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Student Visa in Dubai

All persons or group of persons who intends to study in an institution that is within the confines of the US will need to enroll for the US Student Visa application.
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    US Student Visa Application in Dubai

    All persons or group of persons who intends to study in an institution that is within the confines of the US will need to enroll for the US Student Visa application. It is a necessary process for all foreigners either in Dubai or in other countries, and the type of US Student visa application you will obtain is going to be a function of your aim of the study and the type of school you want to attend.

    Generally, this is a streamlined process, and you need to be careful of the kind of information that you have or provide during the application process. DM-consultants have the best set of Immigration consultants who are well experienced with the US Student visa application and processing together with the possible interview questions that you may be encounter during your Visa interview. Therefore, we continuously strive to ensure that our client’s application goes through the right process to ensure a hitch-free and successful application.


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    Types of US Student Visa

    Generally, there are two types of US Student visa application and each other them is solely independent of the other and the purpose of these two types of US Student Visa cannot be interchanged. The two types are the F and the M visa class.

    US Student F-Visa class

    The US F Visa class is only for students who want to travel to the US to attend the following;

    1. University or college
    2. High school
    3. Seminary school
    4. Private elementary school
    5. Conservatories
    6. Language training course

    US M Visa class

    The US M visa class is issued to students who are planning to study in a vocational or other institution that does not offer academic programs.

    Under the US Immigration laws, foreigners who are with a Visitor Visa or under the Visa waiver program cannot undergo any study program in the US.

    US Student visa requirements and application process

    Whether you are applying in Dubai, or anywhere else, as long as you are a foreign citizen, the application process remains the same for the US Student Visa, and it is most advisable to apply within your country of origin or residence. Before you can be eligible to apply for the Visa, you need to obtain an acceptance letter from your school or institution. Such institution must be recognized by the SEVP. Upon payment of the application fee, your school or institution will issue you the form I-20. You will use that form to register with the SEVIS before you can proceed for the further Visa application process at the US embassy.

    Applicants requirements:

    1. A valid passport
    2. Acceptance letter from your SEVP institution
    3. Visa Application fee
    4. Copies of your previous academic qualifications and transcripts
    5. Your intention letter declaring that you will return to your home country after your duration of the study
    6. Proof of financial prowess to cater for all your living and education expenses
    7. Photo identification
    8. If you are applying for either F-1 language programs or M-1 for vocational studies, then you need to provide a certificate proving your eligibility for these programs.
    9. If you are applying as a non-immigrant, get your DS-160 confirmation form.

    Please note that you will be required to have an interview with a US consular officer during the process of your application especially if you are between the ages of 14 – 79. However, DM-consultants in Dubai  have compiled a list of interview questions and their appropriate answers to ensure a successful interview for you.

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