Success Stories: Dubai Residents Who Moved to Australia with the Help of a DM Consultant

DM Consultants is a leading Australian immigration consultants in Dubai that can help and guide you throughout the process. We have helped countless Dubai residents relocate to Australia, and we can help you too! Our team of certified consultants will guide you through the entire process, from start to finish. We know what it takes to get your visa approved, and we will do everything we can to make sure that you are successful.

Success Story 1 – Mr. Khan -Dependent Visa Australia

Mr. Khan: “So the whole process was very phenomenal. It was very fast and very helpful. They are professional in their work with lots of knowledge of the Australian immigration process. The total process was for 16 months., 3 months were for the collection of the data and then 13 months were the application process. So the whole process was handled with care. And I am really happy with the inconsistent process. I will highly recommend DM Consultants to all who are looking for Australian immigration.”

Success Story 2 – Ms. Sarah & Mr. Tariq -Canadian PR

Mr. Tariq: “Well, to be honest, we are very grateful to DM Consultants for handling our documents and processing them and updating us with the status on a weekly basis via email and other means of communication. Thanks to DM Consultants again”

Success Story 3 – Mr. Kenneth – Canada Work Permit

Mr. Kenneth: “I would like to thank DM Consultants for this work permit. I didn’t expect my this dream to come true. I’m thankful to the entire team who helped me through the process and answered each of my inquiries on a timely basis.”

Success Story 4 – Mr. Iqbal – Student Visa Canada

Mr. Iqbal: “I’m a student with almost a gap of 7 to 8 years in my studies. So, previously when I approached DM Consultants I had a concern about this significant gap in the study and if still, I can get a student visa. So this was the misconception that I had and I didn’t realize that until I approached DM Consultants who guided me in the right way regardless of the gap in my studies and helped me to prepare all the documents. They also helped me to secure good points in IELTS. I would really like to thank them for everything.”

Success Story 5 – Mr. Krish Bajaj – Student Visa Canada

Mr. Krish Bajaj: “I think DM Consultants have helped me a lot with all processes as I was pretty much clueless at the start. Their consultancy is indeed top class and their team deserves all the credit to get me this student visa within 2 months. I’m so grateful for the professional advisory and thank you so much”


At DM Consultants, we have helped all of these Dubai residents relocate to Australia, Canada, and all European countries to realize their dreams. Our team has the expertise and professional experience needed to ensure a successful outcome, no matter what your situation may be. So if you’re looking for help with your immigration needs, contact us today.

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