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Are you planning a short-term but memorable visit to Canada? DM Consultant can help you obtain a Canada visit visa from Dubai through a cost-efficient and accelerated process. The Canadian Government grants Canada visas for foreign nationals who want to visit Canada temporarily – it can be tourism, business trips, or family visits. All tourists except citizens from visa-exempted countries must require a visit visa valid for six months to enter Canada. But applying for a tourist visa to Canada from Dubai is not easy, as there are specific terms to adhere to as per the Canadian immigration department. To secure your Canada visit visa from Dubai hassle-free, you can get help from DM Immigration Consultant in Dubai. We can help you obtain a Canada visit visa Dubai within four weeks by following a cost-efficient and streamlined process. After securing a Canada visit visa from Dubai, you can travel across Canada for outdoor activities, charity activities, or business activity.

Why Choose Canada for Visit?

Canada is a must-go place for tourists. It has one of the longest-running ski seasons in the world, numerous UNESCO World Heritage sites, and some of the most exciting wonders of nature. The tourist influx has almost matched pre-covid levels, with the number of tourists increasing in 2022.

Canada has a rich cultural heritage, and local nationals are warm and welcoming toward tourists. The country has excellent outdoors and offers delicious options for food and drink and unforgettable wildlife. You can also explore amazing cities, the northern lights in the Yukon, and the Rocky Mountaineer. Driving and camping in its national parks are also one of the main attractions in Canada. Apply through DM Consultants to avail visa and see the famous Niagara Falls and feel Canada’s beat and technological advancement.

Apply for Canada tourist visa from Dubai through DM Consultants and see the famous Niagara Falls and feel Canada’s beat and technological advancement.

Details of Canada Visit Visa from UAE

Canada visit visa UAE permits residents to enter Canada and stay for up to 6 months. Canada tourist visas are available in two categories: Single entry and multiple entries. Tourists can enter Canada only once on a single entry visa. A multiple entry visa grants permission for tourists to enter Canada as often for a stipulated time until the visa expires. The key features of a Canada visit visa include the following:

  • Canada visit visa can be used for personal, business meetings, or tourism purposes.
  • You can’t work or study using this visa in Canada
  • You can visit with dependents like spouse and children.
  • The Canada visit visa process takes from one month to one year depending on background check.
  • Foreign nationals exempted from acquiring a Canadian visit visa still require an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) to travel or transit through Canada. If you are a United Arab Emirates passport holder, you do not need a visa to travel to Canada for a short-term visit.

United Arab Emirates citizens holding valid passports only need an ETA for Canada, which is quick and easy to obtain.

Requirements to Apply for Canada Visit Visa from Dubai

The eligibility criteria to apply for visit visa at the Canadian embassy from Dubai as per embassy rules are as follows:

  • Original Passport copy with a validity of 6 months
  • Identity proof
  • Two photographs
  • Sufficient funding to take care of travel expenses in Canada
  • Online visa application form with processing fees
  • Business trade license and required details of the partners or investors for conference, or meeting.
  • Insurance coverage of the trip
  • Purpose of stay in Canada
  • Letter of invitation from a residency permit holder or Canadian citizen

Contact us to learn more about tourist visa requirements as per your application. Our Best Canada Visa consultations will guide you in explaining the process and make the process easy for you.

Apply for a Canadian Tourist Visa from UAE

Documents necessary for Canada Visit Visa

The documents necessary for the visa application process for a Canada Tourist visa from UAE are as follows:

  • Valid Passport Copy and travel history
  • Online visa application
  • Visa application fee
  • Photos
  • Bank statement showing enough funds to bear travel expenses
  • Clear criminal record
  • Healthy Medical report
  • A valid trade license and partner details
  • Travel Itinerary and travel insurance
  • Hotel reservation or proof of accommodation
  • A commitment to return from Canada once the visit visa expires.

Verify the additional documents you need for a temporary resident visa with immigration experts at DM Consultants Dubai.

Application Process of Canada Visit Visa for UAE Residents

If you plan to travel to Canada from Dubai, you must secure your Canada visit visa from UAE. The application process is as follows:

  • Apply for a Canada tourist visa by visiting Visa Application Center or a Canadian Consulate near your city.
  • Provide all the documents requested by the case officer and pay the visa processing fee.
  • If you are planning to take your family, including dependent children, with you to Canada, make sure to submit their application.
  • You may require to provide your biometric information (depending on your country of citizenship)
  • Within 10 to 15 days, you can expect a reply from the case officer. You can also track the status of your application by using the reference number mentioned on the fee receipt.
  • Once the visa is completed successfully, you will be granted the visit visa via email. And you’re all set to fly.

In some cases, the authorities may refuse to grant the visa, as the applicant doesn’t satisfactorily meet the eligibility requirements, or they may fail to submit the duly filled visa application form per the required norms. It is why getting help from a professional Canada visit visa consultant in Dubai is always advised. With a team of experienced visa agents, DM Immigration Consultants provide personalised services that can make your visa process simple and hassle-free.

How Can DM Help You Secure Your Canada Visa from Dubai?

DM Consultants Dubai, the home of industry-leading immigration and visa experts, provides unparalleled insight and hands-on consultancy to every client. We always aim to deliver high-quality services and competitive Canada visit visa from Dubai price to meet the visa and immigration requirements of various individual clients in Dubai.

Are you applying for a Canada visa in Dubai? DM Consultants has a dedicated Dubai office ready to assist you. Our experienced consultants guide you in addressing your concerns. Our services:

  • Help in the arrangement of documents
  • FREE counseling session from our ICCRC-registered agents to make you understand the entire process
  • FREE IELTS preparatory sessions to enhance your score
  • Total support from our visa experts and regular updates
  • Interview preparations

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Frequently Asked Questions on Canada Visit Visa from Dubai

You need to apply for a tourist visa from Dubai in case you're not a Canadian citizen or permanent resident and you want to enter the country to visit your friends and family, Tourism, attending business meetings and conferences, participating in a competition or non-profit projects, or receiving medical treatment.
Minimum balance required to apply for Canada Visit Visa Generally, a person living in Canada needs 1,500 CAD per month to lead an everyday life. So, a tourist visiting Canada must have at least 2000 CAD to meet their expenses for 30 days.
Typically, the processing time will take at least one month depending on the background check and other requirements. If there are any documentation issues, there will be a delay and can take even a year. Getting help from a professional visit visa agent in Dubai can help you get the visa approved on time.
United Arab Emirates passport holders get fast entry through Electronic Travel Authorization. ETA is a visa waiver document, and its holders can visit Canada for up to 6 months at a time with multiple entries. As a UAE citizen, you can enter Canada for business, tourism, or transit, depending on your needs.
Ex-pats who are UAE residents need to apply in advance of travel to fulfill eligibility criteria for a visit visa:
  • Passport copy and Emirates ID and photos
  • Bank statement proving financial stability
  • Online visa application form with processing fees
  • Valid trade license and details of the partners
  • Complete insurance that covers your trip
  • Explain the purpose of your stay (tourism, family trip, or business trip)
  • Letter of invitation from a residency permit holder or Canadian citizen
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