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Are you planning to migrate to Poland to pursue your career under a polish employer? Or is your company spreading its wings globally and wishes to hire you to work in Poland? Whatever it is – you want a valid work permit visa to work legally in Poland. If you wish to work and reside in Poland as a skilled migrant, you’ll need a work permit visa to legalize your stay. As one of the top immigration consultants in Dubai, we at DM Immigration Consultant can help you immigrate to Poland with a work permit visa. Feel free to contact our Poland work visa consultant in Dubai today, and we’ll be more than happy to help with your queries!

Work in Poland – Why to Migrate?

Deciding to move to Poland is a great decision, as it helps you discover a whole new world. It’s considered one of the most attractive countries to immigrate to as it has a lot of job opportunities with high wages, high-standard living, and better access to healthcare and education. Poland always remains the preferred choice for skilled professionals who wish to migrate to another country. But what makes Poland the best option?

  • The country has a talent shortage, with many sectors unable to fill vacancies with qualified people.
  • The country, on the whole, has a low unemployment rate.
  • The wages paid in Poland are relatively high and are on par with western standards.
  • The country offers a safe and welcoming environment for skilled workers.
  • The country has a strong economy that is growing quickly.
  • Poland offers attractive tax benefits and healthcare coverage schemes.

Once you decide to work in Poland, you must obtain a legal work permit. Getting a work permit for a foreign national is a little bit daunting, as the priority will be given to polish citizens, and the polish employer needs to prove to the government why they are hiring a skilled foreign national for the position.

Types of Poland Work Visa

Type A

A work permit allows you to do temporary or permanent job placement at one employer without any obligations regarding your residence status.

Type B

The Polish work permit type B is a temporary residence permit that allows foreigners to work in Poland.

Type C

Work permit type C is Poland’s residence card that allows a foreigner to reside and work in Poland for up to one year.

Type D

It is granted to foreigners registered in the Commercial Register who have concluded an employment contract with a company to provide services in Poland.

Type E

This work permit is for foreign nationals with a Polish residence card, obtained via the Polish Agency for Foreigners

Eligibility Criteria to Apply for Poland Work Permit from Dubai

All skilled professionals except non-EU Citizens must require a  valid work permit to enter the country. If you need a Poland work permit, there are some eligibility criteria that you should comply with. They are as follows:-

  • A valid job offer from a Polish employer
  • Recent medical certificate with a complete health examination and character examination
  • Proof of enough cash funds to support your family during your stay in Poland
  • Police clearance certificate with zero criminal record

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Documents Required to Apply for Poland Work Visa from Dubai

To apply for a work permit in Poland from Dubai, the applicant must be ready with the following checklist:

  • Duly filled and signed Poland work permit application form
  • Paid receipt of the visa processing fee
  • Health insurance copy
  • A copy of the original passport

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Frequently Asked Questions on Poland Work Permit from UAE

Yes! Poland now offers work permit visas that let you get a type D work visa valid for one year. Contact our professional Poland work visa agents in Dubai to get more info!
Despite having plenty of job opportunities, working in Poland can sometimes be stressful due to language barriers. So, if you’re looking to pursue your career in Poland, it would be better to start learning the Polish language. DM Immigration Consultancy in Dubai provides language training sessions to make you perfect to work in Poland. Please discuss with us for more info.
  • Engineers
  • Registered nurses
  • IT specialists ad Techs
  • Technicians, carpenters, and welders
  • Doctors & healthcare practitioners
Contact us today! DM Immigration Consultant, the Poland work visa agent in Dubai, can provide you with the best guidance on how to apply for a Poland work permit from Dubai.
There are five types of work permits available, and they are: Type A, B, C, D, and E. Discuss with our Poland work visa consultants in Dubai to find out the proper work permit visa.
The Poland work permit cost from UAE varies depending on your visa type. Kindly schedule a FREE Consultation with us to get a Free quote on a Poland work permit from Dubai.
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