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    Why USA visitor visa

    Best US Visa Consultant in Dubai, Abu Dhabi

    Are you planning to visit the US to meet your family & friends or for tourism, medical, or business purposes? Foreign travelers need to secure this temporary non-immigrant visa placed in their passport to seek entry into the amazing North American country.

    Therefore, you must apply for a Tourist Visa to USA from Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. The visa application process is daunting, as it requires a lot of paperwork, and people need to learn how to start the application. Here comes the importance of having professional support by your side. DM Immigration Consultant, the best US Visa consultant in Dubai will help you to navigate the application process to make your journey to America from the UAE easy and hassle-free.

    US Tourist Visa Categories

    If you are a resident of the United Arab Emirates or a UAE citizen, you need to apply for a US tourist visa from Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.

    Different types of visit visas from Dubai, abu Dhabi and Sharjah are available for tourists who visit the US for tourism or business purposes. Travelers must apply for a US visit visa depending upon the purpose of their visit.

    The types of visas are as follows:

    B-1 Tourist Visa USA

    This visa is specifically for foreign individuals who are visiting for business purposes. With this temporary Business card, you are authorised to perform the following tasks:

    B-2 Tourist Visa USA

    This type of visa is given for tourism, leisure, and personal reasons. With this visa, you are allowed to engage in the following activities:

    Transit C Tourist Visa USA

    This category is for a foreigner traveling through the US on your way to another country, and you may be eligible for a Transit visa.

    Transit C-1, D, and C-1/D

    It is for international airlines or sea vessels crew members traveling to the US, including

    The b visa is a multi-entry visa usually issued for 10 years, depending on specific cases. After availing of the B-1 or B-2 American Tourist Visa, you can only work or study for a short duration and do paid professional performances. A transit visa is usually valid for a single entry.

    Do you require any assistance in choosing the correct visa type before submitting the visa application form from US Embassy Abu Dhabi or the Consulate General in Dubai or any authorised application centre? Let our skilled US visa consultants assist you. We will evaluate your details and recommend the appropriate category as per your requirements to ensure a seamless travel experience.

    Overview of Tourist Visa USA from UAE

    The US government issues immigrant visa and non-immigrant visa to foreign nationals depending on travel requirements. If you are a UAE resident planning to travel to the United States for B-1, B-2, or both purposes (B-1/B-2), you will need a valid tourist visa USA from UAE. B visas allow a maximum stay of 180 days and may permit multiple entries to the USA within the validity period of 5 to 10 years, depending on individual cases and embassy requirements.

    The Department of Homeland Security oversess Visa Waiver Program in the USA. This VWP allows foreign travelers from listed countries to stay in the north American country for up to three months.

    Once you have obtained your B-1 and B-2 USA visitor visa, you will be authorised to perform various activities,, including attending family gatherings, leisure activities, participating in social events, performing in non-profit musical concerts and sports events, attending short-term study or training courses, seeking medical treatment, and conferences, meetings, contract signings, and events.

    Features of USA Visa for Tourists

    Thе United States is a preferred destination for intеrnational travеlеrs duе to its stable economy, high-tеch tеchnology, and advancеmеnts in agriculturе, and infrastructurе. This country has hugе arеa, boasting 50 statеs with many natural rеsourcеs, fantastic national parks, uniquе cuisinе for food lovеrs, divеrsifiеd gеography, and scope for amazing cultural еxpеriеncеs in multicultural citiеs such as Nеw York, Los Angеlеs, Washington, San Francisco, Chicago, and Boston.

    Forеigners on a USA visit visa can do exciting advеnturе, bеnеfit from historical sitеs, explore pristinе bеachеs, and еnjoy livеly nightlifе. With diverse landscapеs and backgrounds, foreign citizens can еasily find their ideal spot in this bustling country. The issue of visit visas has bouncеd back to prе-pandеmic lеvеls for foreign citizens. Thе Statе Dеpartmеnt issuеd 6.8 million non-immigrant visas in FY 2022, which includеs tourists and othеr short-tеrm visitors. It represents a rapid incrеasе of 144% from thе 2.8 million allocatеd in FY 2021, thе lowеst numbеr since 1996.

    Eligibility Critеria for Tourist visa USA from UAE

    If you plan on applying for tourism or transit visas, you nееd to mееt thе following еligibility critеria:
    If you’re interested in immigrating from Dubai to Australia, DM Consultant can help you navigate these requirements. Contact us today to learn more.

    Required Documents for Consular Services

    It varies depending on the category like B-1, B2, Transit C, or Transit C-1, D, and C-1/D. The general list of required documents are as follows:
    It is better to get assistance from certified US visa consultants to get the checklist of additional documents and additional information as necessary for the US visa process to make advance travel planning.

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      Discuss with our experts today about Visa Fee and other requirements

      The Application procedure may differ depending on the US Embassy or Consulate. Get the visa information and the general step-by-step requirements are listed below:

      Fill out the non-immigrant online application form (DS-160) with all the required information.


      Gather all the necessary documents and submit the application online or via email.


      Pay the fees online through a credit card or debit card. Complete payment and pay an additional cash deposit if required.


      Book an appointment at a certified application center by the embassy or consulate.


      Receive appointment and interview confirmation.


      Attend an interview with the embassy officer after receiving the appointment card confirmation.


      Attend an interview with the embassy officer after receiving the appointment card confirmation.


      Get the application accepted and obtain the US visa upon successful approval.

      The duration is usually 5 days after a successful interview. However, the time period may vary depending on individual applications and visa types. Additional time may take for processing in complicated cases.

      Why Choose DM Consultants Dubai for US Tourism Travel?

      Getting a Visit Visa to USA seems easy, but the processing can be perplexing and time-consuming due to stringent rules and regulations. From helping you to choose a visa type to document gathering, interview preparation, and book. An appointment for visa interview, and biometrics, we can be with you in the entire journey.

      You can hire DM Immigration Consultants for successful approval and reduce the chances of rejection. We will help you in your journey to the USA and update you about your visa status regularly by remaining in touch with immigration authorities. Our consultants remain up-to-date with changing immigration laws. Days after travel, we help you settle down. After the validity period expires, you can apply for an extension to get an additional period.

      You can become eligible for adjustment of status if your situation changes, like marriage to a US citizen. We help with reference checks to enable you to be ready to clear the background check. We also offer business immigration services to the US and handle student visa application. We liaise with travel agency to expose you to travel experts for better planning. Contact us to know service charge per applicant.


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      Our skilled case officer will ensure every detail is covered to help you with document arrangements and prevent delays.