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The Australia study visa is a fantastic opportunity to explore the unique lifestyle and study in an outstanding educational environment in Australia.
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    Australia Visit Visa in Dubai

    The Australia study visa is a fantastic opportunity to explore the unique lifestyle and study in an outstanding educational environment in Australia. The country has an exceptional University, colleges and also English training schools for international students who want to experience a quality education.

    You need to obtain an Australian student Visa once your program exceeds three months. Applicants who study any of the following courses are eligible for an Australia Visa;

    English language, University programs, or vocational studies.

    DM-Consultants Dubai has a team of Immigration counselors, together with our lawyers who are registered with MARA and are ready to provide free assistance on the right colleges and application programs that will suit your desired pursuit. Our agents in Australia are well versed with the colleges and universities and will provide you with the pathway of scaling the tactical process of the Australia Student Visa application. You can kindly contact our counselors for more information about your program.


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    Duration of the Australia study Visa

    The duration of your study Visa in Australia is a function of the length of your study program. Therefore, if your course of study will span for 12 months, then your study Visa will be valid for 12 months. However, there is always an additional time given to students to prepare to leave Australia or renew their permit once the program ends.

    For a 10-month study period, you’ll have an extra one month to leave Australia

    For a study period beyond ten months, you’ll have an additional two months to go.

    Your student Visa can be extended as long as your study is still ongoing in your institution of choice. It is also vital for you to register with an institution that is approved by the CRICOS.

    What is the cost of an Australian student Visa application?

    The cost of the Australian Student Visa application is currently set to be $573. Although the price is flexible, it depends on the country where you are making the application.

    Eligibility and requirements for Australia study Visa

    To be eligible for an Australian study Visa, you need to fulfill the following requirements:

    You need to provide an offer letter from your institution. To get your offer letter or Confirmation of enrollment, you need to ensure that the CRICOS approves your course

    A genuine temporary intent statement which will state your intentions for traveling to Australia, how you intend to fund your studies and clear evidence that you will leave Australia at the end of your program. Visit the Department of Immigration and border protection to learn more about this.

    1. You need to provide proof of your financial ability to cater for your tuition fees, travel, and living expenses throughout the duration of your studies. You can visit the student Visa financial capacity requirements to know more about this.
    2. You need to provide proof of your proficiency in English except for those students who are citizens of the UK, US, Canada or Ireland.
    3. You must provide an up-to-date medical certificate of fitness according to the DIBP requirements
    4. You will also have to produce a police certificate from your country of residence
    5. You have to present an Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)

    If you need further information on the Australia Immigration program for students, kindly contact us today for free counseling and consultation.

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