada, consider the following eight provinces, including the Atlantic region:


    Alberta PNP

    This Western province operates six immigration streams for skilled workers and entrepreneurs.

    Manitoba PNP

    This central province offers three MPNP streams with various pathways to migrate and secure PR.

    New Brunswick PNP

    The government of New Brunswick nominates skilled people under various streams who can become economically independent in this Atlantic region.

    British Columbia PNP

    This westernmost province operates various streams for overseas workers, international students, and entrepreneurs to address its domestic labour market needs and economic development.

    Nova Scotia PNP

    The Atlantic province has various PNP streams for skilled workers, expert professionals, and international graduates who wish to settle in the smallest area in Canada.

    Ontario PNP

    Foreign workers, international graduates, and others with the required skills, experience, and education apply to this central Canadian province for a nomination under PNP streams.


    Saskatchewan PNP

    The Saskatchewan PNP programs authorise the Western province to nominate individuals under International Skilled Worker, Business Immigration, and Saskatchewan Experience.

    Prince Edward Island PNP

    The Atlantic province prioritises accomplished entrepreneurs and individuals qualified to work in particular fields with selected skill shortages in the domestic labour market.


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      Overview of Provincial Nomination Program Canada

      The Provincial Nominee Program in Canada is a government initiative that assists skilled foreign workers in immigrating to Canada. This program allows individuals in Dubai and across the UAE to obtain permanent residency in Canada, provided they possess the necessary skills, educational qualifications, and work experience to contribute to a specific province or territory’s economic growth.

      The Canadian government offers various economic immigration programs to attract talented individuals to contribute to communities nationwide. The Provincial Nominee Program directly supports provinces and territories in meeting their labor market demands in critical sectors such as healthcare, transportation, hospitality, and food services. Applicants must demonstrate their commitment to living in a particular province and their desire to become permanent residents of Canada.

      Provincial governments administer the Provincial Nominee Program with the Canadian federal government. In 2022, 19,160 invitations invitations were issued to candidates in the PNP streams, representing 51% of all ITAs granted.

      Individuals can apply for the Provincial Nominee Program through the PNP Canada Express Entry or Non-Express Entry process. The province selects Successful applicants from the express entry pool or responds to an Expression of Interest to nominate for Canada permanent residency application with the IRCC login. Overall, the Canada PNP Program from Dubai provides a straightforward pathway for Canadian immigration from Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.


      Features of PNP Entry Canada

      Canada is an excellent option if you’re a skilled worker seeking a better life, career growth, and work-life balance. This North American country boasts a robust economy and offers immigrants quality healthcare, education, safety, and a secure environment through different immigration categories, especially economic immigration programs. For over 150 years, Canada’s population has been significantly increased by immigrants, and it’s projected that by 2041, they could represent up to 34% of the population.

      In-demand occupations like information technology, health, science, communication, and engineering always seek highly skilled workers who can contribute to Canada’s economy. If you possess the necessary skills that match the needs of the Canadian labour market, you can apply for the Canada PNP Entry process from Dubai and secure permanent residency. The IRCC plans to admit over 105,000 new permanent residents under the PNP in 2023 and up to 117,500 annually by 2025.
      You can apply for permanent residency online through an electronic application or follow a regular application process via paper-based applications. The PNP Canada Express Entry gives enhanced nominations for eligible Skilled Workers. To be nominated, you must complete the assessment form of the territory for nomination and select from the assessment grid. After receiving the nomination certificate, the candidate receives additional points. Participating provinces and territories can also make nominations under their base streams – Canada PNP without Express Entry

      Eligibility Criteria for PNP Program Canada from Dubai

      The Canada Provincial Nominee Program is designed to smooth the process of skilled immigration for people who can help meet local job needs. To migrate to Canada via PNP programs, the specific province must nominate you; for this, you must apply under a Canada Express Entry stream. If your profile matches all the required criteria, your profile will be nominated to proceed with Canada PR.

      However, the eligibility requirements for the PNP program can vary based on your preferred Canadian province or territory. For example, British Columbia’s age and annual salary requirements vary completely from that of Ontario or Saskatchewan. To know your eligibility in applying for a PR Canada under the PNP program, get in touch with our immigration to Canada experts in Dubai today!

      Documents Required to Proceed with PNP Canada Application

      The list of documents required to apply for PNP in Canada may vary based on the province you choose. Anyhow, the general list of documents required is as follows:

      Canadian Immigration Process Application
      through PNP Canada

      Are you interested in immigrating through the Provincial Nominee Program Canada? There are two ways to go about it: the Non-Express Entry and the Express Entry processes.

      Non-Express Entry process


      You must satisfy the eligibility requirements of the province you choose. Once you are nominated, you can apply for permanent residency online through the Canadian immigration website.


      Obtain a medical exam, police check certificate, and demonstrate sufficient funds.

      Express Entry PNP process

      However, processing times may take longer than through the Express Entry Provincial Nominee Programs.


      Contact your preferred province or territory to get a nomination under a stream linked to Express Entry or create an Express Entry profile.


      If a particular province or territory sends you a "notification of interest," you can directly apply to their Express Entry stream.


      If nominated, the province or territory will send a certificate to your account, which you can accept electronically.

      You must fullfil the eligibility requirements of the province or territory and prove that you satisfy the minimum criteria for one of the immigration programs. If you’re invited to apply, submit an electronic resident application to the IRCC website, select the mode of application for submitting the application form, and pay the application fees. If successful, you can turn your temporary visa status into permanent resident status and qualify for Canadian citizenship.

      How Can DM Assist You in Securing Canada PR through PNP programs?

      Are you interested in obtaining Canada PR through PNP programs? DM Immigration Consultants Dubai is here to help! As a registered Canadian immigration consultancy, we have licensed immigration consultant partners who specialize in assisting individuals with immigration selection and migration to Canada. Our top priority is our clients, and we ensure that the Canada immigration process is completed within the given timeframe. Our services include:

      We can also assist in securing work and study permits, including postgraduate work permits. Contact us today to learn more about average costs and process times and take advantage of this immigration opportunity.


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      Once you register, you can expect a call back from our immigration experts within 10 minutes. We offer a free initial consultation session to help you understand the Canada PNP requirements.


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