An Overview of Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program 

Are you planning to relocate to Saskatchewan? Not only you, but a growing number of people are planning to migrate to Saskatchewan, as it provides ample job opportunities, high wages, and a better lifestyle. Saskatchewan welcomes immigrants by offering a skilled immigration program called Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program. The Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program is a skilled worker immigration program in Canada. The program allows the province of Saskatchewan to nominate individuals who want to immigrate to Canada. It was designed to help meet the needs of the province’s labor market by attracting skilled workers who could contribute to economic growth and development. As a trusted Canadian immigration consultant in Dubai, we at DM Immigration Consultant can help you migrate to the country through the Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program. Contact us today to learn more or schedule a FREE consultation with our consultants!

Key Features of Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program

Every year, during the immigration draw, Saskatchewan welcomes nearly 9,000 immigrants from over 180 countries. The program is designed to make immigration easy for people with the ability, skills, and experience to fill the labor shortages in the market. 

Suppose you are looking for a place you can move to without feeling like you are giving up your life, culture, and family. If this sounds like you, then you should consider moving to Saskatchewan. Saskatchewan is the largest prairie province in Canada and has maintained an incredibly low population density. The province has a few factors that make it an ideal location for people who want to start fresh with immigration. These include:

  • A thriving economy with good wages
  • Low crime rates
  • No state income tax
  • The cost of living is lower than the country’s average
  • A large variety of jobs

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Select Your Preferred Saskatchewan PNP Programs

International Skilled Worker Stream

Expatriates and professionals currently residing in other countries can immigrate to Saskatchewan through the International Skilled Worker Stream. A provincial nomination certificate and a Labour Market Impact Assessment from the Government of Canada is required.

Experience Stream

The Saskatchewan Experience Stream is a program administered by the Government of Saskatchewan and Citizenship and Immigration Canada. It is the quickest path to permanent residency for qualified immigrants holding a Skilled Assessment Certificate.

Entrepreneur and Farmer Stream

he purpose of the Saskatchewan Entrepreneur and Farmer Stream for Immigrants is to help immigrants with entrepreneurial experience, or the farming industry in their home country, to immigrate to Saskatchewan and pursue careers in those fields.

Eligibility Criteria to Apply for Saskatchewan PNP Programs

The eligibility criteria vary depending upon the immigration stream you choose to apply.

For International Skilled Worker Stream

  • Must have at least a score of 60 points out of 100
  • Language proficiency should be a minimum of 4
  • Must have one year of experience performing any skilled work listed in the National Occupation List.
  • Must have a valid full-time job offer in the NOC skill level of O, A, or B.

For Experience Stream

  • Must have at least one year of work experience in any of the skilled occupation
  • Must score a minimum of CLB 4
  • Must score 60 points out of 100 on the PNP points grid
  • Must have a valid Saskatchewan PNP job approval letter stating that you have a full-time permanent job in a designated sector classified as National Occupational Classification Level A, B, or O.

For Entrepreneur or Farmer Stream

  • Must be able to invest a minimum of CAD 300,000 in a Saskatchewan business or $200,000 for the welfare of the Saskatchewan community
  • Must create a business plan that aligns with the point grid of the Saskatchewan PNP Entrepreneurs stream.
  • Must actively participate in managing the business operations.
  • Must create two new job opportunities for Saskatchewan residents or Canadian Citizens.
  • Must sign a Business Performance Agreement with the Provincial Government

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Documents Required to Apply for Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Programs?

The checklist of documents required to apply for the SINP program is as follows: 

  • A copy of valid passport 
  • Identity proof (from naïve residence) 
  • Medical test results (physical and mental health examination) 
  • Bank statements to prove your financial stability 
  • Police clearance certificate with zero criminal records 
  • CLB Language proficiency test results 
  • Employment letter 
  • Reference from previous employer stating the past work experience 
  • Marriage certificate & child’s birth certificate (if they are accompanying you)

How to Apply for a Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program? 

Candidates can apply for a Saskatchewan PNP in two simple steps. The first step is to submit an Expression of Interest to the province to get a Provincial Nomination Certificate and an Invitation to Apply for a Canada PR.  The second step will be contacting IRCC to get a Canadian Permanent Residence

Aspirants who do not have a job offer can apply for a Permanent Residency by creating an Express Entry Profile and choosing the desired province as Saskatchewan.

How Can DM Immigration Consultants Help You? 

The process of entering and becoming a citizen of a new country is a complicated task. Here comes the importance of hiring an experienced immigration consultant in Dubai for professional assistance. Licensed ICCRC-registered Canada consultants can assist immigrants throughout the process by helping them fill out the forms and prepare them to make the immigration process easier and hassle-free. We assist in terms of: 

  • Arranging the documents required 
  • Filling out the application form 
  • Creating an express entry profile 
  • Free IELTS training 
  • Free counseling sessions 

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Frequently Asked Questions on Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Programs

  • Physicians, nurses, and other health professionals
  • Food and beverage servers
  • Long haul truck driver
  • Cooks & kitchen helpers
  • Sales associates

To be eligible to apply for Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Programs, you should be skilled in performing the in-demand jobs listed on National Occupational List (NOL).

While applying for Saskatchewan PNP may seem uncomplicated, there is a higher chance of getting your application denied if the application is not submitted appropriately. So, it’s advised to get professional support from us. We have over a decade of experience helping thousands of immigrants migrate to their dream country.

  • Skilled Worker with Existing Work Permit
  • Semi-Skilled Agriculture Worker with Existing Work Permit
  • Long-Haul Truck Driver Project
  • Students
  • Health Professionals
  • Hospitality Sector Project

Yes! Saskatchewan is the ideal place to migrate as it provides:

  • High standard of living
  • Affordable living options
  • Better wages
  • Plenty of job opportunities
  • Growing economy
The majority of Saskatchewians are bilingual and speak English and French. To be eligible to apply for a Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program, you need to be proficient in English or French with a Canadian Language Benchmark of 4 points.

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