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Minimum education level required to qualify for immigration is a Bachelors Degree.

Please do not submit if your education level is lower than this.

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Why Work With DM Consultants?

As your premiere immigration agency in the UAE, GCC and India, we are constantly up to date with all the latest news and updates direct from the Canadian and Australian governments, which we provide to all our clients.

We have certified lawyers in both Canada and Australia to assist with our clients applications when required.

We provide FREE post landing services to help you find a house, get your health insurance, assist you in finding a job and get you settled in your new home.

We help you with all your paperwork so you can save money, and save time, without having to go through the hassle and confusion of managing paperwork yourself.

All our agents have years of experience, with staff who have gone through the immigration process themselves, and we can give you exactly the right information you need.

Avoid missing documents or getting rejected for any reason, as our agents will compile your application in a thorough and detailed manner.

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We offer a limited but well-managed product portfolio that delivers targeted results and exceptional customer satisfaction. Our company specialises in the following areas:

Australia offers exceptional universities, colleges and English training schools to international students who are willing to experience exceptional educational system.

Study in Australia

What are the requirements to school in Australia?

  • An admission letter from aCRICOS approved institution.
  • A genuine statement of intent
  • Financial statement
  • English test results such as IRLTS, TOEFL, among others.
  • Recent medical certificate based on DIBP standards
  • Police report from your country of residence
  • An Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)

We guarantee a seamless and effective admission process with visa procurement,

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To successfully migrate to Australia as an international student, you will require the following:

Do you want to Study in Canada?

  • Dominica second passport: $220,000
  • ST. LUCIA citizenship by investment program: $100,000 - $300,000
  • St Kitts and Nevis passport: min $100,000
  • Antigua and Barbuda citizenship by investment program: min. $100,000 - $1.5M
  • Grenada citizenship by investment program: min. $220,000.
  • Citizenship by investment in Malta: min. $250,000

Canada has become one of the most-sought after educational destination for international students. Owing to its immigrant friendly policies, standard educational system, and graduate opportunities, it is no doubt the best choice for you if you are looking to school abroad.

Secure admission and school in one of the most-advanced educational systems in the world

Why Choose Canada?

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Enhance your chances to secure an admission and subsequent Canada study permit,

Over the years, Germany has become a hub for international students from all over the world. It is no surprise that it has led to a rise in the demand for a German student visa.

Quality education in Germany can be attributed to the government’s focus on technological development, innovation, and affordable tuition.

Start your study in Germany

  • Free education at all government-owned universities
  • Professional staff and world-class infrastructure
  • Degrees with global recognition
  • The English language enabled courses
  • Employment opportunities after study
  • An opportunity to learn a new language
  • You can choose to stay in Germany after your studies Remaining
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Why should you study in Germany?

At DM-Consultants, we aim to provide comprehensive consultation and representation for all international students who are willing to study in Germany.

Study in New Zealand

  • New Zealand has some of the world’s best institutions
  • Affordable tuition fees
  • Moderate cost of living
  • Secure and conducive environment
  • Less admission requirements
  • Opportunity to work and study

The application for the UK investor visa is dynamic, and that is why we haveset aside the most reputable business immigration professionalsthat are willing to guide you throughout the entire application.

Do you want to study in one of the most advanced educational institutions in the world?

Let us help you to make that dream come true!

Why Choose to study in New Zealand?

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We understand the dynamics of each application, and have over the years, assisted various international students in achieving their dreams of studying in New Zealand.

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The United Kingdom has reignited its passion for welcoming international students to its territory. With the recent implementation of the 2 years post-work permit and various scholarship opportunities, this is the best time for you to gain admission into any of the UK-based institutions.


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What are the documents necessary for the UK study visaapplication?

  • Offer of admission
  • Copy of International passport
  • An offer of admission with a CAS reference number attached
  • Recent bank statement
  • Medical certificates, English test results, letter of consent, among others
  • Parental travel consent letter if you’re below 18 years
  • Accommodation arrangements
  • Academic transcripts, degree certificates, English proficiency test result
  • Additional documents, which may depend on the course or program of study.

Study in the USA

  • Globally recognized top-class learning institutions
  • Established structures that support innovation, research, and training
  • Diverse people with a multicultural heritage
  • Campus experience
  • Job and career opportunities for graduates
  • Advanced technologies
  • Flexibility while enjoying quality education

Schooling in the united states is the dream of every international students. This is due to the high educational standards,globally-competitive institutions, and the opportunity it presents to graduates after study.

Some of the advantages of studying in the US include:

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With our robust portfolio and multiple years of experience, we ensure that your application goes through the right filing, to promote a hitch-free and positive result.


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Minimum education level required to qualify for immigration is a Bachelors Degree.

Please do not submit if your education level is lower than this.

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