Canada study permit in UAE – Apply for a Canadian Study Visa in Dubai

A Canadian study permit is not a visa in itself but is an important document issued to international students in UAE or other parts of the world, who have an offer of admission from a designated learning institution in Canada as at the time of application. The process of getting a visa to study in Canada is quite different  from other countries because, in Canada, you’ll need

to undergo two stages of Visa procurement.  The first stage which is the most important one is to obtain a study permit from Citizenship and Immigration Canada, this gives you an access to get a temporary resident Visa or an electronic travel authorization (eTA). It is very crucial for you to understand and make available the necessary documents you need to apply for a study permit before you travel to Canada.

What is the length of duration of your study permit?

The length of duration of your study permit will depend on the duration of your study program in Canada. Perhaps, if there is a situation where you cannot complete your studies at the estimated date, then you’ll need to apply for an extension of your study permit. Generally, your study permit expires 90 days after the end of your study program. However, if there is a need for you to travel out of Canada during your study, you need to ensure that your visa or eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization) is still valid.

What are the eligibility requirements for a Canadian study permit?

To be eligible to apply for the Canadian study permit and student visa, you need to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Provide an acceptance letter from a designated learning institution
  • Provide financial documents that prove that you can cater for your tuition fees and living expenses while in Canada
  • A medical report of fitness
  • You will also need to upload a police report depending on your country of application
  • You need to prove to the Immigration officer that you will return to your home country after your study duration.
  • Some study permits can allow you to work while studying, and also travel within the country. The following are categories of people who don’t need to apply for a study permit
  • Applicants going for a short-term program that is less than six months
  • Applicants who are related to Foreign representative of Canada
  • Applicants who are refugees or are children of refugees or are kindergarten kids.
  • Applicants who have parents (with a work or study permit) living in Canada and wants to join them for a primary or secondary school study

How to apply for a Canadian study permit or student Visa in Dubai

Either you are going for college or high school studies you must understand how to apply for a Canadian study permit or student Visa even without the help of a Canadian visa agent in Dubai. There are three major ways to apply for a Canada study permit; it can either be within Canada, outside Canada or at the Airport. The application can either be online or offline, although the online form is generally faster to process.

Before you start the application, ensure that you have the scanned copy of all the required documents ready and also make sure you have access to a biometric machine that can capture your fingerprint. The study permit application fee is $160. Check out the conditions that will determine whether you need to apply for a Canada study permit within or outside Canada. Once you start the application process, you’ll be required to provide your biometric information which of course, you need to pay for and must be sent across within 30 days of receiving the information. Once your application is successful and all your documents are verified, you will receive an introduction letter and with it, your eTA or your temporary resident Visa. The eTA will be valid for the period of your study.

Please note: There are chances that your application can be refused if you do not follow this process meticulously, and this is why DM-Consultants have set aside a competent operations team that will help our clients to process and achieve a successful study permit application.  


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