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    An Overview of Prince Edward Island
    Provincial Nominee Program

    Are you considering a move to Prince Edward Island (PEI)? Great decision! Get ready to live, work and settle in the province by availing a Canada PR through Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Programs. With unlimited job opportunities, a high standard of living, a better lifestyle, and easy access to quality education and healthcare, Prince Edward Island is the most preferred choice for immigrants who wish to migrate to Canada. To welcome immigrants to work and settle in the province, Prince Edward Island join hands with the IRCC to initiate PEI provincial nominee programs.  Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program is a Canada Skilled immigration program designed to attract new residents and skilled immigrants to the province. As a trusted Canadian immigration consultant in Dubai, we here at DM Immigration Consultant can help you migrate to the country through the Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program. Contact us today to learn more or schedule a FREE consultation with our consultants!


    Key Features of Prince Edward Island PNP Programs

    Prince Edward Island has made the most significant PNP draw in 2022 by issuing 165 invitations under Labour Impact/Express Entry and Business Impact. And compared to all other provinces, the PEI province receives more nominations from skilled workers. But what makes Prince Edward Island the most preferred choice for immigrants?

    Prince Edward Island is a safe and welcoming place. Since Prince Edward Island is an island of approximately 150,000 people, you won’t have to worry about a lack of resources or job availability. The cost of living in the province is also lower than in other provinces on the East Coast. In addition, Prince Edward Island has a high quality of life with low crime rates and plenty of recreational activities all year round.

    If you wish to migrate to Prince Edward Island to pursue your career, studies, or work, contact our experienced Canada immigration consultants in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. Our team of ICCRC-registered consultants is well-aware of the immigration rules and will assist you in completing your migration process.


    Select your Preferred PEI PNP
    Immigration Streams


    Express Entry Stream

    Prince Edward Island’s Express Entry stream is different than other provinces because it has a guaranteed number of slots. This means interested applicants can be sure they will be accepted into the program if they meet the requirements.


    Labor Impact Stream

    Prince Edward Island introduced its Labor Impact Stream to attract skilled workers from overseas and provide them with valuable work experience. To be eligible for this, a candidate must have a job offer, or a PEI employer must sponsor them for a Canada PR.


    Business Impact Stream

    Prince Edward Island Business Impact Stream for Immigrants program allows immigrants to establish a business in the province. The program provides an opportunity for newcomers to establish themselves as entrepreneurs and create jobs for other newcomers and Islanders alike.


    Documents Required for Prince Edward Island PNP Programs

    Contact our immigration consultants in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah to get a complete checklist of the documents required to apply for the PEI PNP Program.


    Eligibility Criteria to Apply for PEI PNP Programs

    To apply for the Prince Edward Provincial Nominee Programs, candidates need to fulfill the eligibility requirements as listed follows:


    Express Entry Stream

    Labor Impact Stream

    Business Impact Stream

    How can DM Consultants help you in applying for PEI PNP?

    DM Consultants have been recognized as Dubai’s trusted immigration and visa agents. We have assisted aspirants in fulfilling their dreams of migrating to another country by providing:

    Book a Free Consultation with our immigration consultants in Dubai to start the application for Prince Edward PNP Programs

    Frequently Asked Questions on Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Programs

    Prince Edward Island offers a family-friendly, business-friendly, and immigrant-friendly environment with easy access to high-quality education and better healthcare.
    Candidates applying under the skilled worker stream must require a job offer to apply for a PEI PNP program. Book a FREE Consultation with us to check your eligibility to apply for a PEI PNP Program!
    Applicants must score a minimum of 67 points out of 100 to get qualified to apply for Prince Edward Island PNP Program. Furthermore, they must prove that they have enough money to support their family during their stay in Canada.

    Before starting the application process, applicants must check their eligibility to apply for a Canada PR. DM Immigration Consultant, the top immigration agency in Dubai, provides a FREE Eligibility Check for aspirants who wish to migrate to Canada from Dubai. Fill out the form provided here to do a free evaluation check-up.

    Hiring an immigration consultant to assist you with the PR application process is not mandatory. But at the same time, having a professional immigration agent by your side can take the burden from your shoulders and make the immigration process more straightforward with 100% results.

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